Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Archangel's Blade

Here's today's quote (7 days to go).

Dmitri knew that, understood full well how close he was to crossing lines that could not be uncrossed. "It seems even I am not yet that degenerate."

And here's one I posted a while back on FB, that I don't think I posted here.

"A colorful analogy, but I don't have to force my food." Extending his arm to keep the elevator doors from closing, he waited. "As you saw, it comes begging to my door."


orannia said...

That second quote is...swoon worthy *grin*

Elenariel said...

BookDepository shipped my copy today!

jyothsna said...

Can't wait to read Dimitri 's book...Love the quotes!!

Lorraine said...

Love these quotes! Although I haven't started the series yet, I have the previous three in my TBR waiting for this one to join them the moment it comes out.

Anonymous said...

will venom have his own book

Anonymous said...

Hi nalini, i loveeeeeeeeee your books. in the next book in tangle of need ban u make brenna pregnant, i want to see judd reactions. I am team judd and hawke. plzzz. every one of your fans websites i visited everyone wants this. so plzzz. i want a little judd.