Friday, February 17, 2006

Just Call Me Betty

So far today, I've spent roughly two hours on trains, the same on buses and let's not forget the bicycle ride. And that was only by lunchtime. I think I need some energizer-bunny pills, but I'll have to settle for the soft chocolate chip cookie burning a hole in my bag and saying 'eat me, eat me' in really hypnotic voice.

In other news, the edits which fried my brain yesterday took an upward turn last night. Here's hoping things continue on in the same happy fashion. :) For the writers among you - what's your take on editing? Do you prefer it over writing the first draft, or vice versa? Also how do you edit - on paper or on the computer?

And just because it's Friday and really, who wants to be sensible on a Friday, why don't you go on and find out what your Outrageous Name is and post it in the comments?

Your Outrageous Name is:

Betty Humpter


Emma Sinclair said...

Editing makes me use a different part of my brain so I don't necessarily like it more or less. Some of it's great, some of it SUX, just like the writing.

Emma, aka Ann Chovie

Maura said...

I have to agree - editing is definitely a different mode for me than writing. It has its own ups and downs though.

I edit on the computer for the most part. The only editing I do on paper is my tech reviewing and that's because I'm forcing myself from one mode (reading computer progamming code facing a computer) and into another (reading for content and understandability). I deliberately do it to force the mode change.

Nalini Singh said...

Hey Ann Chovie :)

I agree with both of you about the dif brain mode - editing involves more thinking and less just doing for me. At the moment thought, I gotta get my boots and do the doing!

Btw Emma - was it you that recommended Brick Lane? I read it during my procrastination time and it was very good. Thanks for the recomm.