Monday, March 17, 2008

Research & Questions

I've been doing research today - you find out the strangest things that you might never use, but man it's interesting.

Also, I know I've missed questions people have asked in previous posts, so if you asked something and I missed it, hit me with it in the comments to this post.


This and That said...

Well I haven't asked you this yet but I have been wanting to so here it goes: will you be at nationals this year? Since it's in San Francisco this year and your books take place there I was just wondering if you plan to be there. (By the way I just LOVED Mine to Possess, so far my favorite.)

This will be my first nationals and I happen to live two hours south of San Francisco and love to go to The City (as we like to call it.) In fact my BF and I will be up there next weekend to celebrate her birthday and the end of the first part of Spring Term for me.

So, that's my questions, :)
now back to finishing my final project for English :)

Good luck on your research :)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Nalini- Researching has a way of doing that...just like school. Always remember the stuff not being tested on. Hahaha.
I don't quite remember what I asked before, but it's mostly excitement about Hawke, Sienna, Mercy, Indigo, Dev, etc. And the drooling of Dorian's cover. I still have to fan myself everytime I think of it, and get this stupid smile on my face that makes all my friends weary.
How was your week? Anything fun to look foward to?
PS. I just loved that story about Moko. Made me really want to fly out there and pet Moko. It was the cutest and sweetest thing ever! Or the story about the lioness adopting and protecting a baby oryx. And the one about the tortoise and the baby hippo. It's amazing when I learn about interspecies altruisms. Ah, such happy stories...sorta. Anyone know other stories such as these?

This and that- This will be my first time at RWA nationals as well! It's so exciting! I haven't been to conventions for years. Good luck on your final project! ^_^

Sissi said...

Hi Nalini,

I don't know if there are questions for me you don't have answered yet.
But I would like to say "Thank you" for the short story you have written for the german magazine "LoveLetter". The story is so nice and sweet and a little bit like a fairy-tale. I really love it!
You are a very excellent author!

Unknown said...

Why did you choose to set The psy-changeling world in San Fransisco?

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

In re Sissi's comment above, Is this German magazine on the Internet and is the story in English? Or is it a translation of one of your previously published short stories?


Nalini Singh said...

This and That & Alice: Yes, I'll be at the SF Conference!! See you guys there!

Sissi - thank you so much! I really loved writing that story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Karen - a number of reasons. I know the area, plus CA has a lot of the terrain I needed for the books (coastline/forest/mountain etc). It just fit.

Jenny - I wrote this story especially for the wonderful Love Letter magazine and it was translated into German. However, they're happy for me to put up the English version later on in the year, so you'll get a chance to read it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

thank you for your "galant
dissolved" answer! - And yes, I`m
the one who signed your guestbook.


P.S.: Many thanks to Ms. Rowland
for the bookblates. (She make me
very happy! - And of course you,

Anonymous said...

Nalini (aka Queen of Fabulousness)-

I am having book storage issues and BLESS YOU for bringing BooksOnBoard into my world. My first download ever was Mine to Possess (of course!), and I so enjoyed having that on my handheld that I am now hooked on downloading books. Which, happily, also solves my storage issue. I am now in the process of taking my physical "keeper" pile of books and downloading copies of them for my Palm. Here's the problem... I can get Caressed By Ice and An Enchanted Season in electronic format, but not Slave to Sensation or Visions of Heat. Any idea where I might go to start to raise a ruckus and ask for these, too?

Patiently :::almost::: waiting for Hawke-

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy - StS & VoH were never actually released in electronic format. I have a feeling that they will eventually be released that way, but I can't say when at the mo.

As for Hawke...just a little more patience ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answers! So patience all the way around. Sigh. Not my best thing. ;-)