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SPOILER ZONE: Archangel's War

This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Archangel's War and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned!!

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Anonymous said...

Great installment to the series! Looking forward to reading about all the old and new characters. Thank you. :)

vivyip said...

aodhban(?) x suyin coming up? ^_^ i also want to see if the hummingbird throws knives to the jerkface/illium's bio dad

rhyannelise said...

I can't remember anything about Michaela and a "meat" baby. Can anyone tell me which book it was in?

library addict said...

What a mega book! I enjoyed it. Loved the bits of humor and that we got to catch up with some of my favorites. My one quibble (and it’s the same quibble I have with Kiss of Snow and Shield of Winter) is that we had this massive war where so many people are killed and yet we didn’t really know any of them. And I have contrary emotions because I certainly don’t want any of my favorites to be killed off, but at the same time it somewhat lacks an emotional punch. However, losing the Primary and the Legion was a blow. I will miss them! I am talking more about individual characters. In the grand scheme of things this a minor quibble just something I thought about while reading the book and afterwards.

I did worry when Hiraz appeared that he would die so was pleased he didn’t (see above). Plus squee on his engagement with Jenessa! I was also glad that Elijah survived. I was very happy to see Suyin again. I am looking forward to seeing where her storyline goes. I do hope that the Lijuan’s undead creatures and the infected insects from Charisemnon are cleared up soon in future books as I am ready for that particular story arc to be over.

My favorite scenes (I am limiting myself to only five): Loved Raphael’s hug with Montgomery, Jason giving the puzzle box to Elena, Caliane’s portrait gallery (lol!), the Guild Hunter crew in the hospital waiting room awaiting news about Nyree & Ransom’s baby, and seeing the Hummingbird come out of her shell and be angry!

Questions, questions. Who is Michaela’s baby daddy? I got the impression at one point that Keir was the biological father and I hope that is wrong. What did you all think of Illium’s father? Who do you think will get the next book?

library addict said...


I can't recall offhand which book they first suspect Michaela may be pregnant, but the main events surrounding the storyline played out in Archangel's Viper.

Kelticat said...

Rafael's reaction to his mom showing his baby pictures to Ellie was so true to life. Hummingbird deciding to learn to throw knives so she can literally stick it to her ex was priceless. And Ellie comforting her two boys, because most of their lives were spent around a damaged Hummingbird.

Olivia S. from Gwada said...

Library addict, since the baby (Gavriel) was named after his father, I think it' Gadriel.

In Cassandra's prophecy, who is/are the broken dreams?

I loved the book. I felt like there was a little something missing but wow, it was an amazing read.

Mary said...

I had to re-read the page, but Gavriel is named for Michaela's father. Not Gavriel's father.

My guess is the broken dreams are the archangles who were woken but wished to still be asleep.

Loved the book!

Anonymous said...

What a book ! Awesome ! :) I am still punch drunk over it.

Elena's wings did not surprise me since the cover reveal made me guess that her wings would probably be non-corporeal. I don't know why she missed the corporeal ones so much. I mean she could have been a being with and without wings. Think of how much that would help in her hunts ! :) I am guessing though with the lightning arcs perhaps she will be able to make them non-corporeal like Raphael at times. Let's see :) I liked the way too-small-chrysalis was handled. I was worried about that part.

Jason giving Elena a gift was unexpected - a favorite scene. I actually thought she may use it in the war but I think it was too precise a weapon. Perhaps on a hunt.
Suyin - did not see that coming. I loved the many Ancients rising and helping in the Cascada War. It was fun. Especially the braggart Antonicus. Felt sad for Cassandra and Qin. I hope they get some kind of HEA.
I am hoping Neha will be less poisonous when she wakes up and will have a better relationship with her twin. I was really scared Elijah would be gone.

Looks like the entire world was so busy with the Cascade disasters during her month of non-wings that nobody taunted Elena on her status as a wingless oddity and her role as a consort. Would have loved to see egg on a few stupid immortals after her retractable-wings happened.

Hummingbird's change was welcome. Being in Lumia and helping those people I think helped her too.

I wonder how poor Mele will manage with Astaad not even in this world. And with Illium's jerk of a dad taking over Astaad's place in the islands.

I loved how bad-ass Lijuan was. A good opponent. Felt a teeny-tiny bit sad for Xi - that corner of his mind where sometimes he wondered at his queen's actions; but of course he had to go.
Yes Gavriel is named after Michaela's dad not the child's dad.

Glad the disease maker is dead ... Would love to hear of his annihilation in a novella or short story ! :)

I actually thought Caliane would die in this book. May be as she had planned previously she may go into eternal sleep after this round of duty is done.

- Vdy

Anonymous said...

I don't know about emotional punch. I was in tears when the Legion was no more. I feel the loss of that so keenly that I am still sad. That was big enough for me. If she had killed more favorite characters then the book would slip off this genre itself I think. It would also not be a book that I would love to read again and again. I personally think she got the balance just right. She handles darkness in her books differently - Elena's nightmares and the reality of them, relationship with her father, Raphael's broken body in the field, Dmitri's loss and Misha, Jason's loss, Aodhan's capture, Mahiya's treatment at Neha's hands, Illium's darkness wrt his dad and Hummingbird's behavior, the last Slayer and his daughter, those locked up girls in that warehouse, Lijuan's museum of wings etc etc etc.

Still she's an amazing author and I am sure she would have managed it well even if she had killed off people but I am very very glad she did not. And I think for this series and psy-changeling that is correct.

On the other hand - I am sure as she herself is warning us - her thriller in December is going to be scary. I am still buying it since it is written by her but I have my mental frame of mind ready for it to be a very different kind of read.

I don't know if I fully understood the prophecy though -

Wings of silver - Alexander
Wings of blue - Illium or his dad ? I know the golden power came from Illium but then his Dad also woke up and helped in the final war
Mortal Heart - Raphael and Elena

Broken Dreams?
Shatter.Shatter.Shatter? - What - Elena's nightmares ?
A sundering - is this the fog that separates the land ?

A grave - Antonicus.

I am starting my re-read right away.

On a complete side note - This was posted by nalini.assistant @12:00 PM. Was this done using a bot ? The timing is so precise or is there scheduling to post a blog ? Curiosity :)
- Vdy

PMG said...

Waited a year for the book an devoured it in a day. Enjoyed it immensely but If the past is anything to go by I’ll have to wait another 12 months for a new instalment. Bugger. Hoping it’s Bluebells’s soooooooo overdue.

Tabsycat said...

I had preordered the mass market paperback and the audible version, but realized at midnight I didn’t want to listen to someone else read it to me the first time and I didn’t have the patience to wait for the book to be deliverers later that day. Ended up with the kindle version too. ��
ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!! By the end of the book I had used all three versions. Enjoyed it immensely!!!!!!
Had hoped to see a scene with Elena and her Father after the quickly hung up phone call, but other than that, absolute perfection in my mind.
But the Legion!!! and and Illium’s wings!!!! Ah! My heart cries.

struggle4real said...

OMG, This book is amazingly EPIC

Read it once, read it twice, and now I will read it a third time!
This book is beyond Epic.
First, Elena comes back, a bit different but as tough as always, and even deeper in love with her Archangel. Raphael is battling to stay the archangel that fell in love with a mortal, as more power fills him, it whispers to him that he should be a god.
I can't say how happy I am with this amazing story. I can't wait to read more.

