Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Links Links!!

Today, I'm doing a link roundup of interesting stuff, so check these out.

If you want all the behind the scenes goss from a writing conference, go to Diana Peterfreund's STAR conference guessing game. I'm dying to know the answers to some of these.

To drown in good news of sales down under, have a look at
Bronwyn Jameson's latest entry about all the new NZ/Aussie authors about to debut with Harlequin.

My friend and new Desire author
Yvonne Lindsay has just launched her website and it's definitely worth a visit.

fans, you might want to look at this interview with Donald Faison. I swear that show is the funniest thing on t.v.

Oh yeah, my own
website has been updated and I'm running a Valentine's Day competition so swing on by.


Josie said...

Hi Nalini, I mentioned your blog as one of the four sites I visit daily. Enjoy your insights and advice on writing!


Nalini Singh said...

Thanks, Josie! I'm off to go have a look at your blog :)