Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekly Catchup

It's Friday! What's everyone been up to? Any fabulous plans for this weekend? My plan is to clear the decks of all the little errands that have been building. Oh, what excitement! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm back....have you missed me? (And...has Dorian missed me :) I've been having more technical difficulties...GRRRRR :( Fingers crossed it's all sorted and I can return to my original programme...stalking...*cough, cough* I mean 'chatting' :)

This weekend I will have to, unfortunately, brave the shops and complete my Xmas shopping. I also have to weed the garden and sort out numerous family disasters...the latter always crop up. However, I have finished the latest Kristen Britain book, and it was gooood! I just wish she wrote more frequently.

Have a lovely weekend all!


PS Nalini, I have no will power and I read the Tangled Webs excerpt :)

Keira Soleore said...

Checking off things and watching your to-do list grow shorter is thrilling!! :) Honestly. Then think about all that writing you're going to get done next week without these tasks nagging and demanding attention.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to some Christmas parties this weekend. I don't know where the time has gone this season. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I'm adopting a little boy, so my days have been jam packed with him. What I'd really like to do this weekend is sleep...but since he gets up around 6:30 or 7:00, weekday or weekend, I don't think that going to happen! :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Nalini,

How're you doing? How's Dorian doing? :)

I'm on winter break so I'm working at both my jobs, sleeping, and reading. This weekend I'm going to go see Atonement.

Right now I'm reading Wild, Wicked, & Wanton and am almost at the end of Wicked. You're right - fingers have been (in)appropriately singed *g* Rand in particular is HOT.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


ShellBell said...

Have had a relatively busy week at work - can't wait for everything to quieten down over the Christmas break!

Have also been catching up on Lauren Dane's fabulous books - had read her Chase Brothers series earlier this year and didn't realise that she wrote paranormals as well, so I am working my way through her book list!

Summer is finally making itself known in New Zealand .. at least it is trying too! Looking forward to some nicer weather this weekend.

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I have hopefully finished the last of my projects and papers and posts for school and have winter break. Yahoo! I've done some holiday shopping (too much) already but I still have to get some gifts. I love giving gifts! I also have too many events this weekend. Why did I sign up for them all? Friday night, a sushi dinner, Sat. night, a holiday potluck and gift exchange, Sun., an afternoon tea party and Mon. a lunch downtown. I think I better drop out of the lunch because I'll be too full from the weekend ;).

Orannia, I've been eyeing the Kristen Brittain in the stores but balking at the price. I'm envious.

I just picked up Wild, Wicked & Wanton on Nalini's recommendation and hope to read it this weekend in between everything else. Generally I'm cautious with erotic romance but I trust Nalini...

Katy, congratulations on adopting your little boy. Enjoy him! I have a book recommendation for you to read to him, Antonia Barber's The Mousehole Cat. You can order it from Amazon.UK and it's a wonderful picture book. I adore it. It's apparently a British classic now.

Off to sleep.....

Nalini Singh said...

Orannia - hope the technical difficulties sort themselves out. Good luck! (Am still holding out on the TW excerpt)

Keira - yes, that's what I tell myself. I love lists, I really do, cause then you can tick things off ;)

Katy - congratulations on your little boy. He sounds like he'll keep you busy :)

Kat - I was torn between Rand and Seth. Yum.

Shell - it's such a nice night tonight. Hope it continues.

Jenny - wow, busy! Hope you enjoy Jaci's book. I'm careful about erotic romances too, but I definitely liked this one.

bel_78 said...

I handed in my last exam yesterday, so I´m more or less free. This weekend I´ll have to start my Christmas shopping, and I´ll probably go to the theatre and then visit a friend that lives in a placed called "Tigre" (like "tiger") near the city of Buenos Aires. I´ll try to take some photos, because I´ve never been there :)

Good luck with your list, nalini, and congrats to katy :)


Courtney said...

I am busy finishing up all the handmade Christmas gifts I'm making. I knit and crochet and my family is getting fun stuff. Two knit scarves and a crochet shawl are done and all I have to do for my brothers' gifts is sew the crochet front to the fleece back and lining.

I'm also crocheting a ton of snowflakes and today's chore is to spray them liberally with starch to stiffen them up, then I'll attatch a little string and voila! Tree ornaments!

Hubby and I aren't giving gifts to each other because we're broke, but our 18 month old daughter is getting a few treats under the tree. I bought her a MagnaDoodle last night and I had ot hold back from giving it to her right away because she LOVES the one her friend has.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I've chipped my tooth! The back is almost completely gone and when I went to the dentist to get it filled I thought I would pass out from the sheer agony. Then this morning the filling simply popped out. Cheap Piece of ...
Sigh. On towards the dentists - again.

Nalini Singh said...

Congrats on finishing your exams, Bel. Your trip sounds fun!

Courtney, that sounds so cool. I can't crochet, though I tried to learn knitting once. (I made a realllllllllly long scarf *grin*)

Athena - ouch. Hope it gets sorted out without too much pain!

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

The sushi dinner was fun and then I couldn't resist picking up Wild Wicked and Wanton. WOW. HOTHOTHOT. But there's a very real sweetness and warmth to the stories. They really do fall in love and Jaci Burton makes you see why and believe it. Thanks Nalini for recommending this book. Now why can't more erotic romances be this believable? That's what frustrates me about so many of them. They focus on the sex and you just can't believe that they are in love. Angela Knight, Christine Warren, Robin Schone and now Jaci Burton are the only ones I can think of who really do Erotic romance to my satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I have a confession to copy of The High King's Tomb came from the library :) I LOVE the library...I'm even taking muffins and 'stuff' (I haven't decided what the 'stuff' is yet :) in on Saturday morning as the librarians are so nice to me! Most of my books come from the library - I couldn't afford my habit otherwise :)

Congratulations katy! All the best!

Courtney...I loved MagnaDoodle! It is one of the first presents I can remember getting from my parents. It was great for those long trips!


PS Nalini, I don't know how you do it...I obviously have no will power!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Nalini told me you'd read my book and liked it. Thank you so much! I'm honored you put me in the same company as such fantastic authors. You truly made my day.

Happy Holidays! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the well wishes! I definitely will enjoy every moment I have with Malachi. He is already the love of my life. :)

Jenny - Thanks for the book recommendation. I'll go and check it out right now.

If anyone has any tips on children's stories that deal with adoption or families that are made up of diverse people, let me know. :)