Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Where is Nalini?

I'm a bit scarce on the blog at the moment as I'm concentrating on finishing Shards of Hope. Talk amongst yourselves! Seen anything interesting online lately? :-)


Anonymous said...

I just listened to Muse's songs "Unsustainable" and "Isolated system" on youtube. As I listened, I kept thinking about Sienna, her powers, and the Psy net. The video for unattainable is all about energy, computers, networks, and people. In it, a group of people appear to be running from something unidentified, and I can only guess they are running from the "unsustainable" energy that is about to "kill them."

Could we get a Hawke and Sienna short on the next newsletter? Pleaaaaase! *puppy face*


Anonymous said...

Anne bishops excerpt for the 3rd others book is online now.

I thought that was interesting ��

Lege Artis said...

Oh, god.. you know what happens if you leave 3+ psy/changeling fans unattended?
We will come up with craziest and most outrageous theories ever. :))

Joke on the side:

I was actually going through my reading challenges: I set my self several this year: I finished my goal to read more diverse romances, and think of challenging myself even more for 2015.

library addict said...

I still have a few books left in my various reading challenges, but it's been a good year.

Need to start putting my lists of favorites together for the annual AAR poll. I always say I'm going to keep better track as the year goes by, but then I don't.

Anonymous said...

I know a good read for you. Not a romance, but a very good story.

Blood song by Anthony Ryan.
The second book is out as well, and the third will be out mid next year.

My brother convinced me it was worth reading, and definitely is.

Anonymous said...

Though it does dspend on how you want to challenge yourself

Anonymous said...

have a question. please how old was Raphael when he became archangel?

Connie said...

@ Anonymous

I'm re-reading the GH books. Raphael is 1500 and became an archangel 500 years ago, so he would have been 1000 years old. According to the books, very young to achieve archangel status.

Anonymous said...

We never found out who was on the verge of becoming an archangel did we?
Or have I completely overlooked that gem.

Connie said...

@ Anonymous

No the new archangel is yet to be revealed. I feel Nalini's keeping that one under wraps for now.

I've not read Archangels Shadows yet(shame on me! lol)as doing a complete re-read of the series and want to build up to the new book! Forgive me if the next comment is irrelevant:)

There is mention of another archangel awakening. I hope its Alexander, who was the archangel of Persia, he sounds just gorgeous with his silver eyes and matching silver wings! He was said to be much more powerful than Raphael. Either way he sounds like a total hottie who would be an excellent addition to the series! But it's not my story so we'll have to wait and see:)

Anonymous said...

That would definitely be interesting to see Alexander awaken. I recall he is meant to be an ancient, like caliane.
Where was his physical description? Or was that one in the angel short story anthology?

Would be very interested to see what gifts come with being ancient, and what was specific to the angel.

Connie said...

@ Anonymous

You are right he was an ancient and he appeared in the novella Angel's Dance, Galen and Jessamy's story set 400 years ago. It is part of the Angel's Flight anthology.

Yes it will be interesting to see how the ancients differ from the younger archangels. I feel there is much more for Caliane ahead too!

elodie said...

Still reading Night Shift(others novellas than Secrets at Midnight). I'm also trying to discover my zen personality with the aim of going trough the celebrations(panicked to find presents).
I have a request.
Is that possible to have some news about Adria and Riaz(maybe the meeting with Adria's parents?).Please! please! please !!!

Lege Artis said...

I hope it's Alexander, as well...
It's not just that it was said he was one of the most beautiful male angels, but I remember he was able to create a shield big enough to protect entire city...and considering current Cadre Wars, it's possible this comes in play.
@anonymus- I read Blood Song and sequel which I find even better. I agree, books are excellent. I was intrigued because Ryan selfpublished Blood song first and it turned out to be so good it was picked by big publisher. That is so rare for fantasy genre I am not sure I can think of another example.

Anonymous said...

@lege artis
I had not realised it was self published first, though can completely understand how it got picked up by a big publisher.
It took my brother a few months to convince me to try reading it, and am incredibly glad I did.

I think there is a blurb avaliable for the third book on Amazon.
'Queen of fire'

Anonymous said...

I thought it was being implied (especially in the latest GH book) that Bluebell is going to be the next Archangel?

Time for immortals being relative and all, so not for a while yet...


Eva said...

Also in the Sienna & Hawke fanclub! (Can´t get enough of these two).

Some interesting things online? - I´ve an eyecatcher for you:

I´m watching the series Beauty and the Beast lately. - Sendhil Ramamurthy plays Gabriel Lowen in the series. I´m normally not very impressed of beautiful males, but this one is hot! (I´ll imagine him as Venum!(Yum) LOL).

Anonymous said...

I'm still re reading Tangle of Need and I'm at the chapter where they are celebrating the Hawke and Sienna's mating. I just remembered that we have not seen a single mating ceremony from the Dark River. All the sentinels are mated. arrghh!
Nalini, please do something! :D


re elodie said...

Since i have seen something funny online, i wanted to share. I mean silly but funny. :)