I need many more books to answer all my questions.
I need a series of books specifically for the Cadre, all of the Cadre, even the Ancients.
How funny is it that Dmitri was about to run in while Elena and Raphael were doing it?
How are Madja and Jean Baptiste? They went through something so painful, how are they coping?
Who is Michaela’s angel baby daddy? Will she return? Will being a mother change her at all?
I need a scene with Keir as a dad to the angel baby. Keir needs a book too, he’s amazing, and Nisia, she is too funny!
How is Suyin? She just became an archangel! Her story would be epic!
Things are still awkward between Elena and Jeffrey; will they ever sit down and really talk it out?
Can we please have Aodan and Ilium patch up their friendship?
Ilium’s dad is a jerk, lets all take turns punching him. How is their relationship going to be?
When will Favashi rise?
Will Cassandra get a book? Or a novela? A prequel with Qin? I want to know more about them.
I now have a girl crush on Celesta The Knife as well.
It is called the Guild Hunter Series, so we need more info on the hunters, like Ransom, Demarco, maybe a full-length novel on Sarah and Deacon.
OMG a Lijuan origin story! Why she did what she did? Why she killed her human lover? How over the ages she lost her humanity?

Unknown said...

Thank you Nalini Singh! I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I love the Guild Hunter series. I can't wait for the next one. Ilium or Aeodan? Someone else? Guess we'll have to wait and see.👍💗

Anonymous said...

I second this one -

'Can we please have Aodan and Ilium patch up their friendship?'

I enjoyed the small details as usual
- Elena's feather end hair ( will it still be there if she trims her hair ? ) :)
- The Einstein comment on not being able to persuade him to become a vampire

And oh the horror on Dmitri's face with Elena's kiss ... Oh that made me laugh out loud !!!

And the comment on Feng Shui by Ash .. and how every immortal listened to whatever Ash words came out of her :) LOL

- Vdy

struggle4real said...

I think Elena would make a great mom. I know is she is scared about not being able to protect her child if something were to happen, and she is super young compared to other angels, but she is amazing with Zoe and Maggie, so hopefully some 5 thousand years into the future they would make great parents.

Lidy said...

What an amazing book! Thank you for it, Nalini!

I think I was one of the few people who didn’t mind the ending of Archangel’s Prophecy (I didn’t even consider that a cliffhanger TBH). Still, waiting for Nalini’s books is always a hardship – and always worth the wait. It wasn’t different with this one. (Doesn’t mean I liked waiting, or that I like waiting for the next LOL)

Raphael and Elena for the win!

The “broken dreams” of Cassandra’s prophecy is Elena (and Raphael) reshaping the future. Back in AP, she tells Elena that Elena was trying to change fate, so whatever Cassandra saw, it became “broken dreams”. She and Raphael confirm this when they meet after the battle with Favashi. Compare it with the fact that Lijuan is a self-fulfilling prophecy – Elena and Raphael are the wild cards.

Charisemnon betraying the Cadre didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was no one even thinking that was possible before it was revealed. It isn’t like Charisemnon was honorable. And of course he was participating in Cadre meetings to feed Lijuan info – so, if there was to be a mole, it had to be him: who else would sink to that level? Took a while, but finally the world is rid of him. We need at least three full-length books describing how Titus killed him. Nothing else, just descriptions of everything Titus did.

Raphael’s description of Nadiel gave me some Aegaeon vibes. I don’t understand why Caliane and Sharine put up with those jerks.

Antonicus gave me serious hero vibes. I hope he rises again. Same with Astaad – hopefully, he’ll man up and make Mele his consort. Zanaya’s already a favorite.

I need a short story of Illium refusing to leave Raphael to be with that asshole Aegaeon. Really, that guy hurt Bluebell!

I know there are at least three more books in the series, but this one (re)introduced us to several good characters: Jurgen, Imani, Cristiano, Nisia, Izzy, Vivek, Andreas and Suyin (who’s probably Aodhan’s HEA). It’d be cool to see something about the early days of Ramson and Nyree’s relationship and anything about Demarco, the friendzoned one.

OMG, poor Qin and Cassandra! Like, the man opened his mouth once and that alone made him one of the most romantic men I’ve ever read about. Now I understand why the owls were so elated.

Michaela was… unexpected. She was kind of a decent being toward Elena, and that was the freakiest Cascade thing that happened in any book. LOL

The Legion *sobs* They said Cassandra was beloved of the first aeclari. Does that mean that it was another aeclari couple or were Qin and Cassandra the first aeclari? I don’t think they were aeclari, but who knows. Also: who created the Legion? And since an archangel back then created the toxin and it didn’t go away after the Cascade ended, I think the current Cadre will remain plagued by reborn and Charisemnon’s disease.

One thing that didn’t exactly bother me was the lack of resolution involving Nivriti. Back in Archangel’s Storm, they seemed positive she was Cadre, but then it was ignored. If they’d thought of bringing that up, then maybe that idiot Aegaeon would’ve gone off to Sleep… forever, perhaps.

All that talk about the Ancestors was scary; I kind of dread these people waking up. Also, is the Refuge in New Zealand? It’s Nalini’s homeland, of course. So, they have elves and Hobbits there… it doesn’t seem unlikely they also have baby angels. :D

Patricia Schlorke said...

This book had me saying "wow, holy crap, and oh no!" a lot. I cried when the Legion were no more. One moment I was fine, then I started sobbing. I laughed when Ellie made the bonsai tree grow into its natural tall tree form. I also laughed when Ellie made the mandarin orange tree grow in the Legion building. I got the impression that Ellie became the embodiment of the Legion for growing plants after they gave Raphael all the power they had as a group.

Now we know what being a mirror truly means. When the last battle between Lijuan, Raphael, Ellie, and all the surviving Ancients and Archangels, I kept thinking of how a mirror reflects light back into a room or a magnifying glass and light.

I loved Sharine's (aka the Hummingbird) response to Aegaeon being in the world. Go Sharine! All I can say I would love to read the results of Ilium's parents seeing each other for the first time after he left to Sleep.

Ransom and Nyree have their baby boy! I really would love a short story about Ransom and Nyree. If I had to choose which part, it would be the days leading up to and the day of the wedding.

Now we know who is Cassandra's love. She also has her eyes again. The dream Ellie had with Cassandra was interesting with both of them swinging on the swing set. Just two ladies enjoying themselves.

If I remember correctly in the prophecy "broken dreams of eyes of fire" is Favashi. She woke up with eyes that looked like molten lava. After the battle she collapsed, and Cassandra said Favashi needed to go Sleep again since Favashi woke up too early.

Ben said...

I neeeeeed an Illium book.

I'm hoping Illium and Aodhan will get together (Illium did say he survived the loss of his woman but couldn't survive loosing Aodhan. Plus Illium was the one who Aodhan was ok with touching him) but I have a feeling Nalini won't go there. I can live in hope though.

We need an Illium book please x x x

evilgenius said...

@ Lidy
Interesting theory about the broken dreams ...

