Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open!! What  are you reading and loving this week?


ladyreadsalot66 said...

Recently discovered Robin D. Owens Celta / Heart series and am definitely loving it. I am on my 5th one in a week and a half. For those who like Jayne Castle's Harmony / Rainshadow series and those who like Anne McCaffrey's Pern books should take a look at this series. Similar flavor except instead of dust bunnies and fire lizards there are FAM animals and talking Residences!

Unknown said...

G.A Aiken's What a dragon should know (book 3 of the Dragon Kin series). A great book in, what turned out to be, a great series. It's witty, sexy and has just the right amount of strong female characters for my liking (which is to say - a lot)and at the same time has very somber parts that keep the book from becoming too sugary. Plus, it has dragons! *jumping excitedly*

Anonymous said...

If your after dragons, can I suggest firebolt, by adrienne woods.
Is aimed young adult, so not as sexy, but really good and interesting story.

Currently has 3 full novels, and 2 novellas.


Inga said...

My son and I were reading "The Warrior Sheep" Nr.1, by Christine Russel. We read it in German, because my son isn`t fluent enough yet in english and because I could`t find the english books on kindle (very sad!!). But the book was hilarously funny, witty and cute and we loved it. Not only for Kids, for sure!!!

Wrayth said...

Also try Nice Dragons Finish Last by Rachel Aaron!

Which is what I just finished re-reading, along with finishing all 4 of the Lady Darby historical mystery books, quite good. :3 And the Grace Draven book, Master of Crows book 2.

Hmm, and all the Lucifer comic books, finished off the Saga ones as far as they are now.

Not quite sure what to read now!


Sogol said...

I just finished reading/listening to American Gods by Neil Gaiman and I loved it. As an author He's been on my radar for a long time and for some reason I never got around to actually read one of his works until now and I can't say that I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Say My Name - J. Kenner

Anonymous said...

Thank you, everyone. "Lineman", "The Quest of the Warrior Sheep", "Brush of Black Wings", and "Firebolt" are now on my tbr stack.