Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dreams of a Romance Writer

Most people probably dream of a big house with a swimming pool, maybe a huge living room, or perhaps even a tennis court. Me, all I want is a study. A room with a desk that's actually set at the right height for me, one of those nifty ergonomic chairs and lots of shelves for research books and notes. Plus, I'd love to have lots of empty wall space where I can put up timelines and maps, and maybe even posters of my covers.

Right now, I do everything in large spiral bound notebooks. I have to keep things minimal because all this has to be shipped across the ocean (no, I can't leave my notebooks behind), but I'm reaching a point where I'm dying to get some binders and start alphabetizing my research material, especially for my paranormals. (Did I tell you that Slave to Sensation has a tentative release date of November this year?!) These books are connected, so I have to assure continuity and that means I need all the information easily acccessible. Oh, how I dream of color-coded files...maybe even color coded paper!

In other news, I've just been told that Craving Beauty has been nominated as the Best Silhouette Desire of 2005 by the readers at Cataromance, which was a really nice surprise to wake up to this morning. If you'd like to mosey on over there and vote for me, here's the link.

And over on Alison Kent's Blog, they're talking about viral marketing (ie. spreading the word about a certain thing just like a virus spreads), which interests me because I've been thinking about promotion strategies for Slave to Sensation. Would you blog about a book if an author gave away copies with the understanding that something would be written about it?


Karen said...

Will I blog about it? Yes.
I'll blog about how thrilled I was to get a free book and how excited I am to be getting it.
Will I gush about how great it is?
Not unless I really think it's a great book ;)

I haven't taken Ms. Coulter up on her offer, because I don't read inspirational romances. She doesn't seem worried about negative reviews, so I give her a nod for that. My preferred genres are a bit spicier than what she writes.

Now, if you'd like to send me a few of your books for some publicity, I'd be happy to link back to you and give you props for them!

Paperback Writer actually just did a giveaway last week. She didn't ask for any publicity out of it, other than what she generated from the giveaway, but I was thrilled enough to be getting the book that I blogged about it anyway. I like books in general, so as long it's a book I'm going to look forward to reading, I have no problem spreading a little author love thru the blogosphere. And if I love a book, I generally either blog about it or do a review for Romance Divas on it.

Happy writing ;)

Nalini Singh said...

Actually, that's what impressed me about Brenda's offer, too - that she didn't ask people to gush about it, just to write about it.

Thanks for the offer of publicity lol - I'll keep it in mind when the ARCs of SLAVE arrive!

Marilyn said...

That's a very interesting promotional idea. I'll be interested in reading about the results. I too prefer books that are a little spicier and speaking of which, my shipment of March Desires arrived today, including one by YOU! I'm so far behind, however. But you can bet that Secrets in the Marriage Bed is near the top of my pile. I'm only now getting to the January Elliot's book. *sigh*

Nalini Singh said...

Wow, they've gone out already?! Thanks for letting me know. Hope you enjoy it!