I, too, took another look at the prophecy after I finished reading and am pretty bummed that it wasn't completely resolved. But I think Nalini wanted us to think about it instead of making Raphael & Elena talk it through after everything.

Wings of Silver and Mortal Heart is clear, but Wings of Blue has to be rather Aegaeon than Illium because it was Aegaeon whose power hit Elena which resulted in the final blast at Lijuan. I'm also pretty sure Favashi is supposed to be the Eyes of Fire although they are not mentioned anymore in the new prophecy. Broken Dreams on the other hand ... no idea.

I found it rather strange that neither Raphael nor Elena asked about how much time passed after they returned. The Legion's POV indicated that it's been seven months but they didn't care about it as long as their people were still there.
Then, why did Elena's hair have tiny feathers if they didn't have any meaning? Just because the developments in her body were confused due to getting out of the chrysalis too soon?
Also strange: before the chrysalis Elena had the (dark) Legion mark under her chest, after the chrysalis it was briefly visible on her left temple and green. I kept waiting for it to reappear but it didn't. At least the color explains why the wild fire was ultimately green.

It was, however, really nice to learn more about how Montgomery became Raphael's butler, about Nadiel before his madness and about Illium's father. I have been curious about him since it was mentioned that he is an Ancient in book 11. Although he's a jerk.
But I would have loved to find out how Jessamy's healed wing is doing and was also disappointed that there was no scene with Jeffrey and Elena although he came to ask about her in the Tower and she talked to him after she was back.

Did anyone else know right after Antonicus woke that Qin and Zanaya would rise too? After all the three of them were mentioned in book 2 in a conversation about sleeping Ancients. And I loved Zanaya, I hope she makes it, we need to know what's exactly between her and Alexander and if it can continue! And I yearn to read some backstory about Qin and Cassandra. My heart broke for them in just that one scene! Definitely the saddest aspect of this book after the Legion's "death". I was already upset when one of them truly lost his body but that all of them are no more? That's just tragic. Hopefully not forever. Especially what they said to R&E about love destroyed me!

Finally, how exactly will Elena's wings look now? Since it wasn't mentioned further and even her lighting wings had her previous colors I wouldn't be surprised if they went back to normal. But I would have liked to know if they changed – and if Illium's changed since he had to grow them back fully too.
And will Elena still be able to fly at that impossible speed without the lighting wings?

I'm fairly sure now that the next book will be Illium's and I look forward to some confrontations between him/his mother and Aegaeon. Also, while I thought that Aodhan and Suyin would have made a good pairing as some readers implied, I'm not so sure about that anymore now that she ascended. Being her consort would mean leaving Raphael's Seven. So not going to happen.

PS: I would have never thought that I would be upset about the idea of Michaela dying. Guess the cascade changes all of us ...

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks maybe Illium should be with Suyin?
I can see why people would want Aodan with Suyin, since they both went through being captured, tortured, and imprisoned for a long time. They could potentially help each other through their pain.
However, Suyin is the archangel that Lijuan should have been.
Also, Lijuan once said that her human lover was a lot like Illium. Her human lover laughed with that "joie de vivre" that Illium has.
I think Illium could be the one to bring happiness to Suyin.
Just a thought...

Unknown said...

This was an absolutely STUNNING read. This book was laughter *lots of laughter*, tears (real tears, can someone say Legion); man I was praying that the sacrifice they mentioned wouldn't come to pass. Major suspense- I was turning pages trying to see what happened because my stomach was in knots. I felt really better at the ending when they touched on the Legion's mark on Raphael's temple. Awwwww...that gave me hope.

Can't wait for the next one. Don't care who it is: But praying it's Illium. Lol.

What a READ!!!

Lidy said...


Thank you. That was how I interpreted it. In AP, in the epigraph with the prophecy of Elena’s transformation, Cassandra says “eyes of wild fire” and “broken dreams”, so I think “broken dreams” refers to Elena. Cassandra says Raphael is the archangel “touched by mortality”, but also calls him “child of fire” and “child of love”, so using both to refer to Elena isn’t strange.

Re Aegaeon: I think “blue wings” was supposed to be Raphael, Elena, Alexander and Illium (during his ascension, Elena thought his eyes were on fire, but that might’ve been a red herring), which would be fitting, since she had a creepy interest in him because of his wings. But then Elena and Raphael cheated destiny and whatever had been possible until then, changed. Since Illium was no longer a viable candidate (as Raphael absorbed his powers), then Aegaeon had to wake up.


About the time: it was odd they didn’t ask, but I think Raphael was expecting it to take a long time for his heart to regrow and Elena’s chrysalis to develop. Or he asked about it off-page, or even didn’t care, since as archangel he feels time differently.


I did suspect Qin, Zanaya and Antonicus would wake up since they were first mentioned, but I assumed it’d be as a result of some archangel dying (Michaela, Neha and/or Charisemnon).


I do agree about the Legion and Suyin/Aodhan pairing. When they acknowledged that Elena and Raphael accepted and loved them, I burst out crying. They were such new characters, but had a huge impact. It’s odd to think the next books won’t have them anymore.

Suyin/Aodhan seems a good couple because they’re quieter characters, more sensitive. But I didn’t consider the implications for the Seven.


“PS: I would have never thought that I would be upset about the idea of Michaela dying. Guess the cascade changes all of us”
It was a surprise, for sure. The Cascade trolls mortals and immortals alike. LOL

evilgenius said...

@ Lidy

I just reread the very first prophecy that Lijuan's people examined in Archangel's Enigma, and there the line is actually 'The broken dreams WITH eyes of fire', meaning it's just one person.
That makes me go with Patricia Schlorke's assumption in the previous comments: "If I remember correctly in the prophecy 'broken dreams of eyes of fire' is Favashi. She woke up with eyes that looked like molten lava. After the battle she collapsed, and Cassandra said Favashi needed to go Sleep again since Favashi woke up too early." Mary, in another comment, guessed that "the broken dreams are the archangles who were woken but wished to still be asleep." I on the other hand think now that 'broken dreams' refers to the archangels Lijuan infected/wounded. And since the first prophecy said "with eyes of fire" it has to be specifically Favashi.

About Aegaeon: 'wings of blue' was part of the newest prophecy that Raphael received from Cassandra right after he released the golden power to wake up Elena before the chrysalis could turn her into a mindless vessel, ergo already after he had cheated destiny. And Illium was never ascending, Caliane's information about previous premature ascensions made clear that Illium only got that power to transfer it to Raphael.
Because of all that I really don't know why Cassandra said 'wings of blue' from the start. She was obviously in a hurry and therefore maybe just threw in a bunch of descriptions for some of the archangels that would help to kill Lijuan, like with Favashi and Alexander. After all except for Raphael none of them had a vital role in killing Her Evilness. Also, I am convinced that Nalini only let Aegaeon rise to prepare for conflicts in Illium's coming book. It was convenient anyway since he was an archangel but unlike other Sleepers he was never before mentioned, not even without his name.

Btw, does someone remember when exactly Raphael briefly touched upon an Ancient archangel that was responsible for the legend of Atlantis because his city was located at the bottom of the ocean but he could protect it with some kind of shield similar to Caliane's around Amanat? Due to that comparison it's possible that this conversation took place in Archangel's Consort while they were searching for Caliane's sleeping spot but I'm not sure ... I would like to check if that Ancient had a name. Pretty sure though it's not Aegaeon despite the fact that he, too, has water related powers. His name is completely new to me.

evilgenius said...

