Monday, June 15, 2009

Jaws in 30 Seconds (with bunnies)

Maree Anderson shared this link for Jaws in 30 Seconds (with bunnies) on Twitter, and I was sucked into the vortex of bunnies - I also watched Jurassic Park in 30 Seconds, King Kong...and the moral of this story is, do not follow the link unless you have several minutes to spare. ;-)


Maree Anderson said...

Whoops! I consider myself suitably chastised for sucking you into the delights of the bunnies ;-).

Did you perchance check out Twilight? And how about one of my favorites, March of the Penguins (lots of bunnies wearing fake beaks--don't ask me how it works, but it does, ROFL!)

These guys are the ultimate examples of the elevator pitch, don't you think?

Nalini Singh said...

Twilight was fun. Also, SAW. Going to watch the March of the Penguins now.

Imagine turning up with one of these as your pitch?!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Have you seen Twilight with Bunnies or 30 Days of Night? Those are pretty ha-ha cute also.

Anonymous said...

Thank`s for the link! These bunnies`re addictive:-).


Una said...

Goodness those were funny! What a great time waster! Thanks Nalini!

orannia said...

Must resist....must resist the bunnies!

*hides head under pillow and blocks ears*

Anonymous said...


Resistance is futile.

:-) Tracy

PS - Twilight was one of my faves. Also Sixteen Candles.

Christina said...

very cute (Hmm... *now ponders if that is the right word choice*) and entertaining. I am interested in the twilight one, now!

I posted this a few posts back, Nalini, but its my thoughts on Kaleb
As for Kaleb, I still stick with what I said in the discussion thread: Good or bad, I still want to read his book ^_^ I have been fascinated by Kaleb since the beginning. Please, please write his book, Nalini! I'll even stoop to chocolate bribes! (Will chocolate bribes also work for Sienna and Hawke? ^_^)

Maree Anderson said...

I just popped back in to mention that when I posted the original Jaws link on Twitter, I had an insomniac book reviewer tweet me about the bunnies. It was 2am in the morning for her! She watched vids for about and hour before heading back to bed...hopefully to sleep without nightmares of vampire bunnies and the likes, LOL.

ShellBell said...

What a hoot! Of the ones I looked at my favourite was Star Wars.