Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Newsy Stuff

Thank you for an amazing release week for Archangel's Enigma! I'm so glad you're enjoying Naasir and Andi's story. I had so much fun hanging out with these two (and the rest of the cast).

Before I share all the other news, don't forget to swing by the blog around 10am EST/September 8th. (That's Tues 3pm/London, 4pm/Berlin, midnight Tues/Wed Sydney, Wed 2am/NZ). I'll be posting the moody, gorgeous cover of Rock Redemption.

If you'd like to read an early review of Noah and Kit's story, reviewer Marilina shared this Goodreads review with me today.

This week, I'm finishing up the "secret" Psy-Changeling anthology I mentioned in this future of the Psy-Changeling series post. If you'd like to try to figure out what the final novella is about without first reading that post, check out this Instagram post I did.

As I said in the linked blog post, I didn't want to schedule the anthology until it was complete or close to complete, so I've only just recently spoken to my editor about it. More news to come, but it looks like it'll be releasing in the second half of 2016, so you'll get a bonus Psy-Changeling release next year. :-)

I'm also working on Psy-Changeling #15, my ensemble cast, family-focused book. (It's tougher than it sounds!!)

And, because I can't help myself, I'm also making notes for the next Rock book as well.

I hope you're all having an awesome start to the week. :-)


Lege Artis said...

Kenji! Friend from GR wrote me she hopes for story about Kenji and Jem. This will make her happy.

library addict said...

So much good newsy stuff. *Squee*

azteclady said...

Kenji and Jem! *fist pump* Yesssss!

Anonymous said...

*Squeeee!* Love the updates. Can't wait to see the cover for Noah.

Hoping for a Kenji and Jem story. After that slap at Hawke and Sienna's mating ceremony, I wondered what happened next.

Patricia S

Always V said...

Thank You so much for MORE HAPPY NEWS :D I'll be grinning big all day today :D
& share this with everyone I can get a hold of...well...maybe not everyone :D

Erin Burns said...

Submissive male and dominant female? Yes! I am all in!

Yairelys Lopez said...

I WENt to bed at six in the morning on saturday, i couldn't put archangel's enigma down! lol thanks for making our day even brighter with these wonderful news!