I just realized something! Before I didn't pay much attention to the second part of the prophecy at the end of AP but now ... It's obvious that 'a grave' means Antonicus' and while what someone posted here, that 'a sundering' is the black fog in China, is very much possible and something that didn't cross my mind before, I was thinking about something along the lines of a sundering of the archangels that came out unscathed or just wounded/healing from the battle and those whose damage is long-term/permanent. While the former stay the latter sleep.

And what suddenly came to my mind is the possible meaning of 'Shatter. Shatter. Shatter.' which is part of both the first prophecy in AE and the last in AP. I think, based on the theory that the infected/wounded archangels are the 'broken dreams', that each 'Shatter' stands for one archangel going down, breaking. But not just in any way, rather specifically those Lijuan drank from, Zanaya and Astaad, as well as Antonicus since he was directly infected by the fog. Sure, Michaela was also not immediately healing which is why Cassandra took her with her too but that was all, Michaela was just not healing, however her body stayed the same. That is not the case with the others: Antonicus was described as "a decaying corpse, Zanaya "appeared dead, her body mummified and her eyes shriveled in their sockets", Astaad's body "has lost nearly all its flesh". Also very different from Favashi's state, therefore I am fairly convinced that Cassandra foresaw the fall of three archangels at the hand of Lijuan, even though maybe not by all means Antonicus, Zanaya and Astaad, with the three Shatters.

PS: Did you notice that it was revealed that Raphael changed his sigil to include Elena while she was still in a coma? Meaning before she was officially his consort?! Talk about romantic gestures ...

Anonymous said...

Great climax for a great story line.
Question on the contents of the ‘Aftermath’ specially the question about the aeclari. Did Elena finally figured out its meaning? Because I thought it was implied the legion returned since their mark on Raphael’s temple sparked. I thought the last word was from the legion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments on the amazing and epic story for book 12! It was worth waiting a year for! I enjoyed the flashes of the guild hunters together; Montgomery's brief history with Raphael; and of course Elena's stunning kiss with Dimitri. I was also sad about the legion and hope they make a return in some way in the future books.

I'm hoping the next book will continue with Raphael and Elena because I just love them as a couple! Elena is always fun to read, and I am eager to know what else is in store for her and Raphael.

I must admit that I am not ready to read about Illium or Aodhan yet. Though honestly, I hope Illium and Aodhan will end up together because I can't imagine them with anyone else - not even Suiyan. Plus what was Illium's realization about Aodhan in the Enigma book? Illium is just too pretty and Aodhan too sparkly. Anyhow, Nalini does seem to bring in new characters at times to pair as a romantic partner.

I'm glad Vivek got to play a role in the war, and would love to read more about him in a future novella.

Nemo said...

I am so hangover after this book.

But also - go, go Andreja! I am so happy that maybe Laric has finally met a woman of integrity, who wouldn't leave him because of the scars. Go Andreja, go!

I laughed at Elena's antics, but I also cried hard for Legion, for falling archangels and for Qin and Cassandra...

I hope that the next book will have more sunshine...

Kelticat said...

I have a feeling that the refuge is somewhere in Tibet. Venom had to travel overland to it when he was passing through Neha's court during Storm. And I think that Andy traveled overland to it from Persia in Enigma.

Lidy said...


True, “wild fire” might refer to Favashi. But it also makes an appearance in the opening of Archangel’s Prophecy, and that’s all about Elena: “The last feather to fall / Such eyes of wild fire, Such broken dreams / One must die for one to live.” It doesn’t make sense to have anyone other than Elena in a prophecy describing Elena. If anything, Favashi’s relation to the prophecy is just being a relation of Cassandra; she wasn’t known to be trying to fight prophecy (like Elena and Raphael) or enforce it (like Lijuan).

“She was obviously in a hurry and therefore maybe just threw in a bunch of descriptions for some of the archangels that would help to kill Lijuan, like with Favashi and Alexander. After all except for Raphael none of them had a vital role in killing Her Evilness”
She told Raphael fate was realigning itself after they screwed with it and she continued dreaming, so who knows. *grins* She did say the Cadre alone wouldn’t be enough to beat Lijuan. It couldn’t be Elena because only an archangel can kill another, but of course Elena had to be part of it. But her final death took me back to AK, when the Cadre joined forces and “helped” her become the goddess of death.

But yeah, Michaela and Raphael would’ve been able to handle Lijuan all on their own. I was thinking, after AE, Alexander would jump on any chance of killing Lijuan for murdering his son, but when the chance appeared he was like, “LOL no think I’ll pass on that” instead of taking an active role.

About Aegaeon: he’s going to be a source of bad emotions for Illium, which is why I don’t think Illium’s going to get a book so soon.

That conversation about Atlantis happened in Archangel’s Legion, and the Ancient’s name isn’t mentioned – the history did remind me of Caliane and Amanat, too. Raphael says Atlantis fell after a Cascade war, and may be protected by its archangel – Aegaeon has been drifting in and out of Sleep, and there’s no mention of Atlantis rising with him. On the other hand, Caliane also said Aegaeon is but one of his names, so maybe he’s been an archangel of Atlantis. It’s difficult to say, he even lies about his age and goes by many names.

“And Illium was never ascending, Caliane's information about previous premature ascensions made clear that Illium only got that power to transfer it to Raphael”
Actually, it became Elena’s. Raphael said Illium would’ve died if he tried to keep that power, but Elena was handling it just fine.

Antonicus was kind of a dick, but I liked him. I hope his death isn’t final, as isn’t Zanaya’s and Astaad’s. Michaela appears to have recovered, but that’s an effect of her son’s life force; Antonicus got like Raphael (his body turning black) and Zanaya and Astaad like the people “devoured” by the fog. Now, it’s strange that Favashi became fire after spending months in molten lava, when Alexander didn’t, after four centuries and having a gift for metals and being supposed to play a role in Lijuan’s demise.

It isn’t surprising that she saw the end of them – although I hope they rise again, especially Zanaya –, as she made it clear the Cadre alone couldn’t defeat Lijuan. Their deaths help put an end to that accumulated energy Raphael and Elena discussed, but again, I hope they come back.

“PS: Did you notice that it was revealed that Raphael changed his sigil to include Elena while she was still in a coma? Meaning before she was officially his consort?! Talk about romantic gestures”
Yeah! My first thought was “I need a Raphael in my life”. *sighs* I wish Elena had seen it, just so she could melt, too.

There were a lot of great small moments: the sigil, Ash’s feng shui comment, Elena and Izzy, the photo room, Dmitri thinking about Misha, Raphael’s thoughts about Honor and Ingrede, Montgomery… I’m ready to reread this book again.

Lidy said...


That’s a great idea! (Although I shudder from thinking of the baby angels anywhere close to Lijuan.) I thought of New Zealand because Jason lived in isolation and he had to wait for older angels to fly by so he could follow them to the Refuge… but maybe it’s a matter of routes taken? It it’s in Tibet, it explains why the weather is controlled.

evilgenius said...

