Sunday, March 30, 2014

DABWAHA - Elite 8

Heart of Obsidian's made it into the quarter finals of the DABWAHA Contest, woohoo! Voting's now open for this round, and it's up against Captive Prince by CS Pacat today.

Swing by and add your vote!

DABWAHA is a fun contest and has a grand tradition of bribery, so if Heart of Obsidian goes all the way and becomes the DABWAHA Champion, I'll do something special. I've got deadline brain (final stretch on Archangel's Shadows), so I'm not quite sure what I'll do... Maybe a brand spanking new scene featuring Kaleb and Sahara? :-)


Cally said...

Voted! (Twice!) I hope you win, cause I'm really looking forward to the bribe! ;)

JulietDWms said...

Done! Lots of times. I don't usually do re-reads, but I have done just that with HoO; up to four times now. Hope it wins.

azteclady said...


Must find way to vote again.

HoO for the win!

Unknown said...

Totally bummed....but maybe you'll still write that new scene?

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks everyone!

@Vicki - of course! (It'll be after I hand in Archangel's Shadows, so likely mid-May or so. :))