Friday, July 22, 2022

Friday Book Club

 Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...
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library addict said...

Just rereads again this week.

Finished rereading Carla Neggers' entire Sharpe & Donovan series. She is working on the next book in the series, so hopefully we will have more of their adventures soon.

Reread Nora Roberts' Stars of Mithra trilogy.

Currently rereading Jayne Ann Krentz' Falling Awake, one of my favorites.

Don't know why my brain doesn't want to try anything new. But I am rolling with it. Even though the new Psy/Changeling book was delayed there are a few new books out next week I am hoping to be able to read.


Only 19 more days until Storm Echo. And only 7 more days until the Gollancz/international edition.

Kim said...

Just finished "Monster Hunter Bloodlines" Really liked it. Even though (I think) it's the newest one in the series, and I've read very little of the series so far, it was still quite enjoyable. Definitely got me interested in reading more of the series.

Otherwise, I've been too busy to read much at all for the last few months. Hoping to change that now that life is more settled.

AlwaysV said...

Excessive Heat has sent my running to plow through Ruby Dixon's ICEHOME series 🧊 There're 16 books out. I finished #1 to #8. Then jumped ahead to #16. Now I'm backtracking to #9. Each book is around 200+ pages. The covers can turn most readers off. But some are beautiful. Like #7 Devi's Distraction<πŸ’– Such a gorgeous cover & a beautiful lover story of Devi & N'Deck.πŸ’–

AlwaysV said...

Waiting patiently for August 9th to arrive. For πŸ’– Ivan & Soleil πŸ’– To Light Up My Summer.