Friday, November 02, 2018

UK paperback & Immortal Insider: Interview with Raphael & (Most) of his Seven

Update: This issue appears fixed, and I'm hearing that people's books are arriving. Please do let me know if you're still having problems and I'll ask my publisher to chase it up. 

UK peeps: A few of you have told me that Archangel’s Prophecy is showing up as awaiting publication on Waterstones, and as shipping in 1-2 months on Amazon UK. I’ve followed up with my publisher and been told that this is as a result of a warehouse move not going smoothly. 😣The publisher is working to fix it by this weekend so the books can start shipping - I’ll update you once I get an update. I’m sorry everyone. The good news is that the ebook and audiobook are available if you don’t want to wait.


The full Immortal Insider interview with Raphael and (most) of his Seven (Venom escaped) is now live at USA Today HEA. I think Bluebell better hide from Venom. (00)


Anonymous said...

Apparently it's being shipped out today. Hopefully should be showing the bookshops on Friday 2nd. (I went to my local Waterstones to find it and they called the publisher's distribution centre and said they should be moving today... another day to wait!! Don't they know we need to know what's happening to our favourite angels and hunters?!?!?

Patricia S said...

That interview was great. I laughed when asked about the favorite meal, and Dimitri said "Honor". Yeah, Ilium better hide from Venom. Crochet?! I don't see Venom doing that.

Unknown said...

It's too short, want more:-D:-D:-D

Anonymous said...

Please PLEASE do not make Aodhan and Illium a couple. I don't understand why people feel they should engage in a sexual relationship simply because they're good frieds. They're brothers of the heart, of course there would be love between them. That love is a love one sibling has for another. It is not and should not be sexual. Please don't ruin the series by having them get involved in that way with one another. It's a disgusting concept when you consider the fact that they're blood brothers. No person (in their right mind) would wish two siblings to engage in a sexual relationship. I remember people hoping that Vasic and Aden would end up together but thank God they each found love with the perfect match for them. Vasic and Aden were brothers of the heart too and very close. For some weird reason, some people seem to think that should make them sexually attractive to each other. But again, THEY ARE BROTHERS. Any type of sexual relationship between them would be incestuous.

Unknown said...

Please make a shirt story about the bet between Raphael and Dimitri... Please please please!!!

Sara Thomas said...

+1 on the short story request