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Archangel's Engima Spoiler Thread

This is the thread where you can discuss Archangel's Engima freely. *SPOILERS* are permitted, so look away if you haven't read the book yet!

This is a thread for reader discussion. If you have questions specifically for me, please email me. Or wait until I have my next big Q&A (should be soonish).

As always, please be kind and respectful to one another, and have fun!


Vi said...

I love it!
Although the climax of the story wasn't dramatic as I thought it was and the secret that Andi had to hid wasn't that big. Overall, the humor and action was on point! I love that we got to see what was going on around the world in addition to the main story.

I can't wait for the next book! :( In agony waiting to see who's next.

Ducky22 said...
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Ducky22 said...

I loved this book.
1) I really, really hope that Illium and Aodhan are meant for each other. I'm sorry the ladies won't get their shot, but they are just too good together.
2) anyone ready to start guessing who "The broken dream with eyes of fire" is? My guess is Aodhan: from page 57 (on kindle) "Aodhan asked from beside her, his mist-pale and diamond-bright hair glittering like faceted gemstones in the afternoon sunlight, and his extraordinary eyes of blue and green shards shattered outward from the pupil, afire"

Anonymous said...

It was absolutely great. I loved Alexander already from Jessamy's story, but this was terrific. And Naasir's backstory! It was worth the wait and teasers to find out - I hope they tell Ellie!

It's got to be Aodhan in the prophecy -- this is going to be a long wait!

Gartside Report said...

I love Illium and Aodhan. Can I have more of them? The ending was really good. Good job Nalini.

Susan said...

Loved the book!

However I really hope that wasn't a hint of a Bluebell and Sparkle relationship. They are as close as brothers for heavens sake, and it would be a desecration of that beautiful relationship to bring sex into the equation. If Elena had a beloved friend from childhood who was as close as a sister, who'd suffered a trauma, if she showed tenderness toward her would people suggest it was sexual in nature? No of course not! For some reason it seems it is no longer acceptable for men to have love between them that is not sexual, only women are allowed that luxury.

I'll be disappointed in Naomi if she goes that route.

I took Illium's revelation about Aodhan to mean he hadn't loved his mortal as much as he thought he had, and therefore it was maybe time to stop dwelling on it (if he was like Dmitri and had been faithful to her memory).

Both Illium and Aodhan deserve full stories and not the lazy option of having them fall into a convenient relationship.

Susan said...

Haha sorry Nalini, I called you Naomi! Hee it's late and I've been upa while reading the book. Wish it wasn't so long in between the next book. :(

elodie said...

True Susan. It's not fair for men. Many of them have a strong bond, like being together. That doesn't mean sex is involved. Everything isn't reduced to sex.

However, i'll only get the book tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's Aodhan--I'd also argue for beauteous Bluebell as a possible third in the prophecy. In the epilogue: "The blue-winged angel’s eyes met his, pure terror in golden depths full of a hot red fire."

I could see Illium's power surges as necessary to winning the war; perhaps a timely power surge at a pivotal point. However, I'm not sure that "broken dream" fits Illium as well as it does Aodhan. Though Illium is heartbroken--and he's definitely definitely dreamy.

Last: I'll throw in with my wish for an Aodhan/Bluebell pair. I don't think it would be unfair to portray one type of long-lasting love flowing into another, and this series has an incredible cast of tightly-bonded males: seven of them!


AJ said...

Wauw, this book blew me off my socks.. Again! Nalini Singh, you truly are an extraordinary writer. Awesome work!

I only have one comment. Naasir wondered about having cubs that would be like him. Later, he talked to Andi about it. But.. Can an angel have children with a non-angel? I thought this would be impossible. Pretty sad though, he would make a wonderful father.

Anonymous said...

Absoulutely love the book. I think the prophecy refers to Illium and the broken dream is His acsesion to the Cadre that was not meant to be. at leat for now. Because to be Archangel is the ultimate.

