Friday, March 18, 2016

Google Hangout This Weekend

A quick heads up - I have a Google Hangout this weekend with Read for Pixels: Saturday at 6.00pm Los Angeles Time. Here's the link where you can watch the hangout live. Please rsvp! And see you there. smile emoticon
If you're in other timezones, we've worked out times in several locations to help you out: NYC: 9pm Saturday 19th March - London: 1am Sunday 20th March - Berlin: 2am Sunday 20th March - Sydney: 12pm Sunday 20th March - Auckland: 2pm Sunday 20th March

Also, I've donated a Psy-Changeling six pack plus tote bag for their fundraising (and I'll ship it free worldwide). You can see all the items up for grabs by various authors, at this link.


Eva said...

2 am is a bit early for me. But I`ll read your comments later.

- The bag is nice. Sadly I couldn`t read all the quotes.

Always V said...

I'll defo be there! How could I possibly miss? But incognito, of course.
Already clicked RSVP with google :)

Em said...

Damn... I was out all day and didn't check this blog or facebook... Can we watch it or is it only live?

library addict said...

I'm sure Nalini or Ashwini will do another post about it. In the meantime, the link to see the Q&A is Read For Pixels 2016 (IWD Edition): Nalini Singh Reading+Q&A Session

Em said...

Thank you, library addict