Tuesday, December 01, 2020

SPOILER ZONE: Archangel's Sun

This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Archangel's Sun and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned!!

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library addict said...

I loved and adored Sharine! She was such a delight. I liked that she owned her mistakes and forgave herself for things outside of her control (or at least was working on that). Glad that Sharine was determined to not give Aegaeon any more of her head space. Ignoring him from her or out is truly the best course of action.

I also loved Titus. His befuddlement was so much fun to read.

I loved them each as individuals and as a couple. I hope we see more of their relationship in future books.

I can see Aodhan with Suyin. But I could just as easily see him with Illium. Or Nalini could throw in a curve ball and have him with someone else entirely. I want to say I think Aodhan's book is next, but I also think it might be another Elena & Raphael book.

Perfectly understandable why it wasn’t included here, but I’m still waiting for an on page scene (or more) between Galen and his mother, Tanae (especially since we didn't get one in Angels' Dance either). Loved the scene between Titus and Tanae when she confessed she wanted a closer relationship with Galen, but was always saying the wrong thing to him. Someone pointed out that we don't yet have resolution on the Jessamy's wing subplot, so that will be a good opportunity for it. I think it's a very deliberate decision on Nalini's part, so I am hoping for a big payoff.

I wish we’d had seen more of Titus’ sisters. They were a hoot.

So glad the baby Zawadi survived. I am anxious to see how/if she will feature in future books.

Overall one of my favorites of the series. Well done!

Kelticat said...

Loved the book. Some thoughts on the book and series.
1. A character named Scard with a scar. First thought, is he a Disney villain?
2. Are Andie's parents okay? And is she going to be involved with her new aunt. Going back and forth over this one. On one hand her parents were considered useless by her grandfather. On the other, he has proven that genetics is no barrier to experimentation.
3. A scene near the beginning reminded me of a recent Lore Olympus. Titus' attitude toward Sharine about her being sweet and fragile was close to LO's male protagonist saying that the female protagonist was radiant and he was an idiot. Just struck me as similar.
4. I have always thought since Angel's Blood that Lijuan influenced other archangels when they communicated via water. Rafael would never have considered threatening a baby on his own, but after talking with Lijuan, he was okay with it until Ellie shot him. Who else did she influence into child abuse?
5. I got the impression that Cassandra and Xin were among the angels that entered sleep and woke up to humanity. Perhaps Xin could be encouraged to talk about it with Mele.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I decided to re-read Archangel's Sun. I loved it the first time I read it, and enjoying the second time around.

I found it interesting the first time I read through the book that it was Sharine who found the texts Charisememon (I think I spelled his name right) and could read the obscure language to find out about the experimentation and cure for this strain of zombie making people. I really winced when I read about the angel who was chained up and gave birth to Zawadi. That was a scene not likely to be forgotten any time soon.

I also thought about what happened to Andi's parents? I noticed she wasn't mentioned in this book, considering it was her grandfather who created all the mess in northern Africa. Also, did he experiment on his "harem" of young girls or did they also escape?

Titus...I loved his reaction when finding out that the Cadre sent Sharine to help him with the creatures. I am about to read the second chapter when he bellows out "They sent me the Hummingbird!" and his second said "You said that four times." I laughed when I read that reply.

I was saying "Go, Sharine, go!" when she kicked Aegaeon out of her life at the end of the book. Ilium did the same thing at the end of Archangel's War. Aegaeon should not have gone to Sleep the way he did. I wanted to shoot him for it. Also, I loved it when Ilium teases Titus in calling him "Stepfather".

As I say...to be continued. I wonder who will be next? Hopefully we will get to read about another one of Ellie's block party she decided New York needed after being smashed to pieces.

Patricia Schlorke said...

Oops, it's Chapter 5 when Titus bellows, not Chapter 2. 🤭

Anonymous said...

Finished Archangel's Sun twice already. Such a lovely story. Simply loved it. I have now started re-reading from Archangel's heart. Somehow I like to do that when I get a new book. Like looking at characters in a new way.

I missed Raphael and Elena a bit .. would have loved a snippet of them - like them discussing being happy about Sharine and Titus. Or how Aegeon behaved in the Cadre meeting and how Sharine ignored him. LOL. Or just anything. May be it will come in a newsletter story. Who knows.

The last page .. oh that's intriguing segue to the next book. I still wonder if the Aodhan and Suyin will become a pair. Even though in the book Sharine mentions that Aodhan considers Raphael and the seven his family. I somehow felt like there could be a twist and they may end up together. Why ? Because of the 'nexus of darkness' reference on the last page. And since Aodhan is in China ....