I remember in one of Nalini's Q&A, she said Illium and Aodhan's was pure friendship and nothing else.

I also think the only reason why Angels do not have children with Vampires is because by the time Vampires are beautiful or handsome enough to appeal to the Angels, they are beyond the 200 years mark. and only vamps under 200 can give birth.

my two cents

Anonymous said...

I loved it!!! :)
I think Archangel's Shadows is always going to be my favorite (because... Janvier *sigh*), but this was amazing.

I loved loved loved the fact that we got to meet Alexander. Wow, it is kinda scary that Caliance and Alexander are both awake and in the world now. I also really loved seeing the citadel and how Lijuan used to be different and maybe even kind.

Wow, poor Illium :( he has been through so much and it seems like it is gonna get worse and worse before it may eventually get better... I really hope that we will get to read his story soon. And I am also really intrigued by Aodhan and his secret past! Love their friendship so much!

Thank you so much for this wonderful novel that has, as every one of your books before, blown my mind :D

Anonymous said...

I really liked this book. I'd like to throw a curve ball into the discussion. WRT the prophesy 'broken dreams/eyes of fire', couldn't Illiam's mother also fit the description? She fostered Rafael, raised her son through her own personal pain, and taught Aodhan art.... She appears to be a wild card in the story. As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or one defending her cubs!

Georgia said...

LOVED loved loved Naasir's story!! I'm quite curious to know when did he tell Nalini what he really was? (It seems like in so many previous books, he loved the game of people not knowing so it stands to reason he might have made his author guess too!)

Sarah said...

Just finished reading. I loved this book so much! Nalini is currently the best paranormal author out. Some authors start good series, but some of the books in the series just aren't up to par, yet Nalini consistently releases great books for all of her series.

Even though I have my favorites in her series, each book is so good at making you fall in love with her characters. I just hope that this series continues onward even after she writes about all of the Seven. Further insight into the compelling side characters she introduces would be great. I would love to read a full length novel or even a novella about Alexander, Caliane, Suyin, Keir, Favashi, Xander (Rohan's son) etc. Is it me or was she hinting at an Alexander/Caliane backstory?

She also mentioned the Ancestors resting below the refuge multiple times indicating that it may be something explored in a later book (maybe after Lijuan finally dies?)

And Ilium, my beautiful Bluebell!! I was so scared that she would make him an archangel and that he would wave to leave the Seven. She's been hinting at that for a few books and it would have broken my heart. Even the thought of reading his book makes me slightly sad yet excited. It would be great to have a whole book about Ilium, but would I really want to share him with his love interest? She better be worthy! But knowing how Nalini writes, she'll probably be amazingly badass :). Lol, I know I sound insane, but bear with me, I'm writing this on very little sleep.

People seem to think that Nalini will pair Illium with Aodhan, but I'm not so sure. I wouldn't mind if it if she did (I just want a full length book out of it), but from what I interpreted in the paragraphs before he fell, he realized how important Aodhan was to him. Like a soulmate, but soulmates don't necessarily have to be lovers. Aodhan is his best friend, the person he's closest to, someone who's been with him through his highs and lows in life and vice versa. I imagine that when he realizes that he's not sure he can survive losing Aodhan, it revealed the depth of his love for him and how the love for his mortal lover paled in comparison, allowing him to finally move on and possibly open his heart for another lover.

I can't wait to read Aodhan's book. I can see Illium being like an overprotective brother who is going to test Aodhan's lover (if it's not him) before accepting them. Kind of like the rest of the Seven did to Elena.

And what about the prophecy? Who else thinks that it became something that Lijuan put into play as she's the one who antagonized Alexander to the point where he now wants her dead. He probably would've slept through the Cascade if she didn't look for him and kill his son.

Also the last two lines of the prophecy "The broken dream with eyes of fire. Shatter. Shatter. Shatter." seem pretty vague. The eyes of fire could be a few people as Nalini has related more than one person's eyes to fire. It could possibly even be someone not yet introduced. However the only person that comes to mind for the shatter part is Aodhan. Honestly we probably won't get more clarity on this till the next book as the protagonists haven't even heard of the prophecy as yet.