@ Lidy

"True, 'wild fire' might refer to Favashi. But it also makes an appearance in the opening of Archangel’s Prophecy, and that’s all about Elena: 'The last feather to fall / Such eyes of wild fire, Such broken dreams / One must die for one to live.' It doesn’t make sense to have anyone other than Elena in a prophecy describing Elena."
You are right, at least in that second prophecy it doesn't make sense. I officially have no clue why that line was in the prophecy about Elena and would really, really like to know what Nalini intended to say with that part.

I actually liked Antonicus as long as he was in New York, staring at Elena and blushing and all. But then he started behaving like an arrogant prick and got what he deserved. And it disappointed me quite a bit that there was no reaction from Aegaeon to Elena when he was face to face with her. Yes, he mocked Raphael when he saw the sigil but, except for Qin who woke later and was busy with other things, every other Ancient reacted to Elena's existence when they met. Also, because of all that I am absolutely ready to believe that the news about Elena being an Angel-Made was given to the Ancients mandatorily almost immediately after their waking. As in: What's going on in the world these days? - Well, a mortal was turned to an angel with ambrosia ...

Nevertheless I have to agree with Unknown, this book was lots of laughter and some tears, but most importantly epicness. Before Archangel's War I never understood why people would read a book twice in a row, but so much was happening here on so many levels that I totally feel the urge to reread!

And while I am beyond overjoyed that there will be at least three more books in the series it also pains me to consider the possibility that none of them will be ever again about Raphael & Elena. Someone just told me yesterday that with Lijuan eliminated and the Cascade finished there isn't much to do for R & E anymore unless there will be new problems/challenges. I always believed firmly that at least the very last of the Guild Hunter Novels would be about them since everything started with them but now ... I'm honestly afraid :/

Anonymous said...

Cassandra did say that she would return when Elena would next change the world, so maybe there will be more Raphael and Elena books. Even with Lijuan gone there, the world is in disarray. There is still so much more to do to stabilize the world and the Cadre.
Also, is it possible the legion returned at the very end? The word aeclari was in italics like when the legion spoke mind to mind. Was it them?

Superfan K said...

Absolutely loved the book. I feel like the next book may be a pairing of Suyin with Ahodan? Or maybe with Illium if he comes to visit his friend. Suyin being a gentle soul not meant for war means she will need. Warrior mate. I'm also hoping Elena ends up pregnant in an upcoming book. Who wouldn't enjoy her struggles of pregnancy while being a good hunter and consort Archangels Legacy perhaps.

Greatly looking forward to whatever comes next in this series!!!

Me! said...

I want Elena to use her "life" power on Zanaya so baaad She's the only black female archangel so I'm biased but I need to test that theory. Also, the only other unproblematic black fellow with sass😭😭.
And illium and Aodhan😭😭. I really will like to know Aodhan's story want.... NEED a Zanaya book. Or just another black female archangel will do

Me! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me! said...

I want to seeker of Laric, the full hunters babysitting baby Viktor, suyin and the new cadre

Kiara123 said...

Hmmm... heres a thought. Chapter 46 said that too many sleepers causes too much stored power which triggers the cascade. Zanaya, Qin, Aegaeon, Cassandra, Antonicus and Favashi were sleepers and awoke. At the end of the battle Cassandra, Zanaya, Astaad, Michaela, Neha, Eli, Caliane and Favashi all went back to sleep/heal. Neha, Eli, Caliane will wake back up in a number of months. 6 woke up, and excluding Neha, Eli, Caliane, 5 went back to sleep/heal. So once all the other ancients go back to sleep, the number asleep will be 8.

I'm assuming that the earths power saturation takes time to build up, but with more angels asleep now than before the cascade, doesn't this mean the power will build faster, forcing another cascade sometime in the far future?

Kena said...

The book was good. Someone mentioned this book not having cliffhangers. I disagree. The final chapter, while Raphael and Elena are covered by petals, his Legion mark glows and their common word for them appears: Aeclari

Isn't that a cliffhanger? Hope they will return soon.

Btw, Nalini, would be fun if Elena had twins, one who looked like Raphael and other like her, the sweetest being Elena's one of course - brothers and best friends forever, driving Elena, Raphael and the Seven Crazy, while the Legion (if returned) would just be besotted with them along with Caliane.

P.S: Give us Cassandra and Qin's love story and Sharine kicking Aeogons ass.

Patricia Schlorke said...

I just read the part about Demarco having a girlfriend. I loved it! The fact that she hauls him in for a kiss every time she sees him...oh my. 😁

I would also love to read the conversation between Sara and Demarco about the Slayer roster. The sneaky way he 'forgets' to put her on the list is priceless.

Lidy said...


Sorry to leave you hanging.

Cassandra mentioned she wrote down her dreams/prophecies, but after she took her eyes out, maybe they were written down by someone else, who probably thought she was rambling and shrugged it off.

Antonicus after meeting Elena was so adorable (like Izzy adorable). That he managed to grate on Raphael’s nerves made me laugh so hard… was the Archangel jealous? But yes, he was an arrogant idiot; it’s part of his character, as Caliane mentioned he was a hasty, stubborn ass. Still, I want him to make a comeback (must be the way he woke up, so pissed off LOL). Aegaeon struck me as the sort of man who only acknowledges a woman when he wants something from her – Elena was the consort of another archangel, so she was off-limits. We don’t know if he learned she was angel-Made (he was acting like he wanted to kill Lijuan ASAP and go back to bed, so everything else was unimportant) or that she cut off Illium’s wings.

I loved everything about the book, even losing the Legion; my heart was broken, but everything in the series was building toward this book. So satisfying! (Some of my favorite parts are troll Raphael. I want a short story about him and young Illium and Aodhan.)

I disagree that there are no more stories with Raphael and Elena. Nalini said years ago she’d meant to write Angels’ Blood as a standalone, but then it grew. I believe there are a lot of things for Elena and Raphael to do (if Antonicus, Zanaya or Astaad come back wrong, for example), especially now that she’s going to help him rebuild his territory – basically, doing more consort stuff :D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfull book, I laughed, I cried, I bit my nails...... and can not wait for the next.
After reading the written book - partly twice and tree times - I am looking forward to listen to the audio book.... and yes, I am an addict.

Anonymous said...

I personally hope there's no pregnancy for Elena at all. She can have a kid or kid(s) much later .. in angelic time frame. Like the Hummingbird.

As of now even with her recent changes as an immortal - she's still been a consort only for a fraction of a time. She's still a baby immortal imo.

Eva said...

Kena "P.S: Give us Cassandra and Qin's love story and Sharine kicking Aeogons ass."
- LOL. I would love that, too. Also I fear for the first one we`ve to wait a while. Aegaeon on the other hand... I hope Nalini will give these two (Sharine) a second chance. I`m ready for a "senior" love story:-).

Susann said...

Yay! What a book...

