Friday, March 11, 2016

Upcoming Cover Reveal: Allegiance of Honor

Look! A teaser of the ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR cover! Full cover reveal tomorrow, same time, same place!! Spoiler: The cover is amazing a gazillion times over!! Don't forget to come by tomorrow!


library addict said...

I guess I should read the whole post before hitting refresh so many times trying to get the picture to load :p (I blame a lack of sleep).

Can't wait to see it all.

Carlos H said...

This the worst teaser ever since you don't give absolutely no New information, but at least is a One day wait

Anonymous said...

Ooooo...what a tease! Tomorrow???? I will have to wait until I can get a break from moving to see the new cover. I have the book pre-ordered. Can't wait to read it. :)

Patricia S

Anonymous said...

One day I will fall down and never get up

because since I am reading our Nalini's books

I suffer under a real danger of an heart attack

caused by excitement!

But it's worth it ;)