Anyone has any ideas on who the next Guild Hunter book is going to be on?

Also is Michaela really pregnant? Is the kid Dahariel's? Would the kid then be Andromeda's sibling? What will Uram's poison do to her? Or to her kid?

And was Jahiel the angel who was close to ascension that everyone was alluding to before? I'm kind of disappointed if he was, it would've been great to probe further into that.

That's all I can think to say right now. When I get some sleep I may think of more stuff.

Anonymous said...

i loved this book

and as to cups

naasir isn´t a vampire he is a chimerah? and he goes into heat and we already have a human as angel , soo ...

maybe the prophecie means both broken dream aodhan eyes of fire ilium

"The blue-winged angel’s eyes met his, pure terror in golden depths full of a hot red fire."

and suyin needs someone to draw her out too

so lots of books in the future!!!!!! please

Pookietoes said...

Loved it! It was not what I expected but you answered so many questions I have had since book 1. Now I have a new set of questions. How many more books do you have in this series? Are all the central characters for the cascade story in play? can the legion absorb anymore power to help Illium? What is going on in China? When is the next book due? Thanks and great read!

MikiS said...

Wowser! Just wow.

I listened to the audiobook, and I have to say, when the Epilogue got going and Illium shot up into the sky, I was talking to my MP3 player NONONONONONO! (Whew!)

mimi said...

I really like naasir's story but the ending was too quick in my opinion. He found the 'stupid grimoire' too easily for a book supposed to be a lost treasure... too convenient.
And i don't think illium and aodhan are meant to be together, but i see varek and aodhan(in the previous book it was mentionned that aodhan made varek a vampire, they have a link together).
For illium i think about a woman at erotique the vampire club.
I would like the next book to be about venom and sorrow,they are good and fun together.

Anonymous said...

The book flowed from beginning to end. It was truly refreshing with emotional highs and a few scenes where I cried for my Naasir. His innocent honesty by expressing himself without games and pretense captured my heart.

I do not believe Illium and Aodhan have a sexual relationship. It is a relationship forged over centuries. If I had my wish they both would find females and eventually have little Bluebells and Sparkles.

I want to know will more Ancients wake up? Will we find out what Uram did to Sorrow and Michaela? When will Vivek return?

zoya said...

I devoured it the day i got it...so much happening!

Loved Nasir and his child like honesty.Also, stupid grimoire, making us all wait!

Poor Alexander, to loose his son and be awoken before time...

Interesting insight into Favashi. I have a feeling there is waaaaay more to the AA of Persia than we are even imagining...

Dahariel.... wow... didnot see that coming...

Micheala... O.M.G.... redemption arc is coming?

But now I have so many questions!!! I'll keep it down to 3...

How many books in total are we looking at? Coz I like being prepared,lol.

At first I was like, Suyin and Alexander.. but then I was like Alexander and Nadiel had a rivalry thing... could this be a Caliane and Alexander future thing?

Last but not least, Ilona Andrews made a teeny little reveal and Im soooo hoping you will too.... Will there be any Raphael Elena babies in the next, say 3-4 books??

Cant blame a girl for trying...

Keep writing and God bless..

Anonymous said...

Loved this book. I re-read the prophecy at the beginning of the book when I started reading Archangel's Blade. In my opinion, I think the one with fire in the eyes and broken dreams could be Favashi. If you read the part in Archangel's Blade where Favashi and Dimitri meet, her eyes were like fire when Dimitri turned her down again. Her broken dreams could mean that she may no longer be the Archangel of Persia since Alexander woke up.

My eyebrows rose when I read the part of Alexander having an older brother. Whoa. No wonder Alexander had to execute him. Elena was half right when she said Naasir was a tiger creature. :)

I almost cried when Naasir went to Antarctica and leaving the music box in the lab. What a moment. It was nice to read Jason's help with digging in the snow and ice.

