Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Edits, Blurbs, Excerpts, and Newsletter Vignette

Lots of news today!

I've just got the manuscript for the next Rock Kiss book back from the copy editor, so I'll have my head down for the next week going over that.

The blurb will be ready for release next week, on the 15th. Don't forget to swing by to have a read. No cover yet, but it's in progress! Release date is October 6th.

The first Archangel's Enigma excerpt is up on the website. This is the same excerpt as that which went out in the June newsletter. The second advance excerpt will be up on August 4th. Then the book will release on September 1st!

I'm continuing to work on the Psy-Changeling novella anthology I mentioned last year in this post. No release date on that yet as I want to complete everything first, but I'm  now on the final novella (two stubborn characters who are meant to be together and who are giving me fits! More to come once I figure out what's happening with them).

The July newsletter will be going out in about ten hours after this post goes live. I've written a brand new vignette for it that I hope you'll all enjoy. If you aren't yet a subscriber, you can join up at this link. If you join too late for this month's newsletter, or have any other issues subscribing, email Ashwini and she'll make sure you get a copy: naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom

So that's my news. What are you up to?

p.s. Sorry for the missing book club last week. We're back to regularly scheduled programming as of this week!


Anonymous said...

What is going on with me? Work and keeping out of the heat/humidity as much as possible. I'm excited about Archangel's Enigma and the next Rock Kiss book coming out. :) Whoo-hoo for the blurbs...they will keep me (and everyone else) sane until the books come out. Yay!

Patricia S

Leah said...

Loved the story in this month's newsletter! It's great to see more of characters we normally only catch a glimpse of!

Eva said...

Thank you for the newsletter Nalini!
I love Montgomery!

Anonymous said...

Loved to read more about Montgomery, Sivya, and their courtship. I think it would be a great Guild Hunter short story (hint, hint, hint...).

Patricia S

Barbara said...

Loved short story, and Momtgomery. Thought I would stop by to tell you I saw the Headline of Noah and Kit and thought..omg, Kit from pay/changing! Plus he is gay and in a lifetime relationship... Then I realized it was the modern rock series. Oops.
September is such a long way away.

library addict said...

Spending all of my days at the hospital. My mother's second surgery went better than they'd expected and she's healing well from that. However, she's now experiencing breathing issues. But fingers crossed they'll figure out the cause and she'll recover.

Looking forward to Kit & Noah's story and the Psy/Changeling anthology when it's ready.

Off to check the newsletter.

Amy said...

Thanks of the short story. I really enjoyed the brief look into Montgomery and Sivya's romance. I hope to see more of it in future books.

Em said...

in the secret anthology who is the dominant an d the submissive?

Always V said...

Love love love the short story. So much so because of that special glimpse into Aodhan's personal info.
Thank you so much. I'm going out to my fave bakery now to order half a dozen of . . . you know what :D

Always V said...

@Barbara: that's too hilarious LOL I posted Kit & Noah's updates
& a friend who hasn't yet read the Rock Kiss had the same thought you did!
"Kit changed TEAM!!!? when did that happen!!!?"
So she will start reading the Rock Kiss series asap :D

Anonymous said...

The last changeling book I read again was Tangle of Need. While reading I had the thought the submissive male in the next Psy-Changeling novella anthology could be Felix (SnowDancer). I am really looking forward to that release!

ming-ki said...

Oh my goddddd!!! The excerpt does nothing but has me dying for the book! ohhhh, it will be long till we get the second excerpt, even longer to wait for the book itself! Will I survive?????