Thursday, July 30, 2015


A great big thank you to all of the readers who made my first Canadian signing so totally awesome!! Now I'm going to expect a standing-room only audience at any future signings I do here! :-)

We did record the Q&A and so did a reader, so once one of the videos goes live, I'll post up the info.

Then, to top off my good mood this morning, I woke to find the Psy-Changeling series on NPR's list of 100 Swoon-Worthy Romances. Check it out - there are tons of great recommendations on the list!

Today and tomorrow, I'm holing up in my hotel room to finish the final proofs of Rock Redemption. It's already been edited and proofread professionally, but I like to do my own read before I turn over the manuscript for formatting, make sure no gremlins have snuck in.

Also, don't forget, the second excerpt from Archangel's Enigma goes up next week, August 4th.

I hope you're all having an awesome week so far. What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

Waiting frustrated that the end of July takes so long to get here... and then there's another 4 days til the excerpt! Can't wait til enigma comes out. I've forbidden myself from reading any psy/changeling or guild hunter til September - I just won't make it without going kablooey! : )

library addict said...

Hanging out most of the day with my mom at the rehab center. She's making good progress mostly, but has to be in isolation for a nasty bug she picked up from being in the hospital so long so is stuck in her room all day.

As a result, I am so far behind on housework, grocery shopping, etc. At least the dog remembers who I am (so far :p)

Currently reading the new Jayne Castle. I love the dustbunnies!

Anonymous said...

@library addict...hope your mom gets well soon.

I also read Jayne Castle's new book (loved it...will read again most likely this weekend). I agree...the dust bunnies make the series.

Not trying to think about Naasir's story or else I'll go nuts. :)

Otherwise, boiling in Texas (hit over 100 degrees F the last few weeks...ugh!) and staying as cool as possible while I work.

Patricia S