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SPOILER ZONE: Archangel's Light


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Deborah said...

I couldn’t get into this book fully. I liked the flashbacks but it felt like short stories. I haven’t finished it yet. I guess I’m just really disappointed when I envisioned Illium and Adohan with their own books and just BFF’s. I miss Nalini’s writing like the beginning of the series and her early Psy-Ch books. I know peoples writing evolve but just couldn’t get into this book :/

Unknown said...

I really love these two togheter.
And I hope for more of the two and we can see how their relationship develops. This book feels like a start on something and I hope to see one more book of these two. (Sence they are two people) I would like to see something with Illium and his father. Preferably him punching him in the face or Aodhan for that matter. :)
But I did enjoy the book and find their banter adorable. X)

Nora said...

Mrs. Singh, thanks you so much for this wonderful
new book! I loved it so much! I can't wait for the next one (hopefully another with the same main character!!)

Anonymous said...

I loved this book, and Illium and Aodhan together, but it felt unfinished. They didn't get together until literally the last two pages.

G. Singh said...

aaahhh!!! I Love this book so much!!! the flashbacks were everything and I loved seeing the little Adi and Blue <3<3 they have my heart. Can't wait to see what the future holds for them

Anonymous said...

Why is there no real sexual consummation with these two characters? We have more sex between Rafael and Elena than the two main characters. I was bummed about that. That said, I enjoyed the structure.

Lara said...

I loved the short trips to the past, but this book was missing something. The emotional connection was there, but the heat was very much missing. And the fluidity thing was just plain weird. I saw it in a previous book with Keir. And, I am sorry, but that is bull. Raphael is very heterosexual. Galen is heterosexual. Jason too. Will their male lovers show up? It feels like a cop out for the previous lack of representation, and then the book has almost no sexual chemistry and no sex? That really disappointed me, specially because I loved the rest of it so much.

Kael1030 said...

I adored this book so much <3 I have been waiting and hoping for Sparklebell but never thought it would happen... Yes I wanted to repeatedly smack their heads together through the book, and in tears for other parts of it.. Even though it took so long for the idiots to actually talk I loved how even when angry with each other they still tried to look out for and worried about each other.

Yes I wish there had been more of them as a couple, though I found the ending more of a hopeful note for the future. And I would have liked to of seen the reactions of those closet to them at their change in relationship.. will people be surprised? Say its about time? Had bets on? LOL

I personally liked how it concentrated more on the emotional then then physical. The boys had a lot to sort out and still do.
Though I hope when they return in their next novel they will have some.. physical moments... *mind already in the gutter*

I was surprised with how... possessive/dominate Aodhan turned out to be. In a good way :D Can't wait to see how that plans out... I'm hoping for some versatility... *as I said.. mind in gutter LOL*
That said after finding out what happened to Aodhan.. My heart broke for him.. I doubt being physical in a sexual way will be that simple even if Apdhan wants it, even with Illium, but I also look forward to how they help each other past such issues.

I like that Illium finally came to terms with Kaia and the charm... And loved his new belt buckle which replaced it :D

I liked the flashbacks and seeing how the older Seven interacted with baby Blue and Sparkles. I like how angry and hurt they were with Aodhan's abduction and how they never gave up on looking for him. I like (and was heart broken again) with Raphael acted the stern Archangel and yet inside he was hurting and angry too over Aodhan.

Smoke is adorable!

I liked the "Illium's Adi" and "His Blue" moments <3

I couldn't help feeling sorry for Jinhai. He never had a chance, and I just hope Suyin and the healers can help him... I am interested to see what happens to his character... Good or bad.

I could go on and on but basically the book was too short and I need a hundred more books with Blue and Adi :D

Anonymous said...

I haven't read it yet but i already have a copy of the book. I guess I'm stalling in reading it.. I just don't want them to be a couple. I really just see them as best of friends. I kinda want them to have a different partner. I also thought Aodhan and Suyin will be a thing..

Bfh said...

This was an amazing read, best one of the Guild Hunters. I'm so glad that you took my two favourite characters and put them in there own book. It did leave me feeling that this book was a part one of two.

I hope they get a lot of time to show us how their relationship is developing in the next book. I would love to see them both back in the city, how everyone finds out or if one of them just screams it to the city.

Also I hope we get to see a bit of sexy time with them in one of the book to come. I love all the books in the series but I always skip the straight sex, don't know why but I just can't read about another lady like that. Then you put both these beautifully hot guys together and I was thinking yes this is my book and we are left with just a kiss, an amazing kiss but still.

Thank you for such an amazing book.

library addict said...

