Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shield of Winter & Shards of Hope

Thanks to all of you, Shield of Winter has made it into the finals of the Goodreads Choice Awards!

If you'd like to keep supporting Ivy and Vasic, don't forget to vote in the final round. Follow this link to vote.

These two are doing really well at the moment. They've also made it onto Kirkus's Best Fiction Books of 2014. Go Ivy and Vasic!

I finished the most recent draft of Shards of Hope last night. I tweeted at the time that it was huge and that I'd have to edit it down to make it sleek and dangerous like the Arrows, so now it's about seeing what stays and what goes.
No idea what the final size will be yet, since there are some missing scenes in there, as well as scenes that haven't been entered yet. (I handwrite edits onto at least one draft of the book and sometimes that ends up with me handwriting a full scene that's thousands of words.)

Onto the next draft today.


library addict said...

Sleek can be long - lol.

Then again, getting to read the deleted scenes with your notes as to why they were removed is always fun, too.

Wishing you a productive and smooth editing process.

elodie said...

It's so interesting to see your writing process. I'm glad to follow all this. It's a lot of work, we know that. Thank you for sharing these steps with us. Particularly instructive.

(I have voted on goodreads, hope the best for Evy and Vasic.

Lege Artis said...

Keeping fingers crossed for Ivy and Vasic winning Goodreds Award in romance category!
Oh, sleek and dangerous like Arrows- loved that. :D
If we're lucky, maybe some of cut off things from draft ends up in future newsletter(s) as additional content. ;)

azteclady said...

How normal is it to keep checking pre-order links for a print book over seven months ahead of release? :grin:

Catherine TYW said...

Lege, you are so right. I cannot wait for June 02 2015 to come!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Yes deleted scenes or any bits you would like to throw to your rabid oops I mean faithful fans.