Who's Andie's new aunt ? I know her Mom was that disease mongering archangel's daughter but unable to place the aunt.

Yes waiting to hear about Jessamy's wing sub plot but I know it was mentioned it would take a long time to get full movement.

Loved the scene with Sharine kicking out Aegeon and am wondering if Illium will rise as archangel much earlier than Raphael did. Could be another story arc ?

Loved him calling Titus stepfather. And Titus thinking - did the entire angelkind lie to him about the Hummingbird ? LOL that befuddlement made me laugh.

I always thought angelic birth's were rare so what Charismemon did - how was that possible even with many years of preparation ? There were so many he murdered. I would love to know if these angels' deaths are recorded / honored / mentioned later on to their respective parents / partners.

library addict said...


Zawadi would be Andie's aunt since her father is Andie's grandfather (and she is Andie's mother's half-sister).

Anonymous said...

@ library addict

Thank you !! LOL . .. I never connected the baby with the relationships !! Ouch ! Thought which is this new adult ?

Danielle said...

I have listened to Archangel’s Sun twice. The second to see if there was anything I missed. (I couldn’t wait for the physical book which should arrive today, so I may skim it again.) I loved Sharine and was surprised at her history, but I should have realised that life began waaay before 500 years ago, and it went a long way to explain why she was the way she was. (It reminded me of Psy-Changeling’s Sahara in some respects, isolating the mind from the pain and fear.) And yes, she owned her mistakes.

I was expecting Titus to be older (are there no ‘middle aged’ Archangel’s between ancient and 5000 years?) but I don’t think his and Sharine’s relationship would have worked the same otherwise if he had a massive history to bring to the table. He made her young and carefree, and his befuddlement when she smashed his pre-conceived ideas was hilarious. Though I felt their story was incomplete and want more. I hope she heals enough further to become his consort in truth because this living separately thing…

And Titus as a beleaguered younger brother… I guess his warrior sisters are kind of banned from Africa because I was wondering where the twins were before they returned to Alexander, because I didn’t get the impression it was with Titus. And Sharine telling Aegaeon were to go… man’s not redeemable. I would love to know Illium’s reaction.

But going further:-

1) I wish Illium and Aodhan would sort themselves out. (I re-read the series in preparation for the new book and I’m still a bit mad at Illium after Archangel’s Heart.) And unlike a lot of people, I don’t want Suyin in the equation. She’s an Archangel, it’s just not right.

2) I’m also curious about what happened with Andi’s parents, and Dahariel after Astaad

3) And with the best one-liner in audio going to Tanae, I want to know if she can reconcile with Galen

Unknown said...

I'm just happy I got the book in the audiobook that's all I'm happy about and a happy holidays

Deborah said...

I found this book to be ridiculously slow. It didn’t get good till halfway through the book! There’s slow burn and then there’s just too much over descriptive nonsense.

What I did enjoy and always do is the historical and memories of angels past.

Also, I hope we don’t lose Adohan from the Seven if they go the Suyin route. Hopefully we get his or Illium’s book next :/

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Dahariel will also be helping in the Astaad's territory. After all Neha is back from anshara so Astaad could also be back so why would he leave that territory ?

From the last page I guess Neha will go to sleep as soon as she can. I wonder if Nivriti will become an archangel.

I am not very keen on Suyin with Aodhan either but I know if it ends up that way Nalini will make the journey good.

I don't know why Illium and Aodhan are still at loggerheads.

I personally think Tanae and Galen will take time to reconcile. The amount of hurt she causes cannot just be overcome in a day.

I think the next book will be based in China - not sure if this will be Aodhan's book or some new character will be paired with Suyin.

I am personally hoping for Elena and Raphael book even though that does not seem likely at this point !

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Mary Terry said...

Elana helps keep Raphael “a little bit human”, Elijah has Hannah, and Titus has had his sisters. I think that’s why he’s so likable: they keep him from getting too arrogant.

I loved seeing Sharine come out of her shell. For me, this was a story about hope: joy after despair. Lots of funny moments amongst the reborn.

palestblue said...

I really enjoyed this one! And I have to say I was so surprised at Sharine's personality when we got to see it. The overarching plot had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Man, those creepy infected newborn were so cool anf gross at the same time, heheh.

I miss Elena and Raphael and the Seven and Sarah and everyone else in New York and I cannot wait to see how much more the world will be changed through the crazy turn of events. It feels like everything is so in flux!

I really, really, really don't want Suyin to end up with Aodhan, because that would bind him to another archangel and I don't want him to be cut off from his chosen family that way. It's bad enough Illium will ascend one day.

