Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Who Said This?

And, the answer is...Talin to Clay!
It's time for a new game: Who Said This? 😀 And no cheating by searching through your ebooks!

Today's quote: “I hope a bear eats you.”



S-R-B said...

Sounds like something an irritated Sienna would have said to Hawke, but I'm probably totally wrong!

Kim said...

I was going to guess Silver Merchant, but probably just 'cause she's mated to a bear, but then I thought, you know that sounds like something Memory would say to a certain wolfy chicken!

Unknown said...

Ocean of light bowman and his mate I think.

Anonymous said...

I want to say it's from Wolf Rain, but then they wouldn't have been near changeling bears.

library addict said...

Talin to Clay in Mine to Possess,