Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Audible Interview Now Live

Hello lovely people! <3 span=""> I was interviewed for Audible by Faith Salie recently and the interview is now live. 

As you'll hear, the interview was recorded at 6am my time. Which meant this night owl had to get up before 6am. Egads! There was a lot of tea involved. ;-) 

I hope you enjoy the interview!


Anonymous said...

I hope you got to go to sleep after that interview. What a tease at the end for Silver Silence. Not much longer for teddy bear breakout and the silent Mercant clan. Still wonder what Grandmother Mercant will make of Sliver's teddy bear.

Patricia S

library addict said...

What a fun interview. Thanks for getting up so early.

Can't wait for Silver Silence. #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear!