Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wild Embrace Now Out!

WILD EMBRACE is now out everywhere!! I hope you love these novellas. I had so much fun writing them and I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried!


library addict said...

Such a great variety of stories. So happy we got all 4 at once.

Planning to read them all again at a more leisurely pace since I rushed through them the first time. As for a favorite, I am with Nalini in that I can't choose.

Will there be a spoiler post?

Anonymous said...

I am half way through the stories. Love the two I've read so far. Loved the newsletter too.

I know I won't have a favorite since each one fills in the parts of the longer books. They are all unique.

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

Loved them all... But I must admit my fav was Kenji's and Garnet's... I absolutely adore Snowdancer..

KessiLE said...

I ordered my book weeks ago at Amazon but unfortunately they will deliver it not before 2nd September! I wanted to read it in my holidays... but now I have to wait - its so unfair :-(
But I am looking forward reading it!

library addict said...

I loved the international cover, so ordered one from Chapters NZ. So I've got the US cover on my digital copy and the Kenji cover for my print collection, win/win. :)