Thursday, March 06, 2014

Engelslied Now Out!

The German edition of Archangel's Legion is now out!


Anonymous said...

My copy arrived just a minute ago! :-) Doesn't matter that I already read the English edition. I know what I'm gonna do the next few evenings.^^ (No, seriously, that book is HUGE! Easily half a centimetre thicker than Engelsdunkel (Archangel's Storm). O.O Can't wait to read it! <3)
Greetings from Germany!


Anonymous said...

Ich habe am Nachmittag bekommen und verschlinge es gerade.
Ich liebe Elena und Rapfael und ich danke ihnen für diese wundervolle Serie.
Bin seit drei Jahren ein Fan ihrer Bücher und wurde noch nie enttäuscht.

Alles gute aus Deutschland.

Nalini Singh said...

Jana - yes, it was a bigger book! It just came out that way. I hope you enjoy your second read. :)

Laura - I'm so glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,
I absolutely enjoyed this book. I truly loved every single book of the Guild Hunter Series but this One was extraordinary! I had so much fun reading about Elena and Raphael again and I also loved the parts with Illium and Aodhan.
Do you know when Part 7 is going to come out in Germany?

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Lena - No date yet, but I'm guessing it will probably be around the same time next year. The book won't be out in English until November, and the German publisher needs time to translate it. I hope you enjoy it just as much as this book! :)