Some scattered thoughts about Archangels War:
Someone mentioned that he/ she doesn't know why no one in the Cadre thought about Charisemnon being a traitor. They are all brilliant strategists, but they haven't seen that one coming.
Btw does anyone know how many angels build a squadron? It was often said, but I don't have an image of it before me.
I have a secret crush on Titus. I love that man! And his comments, when he arrived for battle, lol.
Poor Illium, he worked his way through several bottles of alcohol in this book. Seems like everyone he loves, leaves him one way or another.
I am confident that we will see Antonicus, Zanaya, Astaad and Michaela again. It wasn't mentioned that an Archangel had died like it was with Charisemnon.
My thoughts concerning the Legion: They are alive, asleep or whatever you want to call it. They gave Raphael the wildfire, but after the Cascade ended, he doesn't have the ability to create wildfire. It went back to the Legion. Maybe they come back as ordinary angels.
Raphael can still heal, can he heal nature as well? Reading about Astaad burning his tropical islands was pretty sad.

Anonymous said...

meat baby was in Archangles Viper

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the next one!!!
Seriously I shed tears in the train, laughed at the bus station, yelled on my couch I was so hooked!! I couldn't let go....
I wish Aodhan and Illium get together but it seems unlikely at this point... Still have hope though! At least for a longer conversation between the two of them �� I love them so much...
And i love Nalini's worlds, don't know what to do with my life now... I want more!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on this great book! As always Nalini hit it out of the ball park!

- I am looking forward to Sharine's (The Hummingbird) real personality. How weird that Aegaeon also has blue green coloring like an actual Hummingbird?
- Curious about the father of Michaela's son. Will she return 1000 years from now with the archangels Zanaya, Favashi and Astaad (poor Mele!) when Cassandra's rises sane?
- Hope Cassandra gets her story with the archangel Qin.
- Why didnt Cassandra take archangel Antonicus along? Is he truly dead then?
- The Aeclari puzzle seems solved. The strong one holds the power (RAfael), the other partner (Elena) can "share" personal power with the stronger and they can both reflect power sent at them to use in an attack.
When Elena got hit, Rafael used the power and Elena's green power to hit Lijuan with "life".
This is why Elena's Legion mark isnt visible all the time. Rafael is the one who holds it. Currently his Cascade power is gone, but he still has his legion bloodstorm power. The power that makes the Legion is hopefully returned to the Legion can return. It was too sad to see them go!
- Phew, Lijuan is finally gone haha. What a truly evil villain. And CHarisemnon is also gone, the creep.
- Fingers crossed for Suyin. I am rooting for her.
- I loved Ashwini, as always!
- Elena's little sis Eve is a tough cookie!
- Zanaya and Alexander's interaction made me laugh. Also Sara being kept off the Slayer roster.
- What is going on with Neha? She seems off?
- I laughed when Elena told of Aegaeon for not refusing his request to take Illium with him hahaha. Wish I could have heard what Illium told his jerk of a dad.
Lastly, all the death and destruction was jarring and shocking at times. In the real world in 2019, we have already had many casualties from floods, cyclones, fighting/wars, devastating hurricanes etc. I had to swallow a few times to make it through. It was also horrible that they lost all their people when the fog came to China. Very sad that there was no way to "heal" the black-eyed reborn.
That being said, Nalini is a master storyteller and I will be looking forward to the next installment.

Anonymous said...

Elena le cortó las alas a Campanilla

Kelticat said...

Question. What color do you think Sherrine's relationship was with her ex? I would think Amber on her side, but the fact that he left her and Illium...

Eva said...

@Kelticat: What do you mean with color? Do you mean amber as a sign of commitment?
For the relationship... I don`t know...
Aegaeon is a very old archangel, probably very narrow-minded in his believes and very cocksure of himself. Otherwise, before he decided to sleep, he was a good father... Did something happen? Was he miffed, because Sherine won the race?... Maybe he didn`t even realize what he did to Sherine and Illium when he suddenly left? Wouldn`t be much surprised if he never thought of the possibility that the others would shun / denigrate them.

Olivia S from Gwada said...

Thanks for setting me straight.

I think Qin and Cassandra is/was a tragic love story.

In the book, it's written that they are entwined but NEVER together.

Susann said...


Amber is a sign of commitment to one another. Elena asked Raphael, whether Sharine was Aegaeon's consort. Raphael denied that. I think Sharine was in love with Aegaeon, but he had his harem of several angels/vampires.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a book! I really loved every chapter. I love the dynamics of all the relationships. I really love Elena and Raphael's story and how far they have come, she makes me laugh out loud! Balled like a baby when the Legion went...I really hope they aren't gone. Elena kissing Dmitri was awesome! I just love Cassandra and Qin talk about heart wrenching. Illium needs his own book. I liked the idea of Aodhan and Suyin. And I wanted more about Nivriti as well, I really like her.

Michaela surprised me, and yes, who is the father??

Charisemon, so glad he is dead, need details. I really wanted Raphael and Elena to kill him because of the Falling and disease but still glad he is dead.

I actually enjoyed Lijuan in all of the books but am happy she is gone as well. If it wasn't for the prophecy I kind of hoped she was asleep and woke up sane instead of batshit crazy.

Aegaeon is just a big JERK. I hope Sharine does throw knives at him!

I really loved Elena's ability to "speed" to whomever she thought of, saving Galen, saving the little boy, saving so many.

I can just keep going! So good! So happy she has signed on for 3 more books!

evilgenius said...

Btw, I couldn't help but wonder if "Elena's ability to 'speed' to whomever she thought of" will remain now that her normal wings grow back or if it was only a temporary ability given to her by the cascade, just like the retractable lighting wings. What do you guys think?

library addict said...

I didn't get the impression that Aegaeon went to sleep right away after leaving Sharine and Illium. He was around for the rumor to spread that she'd cheated on him and Illium was not his son. He just didn't care enough to correct it.

So I do not want to see their romance reignited. She deserves better!

I think it would be interesting to see a romance between Aodhan and Suyin with him leaving the Seven. That wouldn't have to mean he'd ever be disloyal to Raphael. And the impact of "losing" one of his Seven could have interesting repercussions. It would be fun to see how Raphael handled it. But I could also see Nalini writing a romance between Aodhan and Illium. And if that's the case then Raphael would eventually lose both of them if Illium ascends. There are a lot of possibilities.

Maddie said...

I have a question about Elena's "growing" abilities. She affects plant life. She makes plants basically come to life. It happened in earlier books too, like with the fern after the first battle against Lijuan.

Could she possibly affect life in a vampire?
Like even if a vampire is over 200 years old, could she have any effect on them and they could possibly have a baby?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think that if Raphael and Elena have a daughter (maybe 1 thousand years in the future) that daughter will be Illium's partner?

Anonymous said...

Why do people think Suyin is Aodhan's HEA? I thought Illium and Aodhan have a HEA..!

Susann said...


In short: I don't think she will have this ability.
Originally it is Raphael's power. He could turn his wings into white fire and fly at high speed. Elena could do it because they are mirrors. It is mentioned that Raphael's speed power is Cascade born. So after the Cascade is over, they both cannot do this speed thing anymore. In 'Aftermath' there is said that sometimes lightning flashes through Elena's growing wings, but in my opinion that is only a remains.

An other questions: Was it ever mentioned if Vivek is still hunter born or has he lost that ability during his transition?

Kelticat said...

