Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Question Time

2020 has definitely been a roller coaster of a year! 🎢 Tell me which acts of kindness (whether given or received) have made your life a little brighter this year. 💕



library addict said...

My dog died in January. After several months, getting to see pictures/videos of people's pets on their social media has helped give me my pet "fix". First time in many, many years we haven't had a pet since we've usually been a multi-pet household, but I am not ready for another dog or cat.

Also, I have enjoyed seeing the various virtual author panels/Q&As. I hope these type of events continue even after it is safe for people to travel again. They've made my days brighter while staying home.

Anonymous said...

My elderly neighbors still coming out to make small talk, though with masks on and at slightly more distance. It's comforting and makes it feel like 'we're all in this together'.

Patricia Schlorke said...

Giving a friend, whose family has been through a lot with hurricanes hitting through their city, a Louisiana charm with a double hook so she can keep it on her key chain if she wants. She's also taking care of her dad, who had a stroke, in Houston. She's finally coming home this weekend.

Kelticat said...

I started sponsoring a child in another country. And I either call or visit(masked) the social butterflies in my family.

Kim said...

Given: Made some crafts this summer, and delivered them to several of the little free libraries within walking distance of my house. The first batch disappeared so fast, I made two more. Now making a batch for the staff at my doctor's office. (doesn't seem right to only give my doctor a present this year.)

Received: my specialist decided to use her one day off in a long time (and a family member's birthday) to meet with me online. When I thanked her, she grinned, and said "I wanted to."