Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Writing :-)

I'm hard at work on Shield of Winter. This is a complex story with multiple threads, but Ivy and Vasic's story is at the very core.

What are you up to?


library addict said...

Looking forward to Sheild of Winter (love the title).

I was good and cleaned today. So planning to read Shannon Stacey's Snowbound with the CEO tonight.

Lyfé said...

Writing for The Candid Nation is at a rest for a couple of days. A hectic schedule is something I was not anticipating this week. I will continue to write new posts! Please keep checking for new updates!

BTW: Your books are great, I read some of the excerpts.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! - Vasic... (I assume you`ll make it emotional Nalini and imagine myself already crying. I´m very curious (and a bit envy) about Ivy.).

For the weekend I plan to have coffee with friends, so I´ll bake an apple wine cake or an sour creme cake. Haven´t decided yet.

Unknown said...

Oh, this sounds so good! I'm looking forward to it!!

azteclady said...

How many months till release day, again?

Susan said...

Hmmmm, a story with multiple threads means that there will be more than one couple in the book. I bet Lucas and Sacha are in it because Sascha is an empath. Perhaps Sienna and Hawk because they are going after that guy whose name I can't remember. Interesting to speculate... Anyway you will be able to release before June? How about by Christmas ?:D