Thursday, August 18, 2016

Book Recommendations: Louisa George & Amanda Bouchet

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen I recommended a couple of books this week. I thought I'd share the recs here too! One is a contemporary, the other a fantasy/paranormal.

First up is Louisa George's "Something Borrowed" - it starts off with a wedding planner jilted at the altar, a Bridezilla style meltdown that ends up with her trying to beat the (sexy) best man up with her wedding bouquet, and then it only gets better. :D

It's fun but with a real emotional heart. I had SUCH a good time reading this and totally fell for the characters!! (Full disclosure, Louisa is a friend of mine but you all know I only talk about books I love!)

Second rec is Amanda Bouchet's "A Promise of Fire" - this one's a fantasy romance and it's soooo good!! The characters are wonderfully likeable, the world is unique and full of intrigue, and there's just this deep sense of warmth to the book that I loved and that kept me inhaling the story. I read this on the plane to and back from Australia and the hours just flew by. I CANNOT WAIT to read the next book!!!! This is Amanda's debut and I think she's done an incredible job.

Totally check out both these books!! And if you've read them already, share your opinions in the comments. :)


library addict said...

Okay, I bought Amanda Bouchet's A Promise of Fire. Wondering if it ends on a cliffhanger and I should wait for book 2 (and possibly 3) before starting. It sounds good.

I looked for Louisa George's book, but it's not at Kobo or AllRomance eBooks or Google. According to her website it's Amazon only at the moment. I will put ot on my To Buy List for if it's ever released as an epub.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I've been waiting to discover new authors and these sound good. Going to check them out.

library addict said...

A Promise of Fire is on sale at Amazon, B&N, and Kobo now for $4.99.

library addict said...

Oops on sale at Google as well.

library addict said...

I am hogging up the whole thread, but I just finished A Promise of Fire and 100% agree with Nalini's recommendation.

Plus it's still on sale.

It was so good I'm not even upset I bought it before it went on sale!

Tineke said...

Thank you for sharing these recommendations. After reading the sample of 'A Promise of Fire' on Amazon, I went ahead and bought it. I really liked it and even pre-ordered the second book in the series.

Now I'm looking forward to reading 'Wild Embrace' tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Just finished "A Promise of Fire", after "Wild Embrace", and it was really, really good, I haven't enjoyed a "first" book this much in quite a while! Thanks for the suggestion!

Constantine said...

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