I still think Illium would be a wonderful match for Aodhan and it would make my year if that happened, but I am up for anything as long as he gets to stay with the Seven and doesn't have to leave and life somewhere far away. They've all been separated enough!

Lidy said...

I’m late to the party, but anyway:

Another great book! Nalini spoils us!

I wasn’t expecting Sharine and Titus to be such a great couple. I mean, I knew Titus would be a great hero, but I wasn’t sold on Sharine as a heroine. That’s because I was ready to deem her weak for having a five-centuries-long mental breakdown because of a man. But I was wrong.

That said, I was surprised in a very good way as to how down-to-earth Titus is!

The baby! Charisemnon was such a monster. The worst thing is, in that short time in AW, between the various Cadre meetings, he didn’t have much time to cause a lot of destruction, but still managed to.

They didn’t have a lot of page-time, but Sharine and Caliane’s friendship was so heartwarming. It’s a pity Caliane wasn’t there to call Titus aside and warn him about breaking Sharine’s heart (he won’t, but she’ll look out for her friend). Same for Sharine and her boys: Raphael, Illium and Aodhan.

Illium, get your shit together and make up with your friend!

Titus’ family is awesome! His sisters, his mother, even his father, all of them played a role in raising him to be that great man. When are their books coming? Same for Ozias, the African GH leader, Kiama and Obren (who will form a boy band with Izzy and Xander).

Before this, I’d had the idea that Alexander’s son was older than Titus.

Wondering if Sharine’s grandmother will wake up – and how wonderful that Sharine and Illium have more family – and shed some light on the previous Cascade, because I don’t think the one that led Cassandra to seeing Elena was the first. And speaking of her, was it Qin who created the Legion (they said Cassandra was beloved of the first aeclari)? Ugh, thinking they might not come back just hurts.

The revelation about the healing. The one who created the toxin, is he one of the Ancients sleeping under the Refuge? Or was he killed? Now I think the Ancients guarding the Refuge are the ones who decided to hibernate and tried to detoxify their blood.

Michaela, Favashi, Astaad and Zanaya… and maybe I should add Antonicus to that bunch — how long until there’s another Cascade? Too many archangels in the world, after all. Oh and was Gian Aegeon’s second? They’re both jerks, so it’d work. But anyway, I’m glad and a bit surprised Aegeon accepted Sharine’s rejection (after a little push) and even worked out the nerves to admit his cowardice.

Elena, Illium and Galen will start a support group, but there’s a lot of Tanae in Galen.

That epilogue… I was sure it announced Aodhan’s book, then I saw the tweet. :) The title makes me think it isn’t an Aodhan/Illium pairing, because all of them has been descriptive, so this one hasn’t captured the Illium part of A+I (I’m cackling over the idea of Illium’s book being called Archangel’s Bluebell or Archangel’s Butterfly).

I’m also not sold on Suyin, whom I like, as a heroine, because I think she’s not ready to deal with a consort so soon after breaking free of Lijuan after many, many centuries of being captive. Besides, going by previous knowledge, I associate her with Alice Eldridge… did Suyin have a mysterious lover, too? Was Suyin the mysterious lover?

Since Sharine asked Caliane to make sure Aodhan remained surrounded by friends, I figure his heroine is someone from Raphael’s court serving in Amanat. My money (and I doubt I’m right) is on Isabel, the angel who trains Caliane’s ladies: she’s described as an ascetic. She and Aodhan would have a nice dynamic, the one who’s chosen not to indulge and the one who’s opening up to the idea in spite of his traumatic past.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of Titus and Sharine and can only wait until the next book is released.

Unknown said...

I loved Sharine. And I loved getting to know Titus. His family explains a lot about why he is the way that he is. And it was wonderful seeing a functional family among all the dysfunctional ones. I also loved the glimpses of a young Caliane and Alexander. I would still love for them to wind up together, but not sure if that will happen after they've known each other for so long.

I also loved that she didn't wind up back with Aegaeon. I don't hate him. And I'm interested in his redemption story. If there will be one. But I didn't want him back with Sharine after everything.

The only missing piece was Andie. I would love to see her reaction to Zawadi. And to find out what happened to her parents.

I hope at some point something will happen with Gavin/Tanae. Between this and Jessamy's potential wing regrowth, maybe they can have a book even though they are already an established couple.

I really hope that Aodhan doesn't wind up with Suyin. It's not that I don't think they could be a good match. I do. But, there's been so much build up of Illium/Aodhan. I don't necessarily need them to wind up together. But I at least want Aodhan to stay with the seven.