Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


Patricia S said...

I read Lionheart by Thea Harrison. This is the third (and possibly last) book in her Moonshadow series. It was a good book. There are some hints of the second book, Spellbinder, and a lot of the first book, Moonshadow, in it. However, Lionheart can stand as an alone book.

Now, to make the time go fast for October 30, I am re-reading books. At the moment, I'm skimming through Rock Redemption by a wonderful author who needs lots and lots of chocolate right now. ;)

Garrick P. said...

Sword Art Online 7: Mother's Rosario

I've really been enjoying these lately. Sometimes there's just something refreshing reading about a clueless hero who collects a harem. I'm just going to need a lot of tissue to get through this story arc. :/

library addict said...

I loved Rebecca Crowley's Saving Hearts (Atlanta Skyline #3).

I liked the h/h in Veronica Scott's Timtur: The Teacher’s Alien Healer (Sectors New Allies #5) but had some plot issues. The same with Kylie Brant's What the Dead Know (Mindhunters #9).

And I finally finished up Meg Benjamin's Ramos Family/Medium trilogy with Happy Medium.

Anonymous said...

It’s not Friday - but I meant to read it Friday. Just finish Lionheart by Thea Harrison. So enjoyed it. Definitely worth a reread. Hoping she will bring Puck into future stories. He is such a complex wonderful mystery that needs to continue to be developed.

Now to decide what to read next while anxiously waiting for 10/30?......

Unknown said...

Just finished Catherine Coulter's book, PARADOX. It was terrific.

Am starting Jude Devereaux's book, A WILLING MURDER. For some reason it is not holding my attention. But that happens from time to time. Jude is still one of my favourites!