Thursday, February 06, 2014

Shield of Winter & Newsletter Reminder

There was a man standing on the path between the snow-kissed trees. No, not a man. A soldier. Over six feet tall with broad shoulders, his posture was unyielding, his stillness absolute, his eyes a chill gray, and his hair black.

- from Shield of Winter (June Psy-Changeling release)


A quick reminder that the first 2014 newsletter will go out toward the end of February, complete with a free short story (there was no January newsletter). If you aren't yet a member, just fill in the form on the top right of my website's front page and then click on the confirm link you get in your email - you'll then automatically get a welcome newsletter with two shorts "Poker Night" and "Knives and Sheaths".

If you don't get the link in your email, contact Ashwini and she'll see what's up (naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom). Or if you somehow missed out on the two shorts in the Welcome newsletter despite being a member of the newsletter already, let Ashwini know and she'll make sure you get a copy. :-)


Dianne R said...

Oooooo the first tease. Thanks. I'm always looking forward to your books.

AJ said...

I hope this means that there will be a lot more quotes from Shield of Winter as a countdown to its release!!!

Susan said...

The quote is AWESOME!! Cant wait for more!!!!

watchingthesky said...

I scared myself when I cackled with glee when I read the synopsis of Shield of Winter. It seems that I really hoped a HEA for Vasic more than I thought.