Illium...what I can say? We can't lose him. As it was mentioned in the book, Illium is the heart of the Seven. Nalini, you would have a riot on your hands if Illium was to leave the series.

I agree with Naasir...why can't Lijuan die????? Charisemnon can go with her.

Wonderful book and series. Can't wait for the next installment. To be continued...

Patricia S

Chinookrose said...

I really loved this book!!! I have read and re read all the Guild Hunter books so many times I could almost recite them by heart. This book not only answered the many questions about Naasir but also gave us a glimpse of some of the other inhabitants of this world Nalini has created for us to enjoy. This included a glimpse if Charismemnons sick court. It also gave us some clues re:Aodhan and a scare about Illium! I can hardly wait for the next book!!! Can we please be told when we can receive the next treasure from this wonderful series. I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

This was an amazing book. Nalini has taken this world to the next level and just when you think Lijuan is only thing that you need to worry about-there are more and more complications and intricacies in the story to keep you engrossed. I loved getting to know more about Naasir and Andi. Alexander and Caliane---some history there perhaps??? Illium-as Elena described, the heart of Raphael's Seven. I was so worried to think that he would leave sooner than expected but it looks like he is undergoing a change so that Raphael will be able to absorb more power... I am so excited to read the future books!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the book. Great addition to the Guild Hunter saga. Naasir and Andromeda were adorable, one could not help but root for them to overcome their obstacles.

The love and loyalty between Raphael and his Seven is the head of this series.

Keeping fingers crossed that all of the Seven get their happy endings. Looking forward to learning about the women who capture the hearts of Illuim, Venom and Aodhan.

Maryadine said...

Loved loved loved this book !!!

I vote for Syuin & Adohan / venom & sorrow / Akexander & Caline .

I almost had a heart attack when I saw Illium ascend. I was like no oooo! Not yet! I love the loyalty between Raphael and his seven .

And I'm really praying we don't see a Illium and Adohan romance. People can be friends without being lovers.

Great great book Nalini!!!

Thank you for writing this.

Nanik said...

Amazing book!! Thank you, thank you for this!!

I was so curious to know the secret of Naasir - I had my suspictions, but I hadn't guessed :) Naasir is soooooo sweet and smart. I love him :) This book was better than I hoped it will be :) I loved Naasir and Andromeda, I loved the scenes with other characters - Elena, Raphael, Illium, Aodhan, Jason... Alexander was great :) It was mentioned that he was a great leader, but now I can see it. And what was this thing between him and Caliane? The way he talks to Raphael seems to be... Like family?

Maybe it was too much Lijuan - I liked it better when she was a mystery, I didn't need to know her rotten inside.

The third part of prophecy? I would say Illium or someone new.

Maryadine said...

@Nanik agreed third person is Illium in my opinion because only an Archangel can kill an archangel . I think it's Raphael, Alexander & Illium that finally due in Lijuan.

Amie said...

I really liked that this book had points of view of Lijuan's general Xi. It showed why angels and vampires follow their archangel even though we think their evil.

Also I wouldn't be surprised if Aodhan and Suyin end up together. They're both artistic, suffered trauma, they could heal each other.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so, first of all, I absolutely loved this book....in fact while I adore both the Guilt Hunter and the Psy/Changeling series I'm always a tad bit more excited about the new Guilt Hunter releases...now, I loved the story, loved the fact that we got to see more of the other characters, too, and absolutely cannot wait for the next one to be out....also I'm going insane thinking about whose book will be next. On one hand I felt that there were quite a few hints about it being Bluebell as he was very "present" and often mentioned throughout this book which usually or at least very often indicates that this character's story will be next....on the other hand, however, I could also imagine Nalini deeming him "not quite ready" for his own story, yet and give hims some more time as a "secondary" character (is it just me or do Bluebell and "secondary" just not work in one sentence =D)....so please, Nalini, make the announcement as soon as humanly possible for otherwise I'm definitely gonna go insane!!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Loved the book as I did all of this series but now I can't stop worrying about what's gonna happen to Illium....for some reason I really really really don't want him to leave the Seven and rule...for some reason, while I do see him as powerful and incredibly strong, I don't see him as someone who'd set up a territory of his own. Guess for me he's more like Dmitri, staying with Raphael and the rest of the Seven even if he gets powerful enough to leave and rule himself....or maybe that's just me being selfish^^

Sarah said...

