Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving lately?


Heike said...

'The Whatnot' from Stefan Bachmann
Incredible beautiful written, but you have to read carefully so that you don't miss something.
But to be honest? I only read it so slowly so that the times passing faster for the 25. November ;)

Patricia S said...

Re-read Lord of the Abyss, skimmed over Festive in Death, Thankless in Death, and Delusion in Death. Anticipating Bastien's story Tuesday. :) Nice thing is since for those of us in the United States, it's Thanksgiving next week...I can read Bastien's story on my time off.

Claire said...

Just finished Archangel's Shadows.
Such a great story.
It's going to be sooo difficult to wait for the next GH book.
Whose story will it be BTW?
Thank you Nalini.

Anonymous said...

Just read "The Spiral Path" by Katherine Eliska Kimbriel aka Cat Kimbriel. It is the third of the Alfreda Sorensson storiez, and was only published this year, a looong time after the first two stories. Allie is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Read Vincent and then re-read Aden and Raphael (Vampires in America)by D.B. Reynolds. Not sure why they are not better known. A Guild Hunter vibe, with strong independent women, but a totally different world.

library addict said...

Read a bunch more Christmas novellas, most of which were meh. But I also read some good stuff.

I enjoyed the latest two entries in Kat Latham's London Lengends series: Tempting the Player (#3) and Unwrapping Her Perfect Match (#3.5). A few plot issues with both, but liked all of the characters.

Also liked The Best Thing by Jaci Burton (book #3 in her Kent Brothers trilogy).

And read another old Jayne Ann Krentz category romance, The Wedding Night, which was very good.

fredamans said...

I am currently reading my first book by Bette Lee Crosby.
If you haven't read her already, do so. She has a way of making her characters come alive and feel more real. She invokes a lot of emotion in me when reading her stories.

Stephanie B said...

Reread my favorite Psy-Changling books this past week...which got my hubby to start rereading the entire series for himself. Looking forward to Gena Showalter's Darkest Touch on Tuesday!

Tasha Bridge said...

I just finished Darkness by Laurann Dohner and started Smiley by her. Her New Species books are pretty good.