@ Susann
All indications are that the hunter born abilities stay during transition. Ellie, Honor, and Ash are still hunters, so Vivek is most likely still a hunter. He is referred to as hunter born during Viper.
As I'm rereading Viper here's a few speculations about Holly. 1) Elapids have neurotoxic venom, dainty fangs, and high speed. Sound like anyone we know? 2) If Uram had an ability like Osiris, he could have created an adult chimera. 3) This goes back to Blade, Honor told Dmitry that his children would find them after reincarnation. Holly and Naasir are both extremely close to Honor and Dmitry. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

How cool would it be if Lady Sharine,aka the Hummingbird, would find love again?
I think Valerius from Aexander's court would be perfect for her. He remembers her fondly.

Eva said...

I would love it, if the Hummingbird would get her own love story. After all this loss and bloodshed it would be a nice change of event.
I really want her to be happy again. She`s also a very interesting character. Who else - beside of the Cadre - has her own little army? (I find that a very interesting fact for someone so small and colorful).
And yes... I want her to throw a dagger (Who wouldn`t be angry with this old fool in her stead?)!

Susann said...


Regarding Vivek: Maybe I read over that part in Viper or thought it was only a reference to his time before he was made. But it would be interesting to have him on a hunt.
To 1: And snakes in general prefer sun warmed stones. I found Venom's heated stone floor surprising and at the same time totally logical.
To 2: We have little to none information about Uram's abilities and we probably won't get any information since he is already dead. I don't think he had an ability like Osiris. Osiris could melt two different things together therefore Uram had to have carried a snake or another venomous animal with him. I think he was filled to the top with toxin that ran in his whole body. We know that this toxin changes a human into a vampire. He gave Holly his blood, so it is a mix of toxin and the life force of an Archangel.
To 3: Holly and Naasir are extremely close to Dmitri and Honor. It can be that these two are reincarnated. Isis has turned Dmitri's son but he was not compatible and went wild. Naasir is a wild creature, so it is fitting. I like the idea that the family is now complete again.

library addict said...


Vivek is definitely still hunter born. It's mentioned in Archangel's Prophecy that's he's now having trouble not being able to participate in hunts:

Quote from ch 1:
Vivek swiveled his wheelchair around. “Happy hunting.” In his eyes, dark and intense, lived a feral hunger. It was as if his transition to vampirism had splintered more than two decades of grim-willed control.

Because Vivek, too, was hunter-born, the hunt in his blood.

That he hadn’t gone mad long ago was a testament to his incredible resolve. Elena had used him as backup on two recent jobs where he could situate himself on a rooftop and cover her using a sniper’s rifle. A number of other hunters had pulled him in the same way. For now, that seemed to be enough to take the edge off.

Deb M. from Mpls. said...

I want to thank Nalini for another terrific story. I hope she can keep them coming a long time.

I would disagree with the blogger that said it was not emotional. I totally felt the emotions (sadness, happiness, humor) and frankly, I would really hate to lose my favorite characters.

I also love to catch up on characters. I am so grateful Nalini decides to write these into her stories.

I would also like to address people who want to match characters up with other characters. I leave this is Nalini's good hands -- the reason I love her books is for her talent and character and story development, I would not like to presume on her choices.

This being said, I would however, like to point out that I don't think Suyin to be matched up with either Illium or Aodhan. In my view they are characters not meant to be a consort to Suyin. This works for Elena and Raphael, but I don't know if it would work for warriors such as Illium or Aodhan. -- But again, I leave it in Nalini's great hands!!!!

Ben said...

Ok so this quote from book 8:

The twenty-three months Aodhan had been missing had been the most horrific period of Illium’s life . . . worse than when he’d lost his mortal lover. He’d survived losing her. He didn’t know if he could survive losing Aodhan. Never before had he seen that truth so clearly and it shook him.

“What’s wrong?” Aodhan called out from his position on Illium’s left, their wingtips almost touching.
Illium went to shake his head, staggered by his realization and not ready to discuss it"

Oh they so need to get together!

Vita said...

Wow what a wild ride. I really liked the book, even if the beginning was a bit tough.
- The awakening of Illium's dad was an absolute "WTF?!?!?-Moment" for me
- Michaela as a loving mother? Who would ever thought that? That made her so likeable that my thoughts kept shouting "Do not die, bitch!" Funny development :)
- Honor who wants a flame thrower for her birthday. Love it!
- Jason's gift for Elena
-Illiums wings !! Oh god ... but I liked the scene with Elena and him on the plane.

I really hope for a book with Aodhan x Suyin, as I wouldn't like to see Bluebell and Sparkle together. Not every deep friendship has to end in a romance. Such a beautiful and deep friendship has a bigger appeal for me, than a romance between best friends (Is this the right term?)

Besides that would mean that we get a single book of both of thenmand more reading material ;) Great book!

P.S: I am not a native speaker. I hope, however, that my comment is understandable

Susann said...

@library addict

Thanks. I have read that chapter (more than once), but somehow I read over that part. I was stuck on the part where Vivek declared being made activates the idiot gene, lol.

@Deb M. from Mpls.

Regarding the Suyin/ Aodhan or Illium pairing: I am not a fan of that pairing either. What makes the relationship between Raphael and Elena so special is that there is only one other Archangel/ Consort couple. There weren't many couples in angelic history, I only know of Raphael's parents. In my opinion it rarely happens that an Archangel finds a mate, so I don't think we need another pair.

Anonymous said...

Desde España,fabuloso,gracias Nalini.

Anonymous said...

Loved loved loved this book! Can't wait to hear/see where you will take us next! I want all of the stories.

AlwaysV said...

Talking about a character who demands his story be told, the God of Water is a great example! Go! Aegaeon!

Just one more thought on Aegaeon . . . His SLEEP wasn't like Cassandra's. She could feel what was going on. He didn't. So he had no clues how his little boy has grown up. How his old love lost her mind . . . etc. Got dismissed by Illium had to stun him . . . (in disbelief ⁉️) His next step would be visiting the Hummingbird 😝 Hopefully she'd kick his ass 🤪 Yup! Y'all said this before! And I so concurred 🙌 Would he remain the same arrogant jerk ⁉️ Maybe not. I would so totally love to read more. Any vote for his & the Hummingbird's novella?

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the book! So happy that Her Creepiness is finally gone! So, one of my first thoughts is that I'd love to see Aegaeon redeemed and a reconciliation happen between him and the Hummingbird and, of course, with Illium. I know, I know! He seems like such a jerk, such a player with his killer harem, but I think he can be redeemed. Otherwise, if he just sticks around for both Illium and Sharine to tell him off and then goes back to Sleep, he'll still be out there haunting both of them with the possibility of waking and throwing their lives into chaos again. So, I'd like to see Aegaeon redeem himself (maybe he felt himself slipping into madness so that's why he left?), grovel a whole lot, and win back Sharine. Yes! An Aegaeon/Sharine HEA!

orihime said...