I loved all of the flashbacks. Even when their lack of communication was vexing, I also enjoyed the slow development of their feelings from friends-to-something more. I read the bit in the newsletter about how this was only the beginning for them before I finished reading the book, so I was prepared for the book to end with the romantic aspect of their relationship more at a start point and with an unfinished feeling. So thanks for the heads up.

I do hope this means we will get another book for Aodhan and Illium. Ordinarily I would feel jealous for the other "supporting" characters re: time on page as main characters. But they are two of the seven so it seems fair they get two books.

I also enjoyed the Sharine POV scenes. And am intrigued by the members of Suyin's inner circle. I know she still needs time to heal, but I hope she gets an HEA somehow. If not a full-length book, then a novella. But a lot of time may need to pass before she's ready.

I loved the time spent in China and hope we will get to spend more time there in the future, but also hoping the next book will take us back to NY. Unless Hannah & Elijah are ready for their story or you want to give us more of Sharine & Titus.

kelticat said...

Hope we get a sequel exploring the next step of the relationship. Did Illium have some blue feathers as a child or is Aodhan talking about his hair in the painting scene in the field? He was very insistent on matching the blue, so I was wondering.

Anonymous said...

Loved this book so much. I almost couldn't believe we really got aodhan and illium together �� their story felt like a breath of fresh air in this very long series.

Totally get why this particular book focused more on the emotional aspect rather than the physical, but that being said I'm very much looking forward to seeing SparkleBell's relationship grow in the next books hehe ������

Bfh said...

I've been thinking more on this and if you think the light in Archangel's Light is ment for Aodhan then we could end up with a book for Illium.

Archangle's Bluebell
Archangle's Butterfly :)

Anonymous said...

Illium has always been my fave and I love his and Aodhan's relationship. This book was everything I was hoping for so thanks Ms. Singh. I really hope to see their story continue as we see Illium ascend and become an archangel, making lots of interesting challenges and storylines for my fave couple. Looking forward to more in this series.

FluffyFox said...

I can only agree with everything Kael1030 said! That was just exactly what I was thinking, loving and hoping for while reading this book and afterwards. I so hoped for this book to happen and couldn't believe at first that we'd really get it. And it was (nearly) everything I hoped for and at the same time so much more than I could have hoped for. I just loved Illium and Aodhan in this book even more than I did before.

I was so relieved when you, Nalini, said there would be one more book for them, because that was all I had to complain about this book: that it wasn't enough. I hope we'll see them together, how their relationship develops from here on and also, like Kael already said, them together with their family and family of choice. Their reactions are probably priceless, whatever they are. I can't wait for it! So hopefully the next book will already be theirs again. I am not counting months at all or anything (probably 11,5 right?).

I like the idea of "Archangel's Butterfly" as a title for their second book. Because although I too, of course, thought of Aodhan while reading the title "Archangel's Light" for the first time, when you read the book you notice that it fits Illium as much as Aodhan. Because he's such a bright, cheerful, supporting person, he is a source of light in so many people's lives and especially Aodhan's of course. And "Archangel's Butterfly" would be something were we think of Bluebell first, but its also fitting for Aodhan with his kind of adorable connection towards these beautiful creatures.
Though I'm sure you can come up with another even more fitting and fabulous title, as always!

So all in all: I loved this book and can't wait for the next one! Keep up the hard and wonderful work, Nalini! Your book releases are always one of the highlights of my year and I wouldn't want to miss them!

Bfh said...

FluffyFox, you just gave me the best news. Can you tell me where she said that they will get a second book so I can read or listen about it my self.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I'm not the only one confused by this book. I got it read it in one day, not all in one sitting, and just felt... the tale was incomplete.

Slowly re reading it and still feeling/felt the same. Pulled out copy of Angel's Blood and finished that thinking oh okay. As in, it felt very similar- just long enough to introduce a new relationship status plus a great world build and mystery.

Hoping there's more books to come after the next one- as the last update from Ms Singh was that she'd been contracted for 3 books after Archangel's War.

And I'm hoping that the next book on Blue and Sparkle is... next out. My vote on the title?

Archangel's Diamond !

Meg said...

I *loved* this book and I so, so appreciated the care with which Nalini treated these characters. They're different from every other couple in the series in that they have this deep, old connection as friends, and are still processing the damage and trauma from Aodhan's past. And I love how much detail we got about past events only briefly mentioned in previous books. As an artist, I really respect Nalini's commitment to the characters here over following any genre formulas just for the sake of it. Cannot *wait* to see what's in store for this world in the next book!!