Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog Issues

A few people have mentined that they're having trouble commenting on the blog. We're hoping to sort out the issue this week - I'll let you know when it's all done we can test comments. :-)

Until then, here's a Bollywood music video about young love that'll put a smile on your face. From the movie, Mausam.


Anonymous said...

You were did put a smile on my face...thanks!

Saiqa said...

What a cute couple! Really regret not watching this film now. It was on at the cinema when I went and I suggested it, but my friends didnt want to watch a bollywood film. They were in the mood for hollywood instead. Wish I had insisted now.I've always liked his acting too- two of my favourite movies are 'jab we met' and 'vivaah'. Thanks nalini, this really cheered me up after a bad day. I finally got the keys to my new house today and was so excited to see it. Then I went in and saw what a mess the previous owner left for me! He even left me a present in the oven!

AlwaysV said...



but love how fun the whole scenes are!!

LOVE How he sat there wrapping himself
in a gorgeous quilt!! *BIG GRINS*
Errr.. or was that sari? ?


TLS said...

I love this song.... I want to go see the movie since I am a huge fan of Shahid!!! Bollywood songs really do have beautiful lyrics...

Gary said...

Its really a nice and stress buster song . Good locations viewed. I have viewed 2 times times this movie because of the songs.
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