Please, please, please let this be a lead in to a Bluebell and Sparkle love story! I love their connection and would love to see it develop into something more.
Also, I really like the idea of reading such a beautiful, friends to lovers story, especially since they do have that deep, trusting connection and bond that has lasted from boyhood.
Personally I don't think it ruins anything for Bluebell and Sparkle to get together. In fact, I really question how anyone but Bluebell could be Sparkle's HEA.

On the subject of Archangel's Enigma - I loved the story but agree that the ending was a little anti-climatic, certainly not what I was expecting.

Nanik said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it wasn't revealed - on which archangel's court was Raphael after Caliane decided to Sleep? Wasn't it Alexander? It would explain the familiarity in conversation between them and why Raphael was with Alexander in Osiris home. I also wonder if Alexander isn't a relative to Caliane - it would explain her memories about the childhood :)

I would bet the next book is more likely with Aodhan than Bluebell. I have nothing against them as a couple, but their relation didn't seem to me as moving in this direction.

Anonymous said...

I say the broken dream with eyes of fire is Elena's Mom. <>

Fabiha Chowdhury said...

I say the broken dream with eyes of fire is Elena's Mom

Eva said...

I loved this book!
Naasir and Andi were like a modern pair of Indiana Jones. Naasir is unique and I loved his playfullness and directness. Only he can think of a love doll as a suitable present for his "parents-in-law" and call an Ancient "stupit".

I even swallowed the "Caliane and Alexander worm" (Well done Nalini. LOL). I think these two grew up together and Alexander was friends with Nadiel,too. - That´s why he sees Raphael more like a son than an powerful Archangel. Now I really want to know more of these two Ancients and I want to know if Caliane has still the bracelet.

Venom sureprised me with his longer hair and casual clothing. I´m wondering if he will cut it when he returns to New York...

Last but not least. - I liked the dynamik in Archangel`s Enigma and the interaction between the different characters. I can´t wait to read more stories of these series!

Nadia95 said...

First of all I want to say I love all of Nalini Singh's books! I excitedly get the every book the first day it comes out, finish it over night, then twindle my thumbs and wish for the next 8 or so months to go by faster. Archangel's Enigma didn't disappoint. I love how Naasir and Andi interacted! I love how Andi could be celibate and a tough bad ass warrior at the same. My heart melted each time Naasir had a memory with Rafael or Dmitri in it. It made me love them even more. Don't hate me but I thought Naasir's thought process was a bit too fundamental at moments. I actually get giddy whenever Alexander is mentioned. I was secretly hoping and hoping he would wake and we would learn more about him Applaus to Nalini for going for it! I think its the best thing thats happened so far! Now the worst... m/m for Aodhan and Ilium. Please, please if there is a God in this world, don't do that. Nothing against m/m but Bluebell is my favorite character, Ive waited almost six years now for his book. I thought the scenes with sparkle and bluebell in em was normal brotherly love. to me it was Bluebell discovering he was over his human love and that the love he had for her was incomparable to the love he has for his family and that he will be alright. Can't wait for his book! Also Aodhan's, can't for the heroine to melt his indifference to touch and be there for him ( I think its way over due;)

My two cents... Ilium is part of the prophecy

Anonymous said...

Loved this book. Andi and Naasir are so cute together. It's great and so annoying (I'm so impatient) how Nalini drops these hints about the different characters to tease us. What is this anniversary and vigil of the Hummingbird's? Naasir mentioned that Daharial and Andi's wings had similar markings because they were related. Does this mean that Illium, with silver on his wings, is somehow related to Alexander?

