Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Four Things

I've been tagged by Kendra to do this 4 Things quiz. Here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had

Packer in a Candy Factory (oh those chocolate caramels...)

Admin type person for a bank

Lawyer (you should see my collection of suits)


Four movies I watch over and over

(I think I answered this for the 7 Things tag but who says I can't repeat and contradict myself?)

The Princess Bride
Mr & Mrs Smith
Khushi (Bollywood movie)

Four places I’ve lived

New Zealand


#4 - To be decided (Any suggestions?)

Four TV shows I love (or have loved)

Star Trek (Go Trekkies!)

Four places I’ve vacationed


Four favorite dishes

Chocolate anything
Lamb Curry
Japanese fried chicken

Four sites I visit daily (I'm blog-obsessed but here are some other sites I visit daily)

eHarlequin Community
Stuff (Newspaper)
Statcounter (I am also one of the stat-obsessed)

Four places I’d rather be right now

At home with a good book.
Otherwise content!

Four bloggers I’m tagging (If you've already done this, you're excused!)





Anonymous said...

OH man, I forgot to list my stat counter. LOL Shucks...

Nalini Singh said...

Aha! I knew it. What do you say to setting up a Stataholics Anonymous group? *g*

Josie said...

Oh, I love Ladyhawk so much! I've seen it over a dozen times (at least...)

Nalini Singh said...

OMG! You're the first person I've found who loves it as much as me. I taped it off tv one day years ago and watched it so much that I wore out my copy!!!

katie g. said...

Interesting how these things make there way around. I got tagged about a week ago with the same thing. Blogging is such a small world ;)

Nalini Singh said...

Katie, I jumped over to your blog to have a look and see you're another LOST fan. So fess up everyone who watches the show, who's your favorite character? I love Sawyer - he's a conman but (a) he's hot and (b) he's got all this interesting torment in his backstory. Perfect hero material.

Josie said...

Did you watch tonight's episode? What a shocker!!! I confess I have a thing for Locke...don't know why!

Nalini Singh said...

Locke! You're kidding me! Is it the knives? It's the knives isn't it? ;)

Actually, since I'm in Japan, I had to wait until I could borrow it from a friend - I've seen the entire first season and I'm hanging out for the next one. Is it good??????? Does Sawyer take off his shirt? *G*

Josie said...

You'll like this episode because it has more of Sawyer's backstory. And plenty of shirtless action! Don't know why I like Locke but it might be his little grin...

katie g. said...

Nalini, I'm totally a Sawyer fan! I think it is partly because I'm from the South and also because he's a bad boy with a heart ;) (just how I like the characters in the books I read)

Nalini Singh said...

Josie, you're making my mouth water *g* I can't wait to see the next season.

Katie - you've put your finger on it exactly. Bad boy with a heart that just shows up at the most unexpected times. And that drawl. Tell me, do Southern men really sound like that?! As an aside, have you read Dance With The Devil by Sherrilyn Keynon? The hero, Zarek, is one very bad boy with a (well hidden) heart.