Thursday, November 10, 2022

Soil Therapy

Obsessed with my foxgloves this year! Which I accidentally matched to my roses. 

Do you garden? Indoor or outdoor? What flowers do you love?­č¬┤


library addict said...

Sadly, I do not manage to keep plants alive other than the dandelions in my yard. But I always admire other people's gardens.

Anonymous said...

My uncle said I'll try chicken poop for your garden and it will help outside tomatoes

Patricia Schlorke said...

I use to garden, but do not anymore. When I did, I grew irises and tried a rosebush.

Your foxglove looks lovely. Enjoy them during your spring and summer there. I am getting ready for the colder weather in Texas.

Eva said...

I also love gardening outside.
I like roses and (black) hollyhocks, lavender (blue and white), lupins, aniseed hyssop, rose bee balm ... - Actually everything that is good for bees and butterflies.

You can get good suggestions from R├╝hlemann`s Kr├Ąuter und Duftpflanzen (engl. R├╝hlemann's herbs and scented plants) online shop (catalogue - download is possible).

AlwaysV said...

In my dream, I was a fantastic gardener, whose colorful & aromatic flowers could bloom almost all year round! No sweat! In reality, I can keep my roses and azalea bloom in both front and back yards only by my total labor of love! It's always been labor! intensive! But the blooms ­čĺľ so worth my devotion! And yes, very therapeutic!

Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures­čĺľ

Anonymous said...

Yes, I garden. My garden is a rudimentary food forest (fruit trees, edible vines, some vegetables, interspersed with ornamentals). My indoor plants came to me as rescues. They're all ornamental. The peace lily is the only one that flowers indoors, lots of different flowers outdoors - but no foxgloves (it's too hot and/or arid here for them).