Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Declaration of Courtship and Texture of Intimacy Ebooks Now Out!!

"Grace." Softer this time. Coaxing. "Look at me."
--from Declaration of Courtship

The stand-alone ebooks for "Declaration of Courtship" and "Texture of Intimacy" (originally part of Wild Invitation) are out now in the USA & Canada!

If you haven't read any of the Psy-Changeling novellas, then Wild Invitation is the book you should get, as it includes four novellas. You can find full details of all the stories and excerpts here.

International folks - your stand-alone ebooks for these two novellas are in progress. I'll update you with a date as soon as it's confirmed.

...Walker’s eyes caught hers, held them. “I’m not likely to be an easy mate.”
--from Texture of Intimacy

She jumped. “You walk like a cat!”

“I am a cat, sweetheart.” He wanted to tease her again, so he let a low growl rumble up from his chest. “See?”
--from Stroke of Enticement (available in Wild Invitation)

"If I take you," he said quietly, "it'll be for life." 
--from Beat of Temptation (available in Wild Invitation)

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Susan said...

Declaration of Courtship is a fantastic novella. I do hope that Cooper and Grace show up again! I loved them as a couple and wished that there had been an epilogue at the end of the story:D