Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rabbits & Newsletter

Reminder: The first newsletter of 2014 will go out in approx 15 hours, with the short story, "Zoe's Workshop". For details about how to join the newsletter list, click here.


Also, I have to share a funny conversation I had with Ashwini yesterday.

A: So I was driving along a quiet side street (in the city) the other day, when a rabbit hopped in front of my car.

N: *stares* What?

A: A fluffy bunny rabbit. And there was a woman on the sidewalk who threw up her hands and made an actual eeep! sound. *demonstrates high-pitched eeping sound*

N: Seriously?

A: Yes, I think she thought I was going to run over the rabbit.

N: Are you sure you weren't hallucinating?

A: No, it was an actual rabbit. A brown rabbit.

N: Did the rabbit run away?

A: No, I stopped the car and it hopped back to the sidewalk with the lady.

N: The lady who went eep!

A: Yeah, it must've been her pet.

So there you go. Watch out for people walking their pet rabbits along city streets. (00)


ST said...

Who walks their pet rabbit without a leash???

That was a funny story!

Susan said...

I think you and Ashwini must have a fantastic relationship!

Anonymous said...

Zoe's story was touching. Hope we get Sing-Liu's story sometime...