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Blaze of Memory Spoiler Thread

This is the thread where you can freely discuss BLAZE OF MEMORY and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so if you haven't read Blaze yet, click away! This link will take you back to the main blog.

So, if you're sure this is where you want to be....let the discussion begin!

Also, if you're looking for the Caressed By Ice Spoiler thread, Mine to Possess Spoiler thread, Hostage to Pleasure Spoiler thread, and the Branded By Fire Spoiler thread, follow the links.

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Shannon said...

Let me be the first to say that I absolutely loved this book! I was a bit skeptical, at first, because I didn't know how Dev was going to be, but I was definitely surprised and thrilled with the end result!

I loved that Ekaterina didn't die in Hostage to Pleasure like we thought, and that she became Katya, Dev's love interest. The passion and the emotions that sparked between them was fantastic. Oh, and the part toward the end when Katya was slowly dying just left me weeping like a baby! So emotional, so intense! I'm still definitely a HUGE fan of Judd and Brenna, and loved the little bit of Judd in this book, but I really liked Dev and Katya's story together.

Also, I really liked the story development in the book. I liked that we heard about a different Pack, and we heard more about Silence and the problems in the PsyNet. I really liked that we heard more about the ShadowNet, and some of the dynamics that go with that structure.

I can't wait to read the next book, Nalini, and, of course, I'm holding out for that one book that will set my heart a flame in 2011!

Cherry said...

I knew Ekaterina didn't die, but it never dawned on me that she would be Katya.

For a moment I thought you was going to be the first heroine to die. I would have loved that, it would have made for a nice twist, but I'm glad she didn't. I would have liked to see how Dev would have reacted if she had died.

I know for Changeling when a mate dies, normally the other will die not long afterward. Can't help but wonder if that rule applies to a Forgotten/Psy relationship.

The little bits with Judd was the icing on the cake, for me. Especially the scene when he helps Dev's little cousin.

Unknown said...

I just loved the book as I wrote you before. Dev was always an intriguing character and it was great to read his story! The end of the book was sooooo sad! I could not stop crying even when I read it for the second time and knew everything would be alright!I can´t wait to hear more of Keenans abilities together with his little girlfriend! Those two are incredible cute together. The bits of Judd were great because he is one of my favourites. I am really looking forward to the development of the arrows! Will Ming live? When is Vasic due? Is the ghost an arrow? There is still so much more to know that´s why I can´t wait for the new book. Although it again does not feature a changeling. I miss my changelings!

Madhura said...

I just thought this was one of the best romances I have read in a long time. I loved the build-up of the relationship between Dev and Katya.

Dev's character was beautifully written - he is so stoic, almost psy-like and yet there is a warmth to him when he is with the people he loves. I also loved reading about his ancestry and his affinity to metal. His coldness made more sense because of that. Katya had just the right amount of vulnerability with a strong back bone. Good pairing.

Did anyone else cry when Dev let go of Katya? OMG, was so in tears that I was really concerned if we would get a HEA.

Overall, a great book by one of my fav. authors. Want Max's book NOW.

Tiona said...

OMG! you guys! Especially Nalini!
Oh, I just loved this book! The way Dev, even recognizing her as a threat couldn't help himself. By the end of the book, I was in love with him!
Oh and the end when she was in acoma! Even though I knew it had to end happily I was still bawling! My kitties thought I was crazy! But, it was great. Oh, and Judd! I just love him and was soooo glad we got to see more of him. Now, after seeing Vasic, I want to hear more about him. And the other Arrow, Aden, I believe? Very intrigued by both of them. Not to mention we got to see more about the Shadownet and learn more about the Arrows. I'm more curious to know who the Ghost is. I think he needs his own HEA! Could it be Kaleb, I wonder? There's just something about him. You get the sense that he's not as bad as you thought. Or, maybe that's just me? Anyone else?

Anneela said...

This book was another fantastic read in the series! Dev made me melt and the scenes between him and Katya sizzled. I'm also glad she didn't die in the explosion in all seemed so hopeless when I'd read that part. And Ming still still scares me. I really thought his number was up with that gun shot!

Looking forward to continuing on with both of Nalini's series.

P.S. Judd still does it for me :) Yay Team Judd!

Kajri said...

I thought the best part of the book came when we found out more about the Arrows. They are so intriguing and I would love to know more.

I liked the fact that this book was more gritty as well as uberly emotional.

BTW I can't remember Max...who is he again? Also where is the excerpt?

Anonymous said...