Eva said...

Hm ... at the moment I would suggest:

"Archangel of Death. Goddes of Nightmare. Wraith without a shadow.
Rise, rise, rise into your Reign of Death."
- Lijuan

"At the hands of the new and of the old".
- All living angels/vampires/Guild Hunters/archangels and the Legion (I think they are "the old").

"An Archangel kissed by mortality". - Raphael.

"A silver-winged Sleeper who wakes before his Sleep is done."
- Alexander.

"The broken dream with eyes of fire. Shatter. Shatter. Shatter."
- This is difficult, because there are a lot of individuals with a broken dream. And a lot of them have - at least - glowing eyes.
My first thought was Sorrow (Though it`s to early. We don´t even know if she will ever be able to be in the near of an angel.) and my second thought was an angel like Michaela or the Hummingbird (Topically two mysterious individuals.)I would like it to be a woman.

Anonymous said...


According to Illium's wings, this is something I asked myself, too. Then I wondered whether Osiris is Illium's father. That would explain the vigil of the Hummingbird, the anniversary is the date of Osiris' death. As Aodhan has said, the Hummingbird is very capable to love and she still mourns her mate.

Regards Susie

MikiS said...

Okay, my first time through was a listen via an Audiobook, so I decided to do a "reread" with a book to see if I missed anything.

1) Who is the Hummingbird sitting a vigil on? Is someone in a long coma or anshara? (If that's the case, it's kind of disingenuous for it to be mentioned this late in the game, given Elena's relationship with Illium).

2) I would love to see a building like the Legion's New York home!

3) Will the Legion members ever have any interest in the opposite sex? :) And if so, is being with one going to be shared with the collective? (Sorry, but I keep thinking of a friendly version of the Borg when I read about the Legion's mind-sharing).

4) I don't disagree with some of the comments about how finding the book was almost too easy...but it was a lot of travelling in this book. There was the trip out of the citadel, time in Amanat, the trip to find Alexander, then Andromeda's return to Africa. I think another long, drawn-out trip would have been too much for one book.

5) I absolutely loved that this book didn't contain one sex scene after another. We got the increasing sexual tension as their relationship grew closer...and that hilarious scene where Andi got distracted by the book and Naasir was going nuts "is it the book or NOT?!" Then POUNCE. It was great. I'm showing my age, I know, but I really don't like how sex has overtaken romance in the last decade. Some of that is because I've been listening more (audiobooks) than reading, and you can't "skim" the smexy times as easily. I liked that about Aswhini's book, too, but if I remember correctly, Nalini added a few Raphael/Elena scenes in that one to keep her sex-scene high for her editors.

Rosalita Shipman said...

Nalini!, please have mercy on your devoted guild hunter fans and tell us when the next guild hunter book will appear! I would really love to know what comes next for Sorrow, Vemom, Aodhan, and Illium! I think that Venom and Sorrow have to end up together you don't have that much of a violent emotional response unless there is something very attracting physically , etc. I would like to know more re: the Hummingbirds history re just who is Illium's father? I don't think that history has ever been explained in any of the past novels,also is it possible that Alexander is related to the past history of Sharines breakdown in some way? If Osiris was a factor in Illium's and Sharine's life could that be the connection? I would like to know also what happened that resulted in the physical and emotional damage to Aodhan who did this to him? Was he kidnapped, tortured, or what? Was he part of Raphaels seven when all this trauma was inflicted on him? I know I'm rambling on and on but all of these questions keep entering my mind and all of the people that live in the world you have created are so important to me and all your readers that I know I am not the only one who has similar questions about all of our favorite ones !!! Please, please,I would really like to know what happens next! Could you at least tell me when your next book will be appearing. Then maybe I can at least have that ? answered. Again thank you for all of hours of pleasure you have given me, Sincerely, Rosalita Shipman

Anonymous said...

