Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NZ Contest & Launch, plus Review

Archangel's Blade Countdown Quote (8 days to go)

"You called?" Dmitri was wearing a white shirt open at the collar and black suit pants, his hair tumbled just enough to make her think he'd been running his hands through it.

It made her own fingers curl into her palms.


A reminder that the launch of Archangel's Blade will be on September 12th, at Whitcoulls, Queen Street, Auckland. Full details here (scroll down for the September listing). Look forward to seeing some of you there! If you can't make it, but would like a signed copy of the book, please contact Whitcoulls before the event, so they can arrange a copy for you.

My New Zealand publisher, Hachette, is also holding an amazing contest to promote the release of Dmitri and Honor's book. If you purchase a copy of Archangel's Blade from any NZ retailer, you can go into the draw to win a weekend away at the Nautilus Cottage in Blenheim, so keep your receipts! Full details and the online entry form available on the Hachette website.

The Book Reading Gals just put up their A+ review of Archangel's Blade. They're also giving away a copy of Angels' Blood. Here's a quote from the review:

...I knew that Dimitri’s book was her next book and was looking forward to it. I wasn’t expecting what I got though. This is in my opinion her absolute best book. It will rip your heart out, make you cry, and then put your heart back together stronger and more complete than it was before you read this book.

I'm working on Tangle of Need today, and really hoping to complete the second draft. Wish me luck!

p.s. Per the requests on the previous post, I'll put up the quotes from Archangel's Blade both on FB and here - check back this afternoon, as I'll update this post with today's quote. [Updated]


Roksana said...

Good luck with Tangle of Need!

I was re-reading (yes I know, I know I am hooked) Play of Passion ....and got really excited about reading more on Adria and Riaz. I think their's will be a complicated story!! I cant wait!

Diane said...

Now after that review of Archangel's Blade I wish we were next week now!

Bilancia said...

Ooooh i cant wait for this to come out!!!

Bilancia said...

Oh and saw the tweet about Sorrow and Venom...v excited to see where that leads :D..

mbot565 said...

Nalini, this is around the time when the closer your release date get, the longer it felt. Can't wait until this book is out of pre-order.

Yay, for completing your 2nd draft & working on your 3rd. My goodness, when you're on a roll - you're on a roll! :)

Saiqa said...

I wish it was out now! I wanted to read it in my eid holidays. Unfortunately, I will be back at work by the time it comes out and wont have time to read it all in one go. I need a nalini fix! And am excited that the 2nd draft of tangle of need has already been completed.

orannia said...

Wish I could be at the release Nalini! If only it were a Saturday :)

All the best with the second draft!

mommyof429483 said...

I can't wait. I have read and reread this series so many times, I think I have them memorized. I love them. These are my all time favorite books by a long shot!!! I can't wait!!!