Friday, October 13, 2006

Into the Cave

I have copyedits to do for Visions of Heat and edits to do on Caressed By Ice as well as a few other things, so the blog is going on hiatus for a week. I'll be back Monday 23rd. I am scheduled to post on Between the Covers on the 20th so make sure to drop by!

But don't say I never do anything for you - leave a comment during that period and you'll be in to win stuff. I say stuff because I'm not quite sure what I'm giving away. It'll be something fun from NZ. And if you're anything like me, you'll love receiving a surprise package in the mail.

So comment away about anything that takes your fancy. Tell me what you're up to, who your favorite book hunk is, what the weather's like in your area... :)


Cathy said...

Hi, I am in California where we are having fabulous fall weather. Not too cold and perfect for sweater lovers. I keep reading great excerpts and reviews of your books, but haven't had a chance to buy one yet.

Jennifer K. said...

I am in North Carolina, which is in the Southern U.S., and it's supposed to get COLD today. We're expecting the first frost of the year, down in the 30s tonight. That's, um, maybe 15 degrees Celsius? Crap, I never can remember what the conversion is. Anyway, it's COLD! Fall and winter are really moving in, while you, Nalini, you lucky girl, are moving into warmer weather. I want some.

*sly grin* But those excerpts you promise will help warm me up, I'm sure. He, he, he! Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Visions of Heat. Can I bribe you?

It's terribly hot over here in Singapore.

Angelle Trieste said...

I want the next book now!

BTW -- I sent you a note re: AAR review. They gave you an A. :)

It's getting cold in Japan. This year's been very odd. It started to get cold in September.

aBookworm said...

Count me in, Nalini! Fav book hunk has got to be Mr.Darcy from Jane Austen's immortal book Pride and Prejudice. Not that I don't have favs in today's books. There are just too many, but Darcy's my first book crush, so there you have it!

tvaddictgurl said...

I'm in Seattle and the weather's been gorgeous here lately. But some rain will be moving in this weekend. I finished Slave to Sensation this past week and loved it. I'm now trying to convince my roommate to read it even thought it's not something she would typically read.

Dannyfiredragon said...


I can hardly wait to read Visions of Heat!

Here in Germany it's cold and wet. I already got my first flu

bamabelle said...

Hi Nalini!

I am in Alabama and it has suddenly turned cold. Brrr! I am so not made for cold weather lol. My hubby and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary today. My son's 5th birthday is the 17th so we are getting ready for his party, and I'm getting all of our costumes made up for Halloween.

Nalini Singh said...

Coming out of the cave for a few minutes ;)

Hi Cathy - sounds perfect!

Hey Jennifer - brrrrr I don't like the cold.

May - what are you offering? *g*

Angelle - thanks for the note. Weird to think I was in Japan this time last year!

Hi Abookworm - I love Mr Darcy!!

Hi tvaddictgurl - so glad you enjoyed StS! Hope your roommate crumbles under the presure *grin*


Bamabelle - happy anniversary. And happy partying!

Danica/Dream said...

Good luck getting everything done!

Denver is alternating between hot and cold and I'd really like it to make up its mind already!

jennybrat said...

Hope the edits go smoothly. NZ is one of my dream destinations so until that comes to pass, something fun from NZ would be great.

Little Lamb Lost said...

I have heard wonderful things about your books. We travel a bit but have yet to visit NZ...believe me it is on the list.

Meretta said...

I love your titles. VERY evocative.

Isn't it funny how the weather is so relative? I live in northern Alberta and we're just heading into a month or two we'll be hovering around minus 30-40 celsius. I want Jennifer K. to send her cold weather up to us!

Best of luck with your edits, Nalini!

Amy S. said...

In Kentucky, it is getting cold.

Maura said...

In Seattle here also!

I read Slave to Sensation and persuaded a friend to read it and she is now telling all her friends.

Can't wait for the next one!

Jennifer K. said...

Meretta, good lord, woman! Minus 30-40 degrees Celsius? Are you part polar bear? My blood about froze just reading your post! *shiver* That's WAY too far past my comfort zone. Like I said, it's been in the 30s here the last couple of days and I think that's cold. Oh, and even better, apparently the weather around here can't make up its mind either. It's supposed to be around 80 again on Tuesday. *rolls eyes* Might as well just leave ALL my clothes out since I seem to need something warm one day and cool the next.

I'm sending warm thoughts your way. You need them more than I do.

Nalini, get back to work. We want some excerpts. *cracks whip* ;)

wandergurl said...

I'm in Sydney and I am eagerly waiting the next book in the series. Yesterday it was 37 degrees, and too early to be that hot!!! Today its gone back to normal though, its about 22 now.

KimW said...

It's Sunday and cold outside so I'm being lazy today and just relaxing. I just finished reading Megan's Mark by Lora Leigh. Steamy read and so good. Hope all your edits go smoothly and quick.

Emmy said...

I am in Southern California and we had a lighting storm on Friday the 13. You never see that in SoCal. It was great.

Sarah said...

I just discovered you. I bought Slave to Sensation and read it all in one sitting. Started at 9pm on Sunday night and read through to the wee hours of Monday morning. I will be useless at work but I dont regret it! :)

Write faster! I cannot wait for your next book.

Emma Sinclair said...

It's perfectly beautiful fall weather here in eastern New York!

Trees are all orange and red and there's a nice crispness in the air. And when you go outside you get that slight wiff of decaying leaves that perfectly says "fall."

The shadows are all long and now that the sun is low in the sky, my office window gets sun all day, which makes me nice and toasty.

Can you tell I'm loving the weather?

Nalini Singh said...

I'm not here. I'm in the cave writing hard *grin*

Anonymous said...

Yay stuff! Hot and humid in 'Bama!

barbara said...

Hi Nalini!
I hope we get a juicy excerpt next week for "Visions of Heat."
Take care!

Mindy Gill said...

Hi, I am from London...and as you can expect it is raining and very dull!

Happy Diwali to all reading this..

Nalini Singh said...

Thanks to everyone who entered and an extra big thanks for all the warm fuzzies about StS!! :) :)