Great book! Intriguing info about this new character -- Suyin. She didn't really have a role in this book--except to show again how horrible Lijuan can be. I'm guessing she will play a much larger role in other books. Could there be another reason why she was kept prisoner by her aunt? It was mentioned that Suyin designed Alexander's palace, so she knew him---how well?. A lot of time spent describing Lijuan's past feelings towards Alexander. Could there have been some kind of a love triangle in the past? Maybe that is the real reason why Lijuan kept her prisoner.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nalini for these great years of reading. With that being said I have a few questions niggling at my brain.
1. The Wing Brotherhood - they were first mentioned in Archangels Blood and now In archangels Enigma. Why do I feel like Elena's mom was a part of the group and that Elena is related to Tarik?

Anonymous said...

I think the "broken dream with eyes of fire" is a reference to the Ancestors who lie beneath the refuge and keep winter away. According to Caliane, as related by Raphael to a young Naasir, winter comes when an Ancestor is "distracted by a dream".

Patri said...

OMG!!! Everybody is talking about Illiuim and Aodhan being a couple? no, please!!! I don't have any problem with a gay story, there is one in The Black Dagger Brotherhood and I loved it, but Illium has been my favorite character since... ever! and I always have imagined him with a woman (with me, of course hahaha ;)). I think Aodhan deserves another love/story, just for him, another person who win Aodhan's confidence... I think Aodhan and Illium are like brothers, but no lovers!!! pleaaase! :(

hm said...

Love this series! I hope Aodhan and Bluebell stay friends....they are close as brothers and need to stay that way.
Love your writing!!!

hm said...

...I forgot to add that I agree with Patri's comment. I have no issues with gay characters and also loved The Black Dagger story, but it's not for these two. I have always imagined them, especially Bluebell's stories being with women. For Aodhen I imagine a human female who had some type of similar trauma...they heal each other.

Ellen J. said...

The eyes of fire part of the prophecy could refer to many people, it has me think of Illium, Aodhan and even Favashi.
Sorrow, the girl Raphael and Elena rescued after one of Uram's killing sprees in Book 1, came to mind as the broken dream of the prophecy.

This series is the best I've read, along with Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling books. It's well written and the world and characters are so amazingly developed that Ive begun to think of her characters as real people.

Thank you Nalini Singh for your wonderful books!!

Ellen J. said...

The eyes of fire part of the prophecy could refer to many people, it has me think of Illium, Aodhan and even Favashi.
Sorrow, the girl Raphael and Elena rescued after one of Uram's killing sprees in Book 1, came to mind as the broken dream of the prophecy.

This series is the best I've read, along with Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling books. It's well written and the world and characters are so amazingly developed that Ive begun to think of her characters as real people.

Thank you Nalini Singh for your wonderful books!!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought to share. Almost not wanting to voice it out in view of the series' timeline (Bluebelle has to have his own full story in any case!) -- if Raphael and Elena have a female child, wouldn't it be great if she's mate to Illium? Given Illium's propensity for humans, Elena does have a human heart after all and this should impact interestingly on her's and Raphael's child or children's upbringing and character. Obviously I see Illium and Aodhan as brothers (with similar closeness to that of Raphael and Dimitri) and can very well see Aodhan as Illium's second should he ever ascend as an Archangel only if that is where the series story eventually takes him. The Seven are exactly where they need to be just now -- as the Seven. I love Nalini's consistency in the quality of her writing and it's an enjoyable, lovable series.

Anonymous said...

I think the broken dream in the prophecy is Aodhan and the eyes of fire is Illium. I think they both have a role to play in it, although I do hope they won't end up together. I like to think their bond is something different. I do hope they will both find someone to love and be happy. I also don't want them to end up together because I think it would be hard for Illium not to treat Aodhan as broken. He has a hard time of it allready.

Anonymous said...

I am totally rooting for Illium and Aodhan as a couple. I love the books but a change of the couple's dynamics would also be cool!