Monday, March 03, 2014

Interviews, Donuts, & Photos

I posted some links on Facebook today, but I know not everyone follows FB, so here they are for you all!

First, I yummy recipe link! 

So I have a bit of a baking hobby. Recently, I made some donuts because I had to test out my new donut pan (so neat!), and I thought I'd share a delicious recipe for chocolate espresso donuts that I found at Gluten Free Canteen. This recipe is gluten free, but I have tried the results on gluten-loving humans who have pronounced it divine. The donuts are extremely rich and moreish.

The original recipe calls for espresso or coffee, but I'm not a huge fan of the flavor in my baked goods, so I substituted hot chocolate for a very chocolatey taste. And oh, I didn't mix up the special flour noted in the recipe, just used GF all purpose flour).

Next up, a couple of interviews

Audio Interview: I did a Skype voice interview with PNR Radio's Arial Burnz late last year, and the interview is now live. We talk books, writing, and travel, among other things. 

Here are the links (also, I noticed the Itunes podcast says Explicit on it - lol! Alas, I'm pretty sure the most explicit thing in the interview is the word "pantser" ;-)). Link to PNR Radio website where you can listen to the interview online, plus here's the iTunes podcast link.

French Interview & Travel Photos
French readers - I recently did an interview with Les Rebelles and it's now online. I hope you enjoy!

The interview is in French, but even if you don't speak the language, you might enjoy the photographs from my travels.  I'll caption them for you in English:

Page 42: #1 Snapped from a boat on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary  #2 Taken from the TranzAlpine train in the South Island of New Zealand

Page 43: #1 Amber Fort, India (inspiration for Neha's Archangel Fort in "Archangel's Storm" - incidentally, you can see more shots of Amber Fort in my Travel Diary on the website)  #2 Wild horses in Kagoshima, Japan (as mentioned in "Archangel's Legion")

Page 44: #1 Culture Parade, Frankfurt, Germany  #2 Jaffar Gorge, Morocco (it was scary sitting on the edge!)  #3 One Tree Hill, New Zealand in winter  #4 San Francisco tram, USA

Page 45: Yosemite National Park (changelings!), USA


Eva said...

Thank you for the recipe Nalini.

"No espresso or coffe in baked goods." - What is with Tiramisu? (It´s cold).
- Ever tried it without coffe/espresso but with mascarpone mixed with curd cheese & apple purée? It´s perfekt for hot days.

library addict said...

Thanks for sharing the links. Listening to the interview now.

e_bookpushers said...

That recipe looks WONDERFUL!