Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reviewers - Allegiance of Honor

Reviewers: For a *very* limited time, you can request a review copy of ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR via NetGalley.

My publisher is the one who decides which requests get approved or not and they're pretty strict, but hey, if you don't try, you'll never know. Good luck!


Saiqa from UK said...

Thank you for the chance someone who already reviews your books on netgallery and scribd I hope I am in with a good chance of getting accepted. So excited for this book!

Anonymous said...

I never knew about Netgalley - how is that possible? I just signed up -hopefully i get picked to review your book!!!! I signed up for multiple books - hopefully I get picked for at least one. What a wonderful opportunity. thank you so much

Linda Alice Trainor said...

Hi I've read and reread all nalini books. Loved wide wake so much. I started with mine to possess due to the fact of the list in the books where up side down. Well a list usually starts at the top. I love how all the storys continue everyone's else's that way you can become involved in there lives. I really become/live the story.