Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm working on something fun for the release of Branded By Fire - only two weeks to go until it hits the shelves! I can't wait! :)

Also, Meljean Brook is giving away an ARC of Must Love Hellhounds. You can enter here.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Get up to anything interesting?


Bridget Locke said...

I was a lazy bum all weekend long. *yawn* I'm getting used to my new schedule and my brain is basically mush at this point. :)

Cannot WAIT to read Branded by Fire. I've got it on order at B&N. It'll be waiting for me. Yay!

Pissenlit said...

I read a few books and got some knitting done. This baby blanket is SO not going to get done in time and my friend didn't like my suggestion that she keep the kid in longer. Funny that. ;)

Ducky said...

Tried to do some reading. I filling time until Branded By Fire comes out by reading Alyssa Day's new Altantis book. I stayed in the bedroom most of Sat because a girl can only listen to their husband play Left 4 Dead (zombie killing PC game) for so long and the ear plugs hurt after SEVERAL HOURS!!!!!But hey..... he works hard all week so who anm I to tell him no? What can I say.... I love him!!!

Christina said...

I can not wait for Branded by Fire! It will definitely cheer me up. This weekend was spent job hunting. I am already missing the comfort of Grad school....

Una said...

Ooh, something fun? Can't wait to see! Thank you for the contest heads-up, I've entered and got my fingers crossed!

Morning sickness got me down this weekend - I can't believe I felt too tired and ill to read. I think I slept most of Saturday to no avail. Oh well, hopefully it will pass soon! But Sunday we celebrated Father's Day (US holiday) and that was really a nice day with family.

I have my copy of Branded by Fire reserved. I'm going to reread the entire series starting this week in preparation! Yay!

Courtney said...

My daughter turned three this weekend, so we had a party for her on Friday and my mom flew in for a couple days. A good time was had by all, especially since lots of family was in attnedance and they all wanted to cuddle my new baby boy. I went a whole two hours without holding him. My arms were grateful.

Pissenlit, I get you about the baby blankets. I told myself I'd only crochet them from now on for speed's sake, but I had a great idea for one and know I'm knitting away on a blanket for my son. Good thing they can use those blankets for a long time. LOL

Can't wait for BbF. Only days to go!

orannia said...

and my friend didn't like my suggestion that she keep the kid in longer. Funny that. ;)


I arrived home on Friday night to a power cut! Five (yes, five!) hours later it came back on. Lucky I have a wood burned because it was cold on Friday night. The rest of the weekend was lots of me acting like a headless chicken! I feel exhausted :( Fingers crossed I can relax this weekend :)

jenyc said...

Two weeks and counting...woohoo!

I went to two surprise birthday parties and also walked in Mermaid Parade in Coney Island...face paint, costumes and everything. Then hung out with dear ol' dad for father's day.