As an admitting Ming-Fan I was very pleased to read more of this arrogant councilor. He was very, very bad in BoM (Poor Katya). [Although I prefer to see the coucilor more in grey; instead of the good/bad classification]. His torture was cruel, but it gave us a good impression about his abilities. And his example showed us, that even a powerful psy can fall.

I liked the deeper insights into the ShadowNet and the PsyNet. BoM include much information about the mental world of the Psy/Forgotten.
I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

@Kajri: Max is the cop in ( least I think it was in..) MtP.

terianne said...

OMG is think is Oh my God, but I am not up on chat lingo. What is HEA?

Cherry said...


I agree with you about Kaleb. Kaleb gives me the impression that he is not a bad as he seems. But I'm not sure. From him I get "badass" and I also get "not that bad".

He said he learned his shielding trick from Sascha before she defected. That means he noticed long before he became a councilor that she was defective, but unlike a regular Psy who might would have snitched on her and had her rehabilitated, he said nothing.

He and Nakita are the two councilors that I am most interest in. And Faith's dad.

Anonymous said...

I read the excerpt in the previous book and thought, "Hazel eyes, hmmm." I checked and, yes, Ekaterina had hazel eyes. That development turned out to be pretty much as I expected - Katya as a name was a dead giveaway.

The twists and turns after than - and the fact that mid range double talents can use one of them to increase the strength of the other - were fascinating.

This is definitely not my favorite - THAT is a tossup between Caressed by Ice and Branded by Fire (what can I say? - I like Brenna and her brothers) - but it's a good read and a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the series.

Manulifee said...

I am also excited about the Arrows and who the Ghost might be. I think he is NOT an arrow, or else he wouldn't have to ask Judd about the rumors about Arrows out of Ming's control. I think he is able to teleport, but Vasic is unlikely. Do you think the Ghost is someone we know already?
I think the Katya - Ekaterina was good. you could somehow guess but not be sure.
I am on team Judd as well. more Judd please!!?!
I honestly don't care about Kaleb. Could he be the ghost?
... and my all time favorite wolf by FAR is .... naturally no other than BEN :-)

faith hammack said...

HEA mean happily ever after.

just to let yall know i have a cold , si i apologize in advance for any spelling erorrs.

I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE THIS BOOK. but its not my favorite that would be caressed by ice.

dev was great. honestly i didnt know what to expect from him. i just loved all the emotion . and im probably one of the few ming fans.

cant wait for maxs book .


Anonymous said...

Just finished it last night. Don't ever make me cry like that again, you hear?! ;)

(But BbF is still my favourite.)


Anonymous said...

I´m wonderung if Hawke is a offspring of the forgotten with own strong shields; so he don`t need biofeedback....

Lorraine said...

What a great addition to an awesome series!

I cried for 20 pages straight, from when Katya & Dev visited his father in the asylum to when we read about Ming. While I knew Katya wouldn't die *it is a romance, after all* I relished the incredible emotion Nalini rung out of these scenes.

And Judd!!! *sigh* I loved seeing his gentleness and sweetness with the children. He is by far my favorite male in the series, and I really appreciate that he's becoming even more wonderful as the series progresses. I hope we get to see what he does with the info the Ghost gave him re: the seven Arrows in the Dinarides facility.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Arrows. Since Aden is the medic in charge of monitoring Jax, and we know he's against Ming, I'm curious as to whether or not he's actually been dosing the Arrows with Jax or if he's been doctoring the records to make it appear that way.

Loved seeing Noor and Keenan and would love to see Judd working with William, (Dev's cousin) in the future.

Loving Kaleb, as always. I'm wondering if the person who he's looking for, the owner of the star charm, is a lost love. When Judd, the Ghost and Xavier, the Priest, are in the Church, the Ghost commented that Xavier's logic was flawed in reference to his hope of finding his lost love. To paraphrase, there was something in the Ghost's voice when he said it. Very interesting. Also, I loved the reference that Kaleb would have made a good Arrow.

Can't wait to see what happens to Ming. I'm reading BOJ in a few days...WOOHOO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this book! One of my favourites.

Question, was it ever stated how old Dev and Katya are? I can't recall.

Anonymous said...

While I adore Judd, I think Dev has to be my favorite male main character. It took me a few false starts to get into this - mainly because I wasn't too interested in reading about non-pack matings (psh, stupid me, no?) but once I got in and got to peek under Dev's exterior, I was hooked. I totally adore him and Katya, and I'm glad I'm going home soon, I'm at the asylum scene and crying at work while listening to an audiobook is kind of unseemly.

Jennynorton said...

Has no one else wondered why Judd doesnt remove her compulsion like he did for the hyenas? All the black keys he unraveled? Driving me crazy!