Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time! What reads are you loving this week?


library addict said...

I've had a good reading week. I enjoyed Amanda Quick's The Girl Who Knew Too Much. The setting may have changed, but it read like many of her older AQ mysteries. Fun.

The romance worked better for me than the serial killer plot, but
I also liked Rebecca Zanetti's Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers #2/Sin Brothers #6). Looking forward to the next book.

Just finishing up Secrets at Midnight, so next up in my complete Psy/Changeling series reread (chronological order) is Hide and Seek.

Only 26 more days until #TeamStarlightandHerTeddyBear! (28 for the UK/Gollancz edition). So close and yet still so far!

Amaranth said...

Finished reading The Centaur Queen by Jovee Winters, I enjoyed it even though it took me a while to finish it. She does a retelling on fairy tales with a bit of twist and by far I have enjoyed all her books of the dark princess saga that go by the name of Marie Hall​, and the dark king and queen series that go by Jovee Winters.Sorry if it sounds like I'm promoting her books or something, I just enjoy them when I'm waiting anxiously for a book to get here. 😊

Eva said...

I got an early ARC of Kristen Ciccarelli's The Last Namsara. The release date is in oktober, so I can't tell you much so far. It's a very promising book for adolescents (or older fantasy fans) about a young disfigured girl who fight against dragons... Of course there is much more involved that it first seems. I liked the writing style too.

Linda said...

Read Echoes in Death by JD Robb (Nora Roberts). Number 44 in the Eve Dallas series. These books are like old friends now, easy read in a sitting though some of subject matter can be dark. Obviously this is not the place to start with this series, but if you are a fan its a good one.

Next up was the latest Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs, Silence Fallen. Really enjoyed it first time through, I took a second read to warm up to Fire Touched.

Mercy is separated from the pack and I usually prefer the books with the wolves there. This time it worked for me as we got our wolfy fix via the chapters from Adams point of view. Really recommend this one. Again this is not the place to start this series but at least there are only 9 others to catch up on.