Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good News & Happy Weekend :)

How is everyone today? It's a foggy, rainy-ish Saturday in Auckland and I'm going to be writing this weekend.

What are you up to? We haven't had a catchup for a while. Tell me all your news!!

Also, I wanted to share some really awesome news of my own. SILVER SILENCE has been chosen by Goodreads as one of the 23 Hottest Books of Summer!!

Not long to go now before Silver and Valentin hit your bookshelves and e-readers!!


library addict said...

It was sunny this afternoon, but now it's raining. The dog is not happy. He always looks at me as if I purposefully make it rain. He loves the snow, but rain not so much.

I'm planning to finish my reread of Shards of Hope this weekend and maybe catch up on some TV.

Can't wait for Silver Silence #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear!

Anna said...

I am currently waiting to board my 12 hour flight back to my home country after 2 months away. (my first trip abroad by myself!) I'm really glad that everything is going well so far, but I will be even happier when I arrive. This trip was wonderful, but I am not really a fan of flying. Allegiance of Honor will be helping with that so thank you! :D

Allerleihrau said...

Well, here in Berlin Germany we're enjoying one of the first summer weekends northern hemisphere and stuff.
After a late breakfast i will do my laundry and in the afternoon we will celebrate the first barbecue of this year with my parents.
Otherwise I will make shure to avoid the city because the german protestant church congress and soccer-fans don't match.
Hopefully I will find some time to finish my Nora Roberts Reread of the Key-Trilogy.

Im looking forward for (quote library addict) Silver Silence #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear

I'm debating with myself if I should wait for the UK Edition or not. Waiting for the translation is to long.

Anonymous said...

In the Netherlands we have been having a seldomly seen heatwave. Monday will make it a week! My laundry is hanging outside :-)

Birgit said...

Here in Mannheim, Germany, I'm kind of not enjoying the hot and sunny weather - it's too hot to do anything outside! So after doing laundry and grocery shopping, I'm staying indoors, where it is cool, reading Katie Reus' Enemy Mine. I need the weekend to recharge for the coming work-week.

Anonymous said...

It is hot and humid in Fort Worth, Texas USA. We're suppose to have a heat index between 103-107 degrees (F)today. So...after doing some running around, I'm home for the rest of the weekend. Watching cooking shows, and re-reading (for the however many times) Rock Wedding. Waiting (somewhat patiently) for White Hot by Ilona Andrews (coming out Tuesday).

Not much longer for teddy bear mania. Yay!

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Whooops! I forgot to add my congratulations on Silver Silence being Goodreads top 23 Hottest Books of Summer. Whooo-hooo!

Patricia S

Nemo said...

I celebrate the end of the exams by reading "Archangel's Legion" :)

ladyreadsalot66 said...

I think it is amazing how Nalini's fans span the globe. Very cool!
In my neck of the woods, just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada we have been going through a very wet spell. A local island that has a park and amusement park has been closed for several weeks due to flooding. Scary thing is some people live on this island as well. The weekend was sunny but today back to rain. I took advantage of the sun and did some gardening. Otherwise waiting for Ilona Andrews' book tomorrow.

SADLOVE said...

It was sunny this afternoon, but now it's raining. The dog is not happy. He always looks at me as if I purposefully make it rain. He loves the snow, but rain not so much.
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