Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Resonance Surge Cover Reveal


Coming this July: Resonance Surge 🐻✨❤️‍🔥

How much do I love this cover?!!! It just glows! A huge thank you to Tony Mauro (art) and Rita Frangie (design) for once again knocking it out of the park!!!! ❤


library addict said...

Is it Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow in the background?

We know there will be bears....

For whatever reason I've been thinking Zahaan since the title was announced. No clue why (just that he was mentioned often in Silver Silence and we've yet to meet him).

I would also love if it were Anastasia.

I will no doubt enjoy regardless of the who.

These colors remind me of both Silver Silence and Ocean Light.

Anonymous said...

I like the cover of the book I can't wait to read it and on audiobook

Anonymous said...

Great. Looking forward to it.

Patricia Schlorke said...

Nice cover! More bears...oh my! Can't wait to read who this one is about. Bear and Psy? Bear and wolf (uh oh if that's the case)? Wolf and Psy? It will be interesting.