First: I loved it!!! IT was so intense read... I would've liked to see more interactions between elena and illium I mean they shared a moment when she woke and I loved their embrace but however more would've been better

Jason giving elena a gift *ahhh* he is so mysterious and handsome with his tattoos

I felt so sad the first time the legion offered Raphael to give him all their power because I knew they were going to die and then it was inevitable since Raphael truly needed the power but still I cried a lot I were subbing and my nose was leaking pajama

Everybody thinks Aodhan will be Suyin HAE BUT since the first time Illium and Aodhan played over the Hudson I thought they loved each other too much and ever since after
Archangel's heart I think they have to be together... but then entered Suyin into scene and I thought first that maybe malini want her to be with Aodhan but I think they both are too sad serious and damaged and they need more joy and happiness in their life so they both are likely from my POV to end up with illium... but then I had the craziest thought what if the three of them are gonna be together 😮 jijiji so maybe we have a menage a troi but again I love illium being en New York I don't want him to leave and suyin is an archangel..
And also I think that illium may ascend despite him being so young maybe it can be part of the new arc of the story...

I want noo I need to read about Qin and Cassandra I mean it was so sad when he said he doesn't want to leave in a world without her... and if you think that she's sleeping since her ascension and that she's suspected to be a direct descended of the ancestors.. she has been for a lonnnnng while so he is being suffering without her for that long and he was so sweet I don't know him but i know he deserves a bit of happiness

Talking about the archangel i never thought Michaele could be kind or generous but she was... well I thought this is war, there are too many archangels so some have to die what better than to have Michaela and charisemnon dead so I was glad thinking they were going to die... but then Michaela was decent and even saved Jason life and I didn't want her to die anymore... while charisemnon I always thought he was going to betray the cadre and even though I was right I was so angry at him and wanted Titus to finally kill him... and he did it YEAH BUT again i would've like to read about he did it I had to be amazing...

Titus is one of my favorite characters I want to read about him getting his HEA although I don't think he is sad but you know I want him to find the correct one or one's

I liked Antonicus, and Qin as ancients, Aegaeon was neccesary to understand hummingbirds behavior but he is a DICK I mean this's not my language and sometimes I don't know how to Express discontent but I've read he's also a jerk so he has to be... and zenaya I don't know but I felt her as filling landfill she didn't have a great impact into the story beyond knowing she had a kind of relationship with Alexander I think maybe in the future malini will deepen in it... but I wanted Alexander to be with Caliane

Keir having Michaela's baby is nice I like it I would like the baby to visit Raphael territory too so he can learn from Raphael's people

Who do you think Michaela's baby father is? I'm afraid I could be someone I like

Ahhhhhh and I read above someone saying that illium's dad took Astaad territory but he didn't he took Michaela's territory he said that he is honorable enough not taking Assad's while he is absent

orihime said...

Can't wait for the next one Nalini please some shorts stories in the mid time

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome book and had so many callbacks from the previous books down to the first.

Everything mentioned regarding the memorable scenes I agree.

The only thing I am concerned about is the possible Aodhan/Suyin pairing.

It sounds just ok. Like I won’t be bothered except for the fact that it can divide Aodhan’s loyalties with Suyin being an archangel. I don’t want the Seven to break apart.

I’d accept an Illium/Aodhan pairing but honestly speaking I don’t think that was ever intended.
Some people can love without being sexual.

Anyway, for Illium and Aodhan, I’d prefer it for them to be together over one of them being with a character like Suyin who is adorable but a but problematic for the reasons I mentioned.

I imagine them being with characters that enable them to still serve as the Seven.

As for Illium, I’m selfish in wanting him to still be attached to Elena. But I also imagine that his mortal lover will be reincarnated somehow seeing that was a thread in the books. That or Aodhan. He’d probably be the protagonist in a second season kind of thing for the series.

Also With talk of super parasites... it might just be Raphael and Elena’s daughter seeing as Illium is drawn to her. (Lol, i know this isn’t twilight eek)

Hope they have twins if ever. Hahahaha. Life will throw curve balls at them fosho.

And also what do you know, it will be Titus and Sharine next. Illium will be prominent there for sure. And I can just imagine his face when he finds out he has a new stepfather.

Hahahaha. Still can’t get out the image of him having a silver cape and flinging it about like a b movie villain as Nalini put it.

He’s the light to my isolation, Illium. Love him.

Anonymous said...

Please, please do not make Elena pregnant or have kids. She has made her feelings about that abundantly clear. Don't just turn her into a mom because that's the expected Life Script. Let her be a hunter and a warrior, and that's enough. Don't weigh her down with kids.

Anonymous said...

Para cuando el próximo?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed each and every second of reading this book. So many heart warming moments. Jason giving gift to Ellie, primary realising that their aeclari loves them so do they love them in return. I would love to read how Titus killed charismenon, also how Nasir and his team fought with lijoun's puppets. I would also love to read how Ransom and Sara's husband fought against their enemy. Common guys those two are most important character in series but always sidelined, both are human but strength and will they have got isuis One request though please don't pair up Suyin and Aodhan , they don't match . I think Illium and Aodhan both should have their love partners as female but they both should be together just as Raphel and Dimitri, as friends. I love and adore Raphel's seven the most. Specially Nasir, and while reading archangels enigma u realised how much he loves his family. The way he keeps watch on I and A but never interrupts them in their game unless thet are in danger just like a big brother would do, how much he likes to spar with Ellie but at the same time knows how fragile she is and not to hurt her.(how Ellie sleeps besides Nasir and he keeps watch studying her wings�� beautiful momennt).But most of all I have come to love Raphel through Ellie while reading these series. Raphel worries that one day he would become a bad guy, well how could he ?I don't believe it , see from the star of this series he never has innocent but always procts them. He thinks of harming Zoe in angels angod but never does it and always repent even the thought of harming the little girl. He reaches Nasir from Alexander' s brother though he couldn't kill him, he goes to fight against his mother to stop her when he was child, he was small at that time and it takes courage then he readies his army to fight against Alexander when then there is news that he may be challenging Raphel's rules.The way he allows Nasir and I and A to play their games without taking away their childhood and helping them to become warrior. I think among all his seven I and A have special place in his heart. The way he calls I as Elena's bluebell though he loves I speaks of his generosity. The way he never allows I to come near lijoun's stronghold but never restrict him in battle against her speaks so much of his character. He protects all of his seven but at the same time teaches them how to fight. I am sure Jason Raphel Nasir must not have slept in their search of A when he was missing while Dimitri took care of Raphel's territory.he also rescues the child from astad's second just because Jason asked him for his gallon teaches A to fight without touching him , Raphel keeps his eyes on every one of his seven loves them and protects them without expressing his feelings.(one thought prompt into my mind what would happen when Gallon trains Sara's husband and Ransom,o... The ideas those two would come against him������.) In short Nalini I love your guild hunter series, I have never read your other series because I couldn't , my thoughts on vampires are the same as Ellie's expressed in angels blood.Love you but please don't pair up A And S.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every second of this book. Some say that the war was prolonged but I don't think so, the war actually started from Archangels kiss,the most heart shattering moment was when Rohan died in archangels enigma.

Anonymous said...

So many heart touching moments in this book. I cried and cried when primary and legion died, jason giving Ellie gift , Ellie saving the child but the child has ga ga eyes over Raphael, ransom baby being born. I wish Nalini will bring some book with ransom as main character.Ransom and Deacon are so important characters but they are always sidelined. Ransom always gives Ellie warning and at the se time saves his street friends and us always available in the nick of time whenever Ellie needs him.