Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Short Story Requests

I haven't done one of these for a while, but before you answer, read the "rules" below. Okay, onto the question: What would you like me to do a short story about? I do these for my newsletter subscribers for free - the last one featured Elena and Aodhan and a horror movie.

Rules: It can't be anything that would be integral to the plotline of the books, because those have to go in the books. The things that work best are "missing" scenes or scenes from the characters' lives, or a glimpse at someone who we haven't seen for a while.

I can't make any promises as to what I'll write about. It all depends on who jumps into my brain when I have spare time to sit down and do a short. Also, some things I'm already saving for future books. ;-) But, you never know. I have previously fulfilled reader requests for certain shorts. So, here's your chance to make your request. Oh, and don't forget to mention the requests that you like from other readers. 


Shira said...

I would really like to see how the friendship between Kaleb and Bo will progress.
I'd love any scene, including immediately after the ending in Ocean Light.

Garrick P. said...

A slice of life between Venom and Holly, as she settles into her new skin without the whispers and role at the tower. I've always felt like I wanted a bit more of their new life they earned for themselves. The breakfast just didn't feel like it was quite enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think it would be really great if we saw the dinner between kaleb, sahara, silver and valentin. It was mentioned in Silver Silence, when Kaleb invited them for dinner. Thanks, love all your work =)

library addict said...

There are so many characters to choose from. but I would love to get a short story about one of the less-known couples*:

•Yuki & Elias (perhaps a birthday party for Sakura?)
•Jess & Joe (a rare date night away from their boys?)
•Nicki & Jason
•Noelle & Riordan

I am still holding out hope for proper novellas for Sing-Liu & D’Arn, Jaya & Abbot, and Atalina & Dex.

* There are lots of still single characters I would love to get stories for too, but I figure they each have a better chance of making the books. There are so many others I want to know more about, but these top my personal wishlist.

library addict said...

@Anon's suggestion for the dinner scene between Kaleb, Sahara, Silver and Valentin sounds really fun.

Oh maybe a missing scene from the big party that Kaia told Bo about that was covered by Wild Woman magazine. Maybe the reporter interviewing Silver?

Patricia S said...

I like Anon's and library addict's suggestions.

For me here are my suggestions:

Honor and Dimitri when they snuck out of New York for a little bit to get away from the Tower.

What was Ilium doing when he left after fighting with Aodhan from Archangel's Heart.

Charlie's bachelorette party (if this is not in future books).

Kit's bachelorette part (if there was one).

Míol Mór said...

There's not one suggestion in the previous comments that doesn't make me go: 'Yay! That one!', and one of my favorites is Garrick P.'s wish to revisit Holly and Venom - they were the first that jumped into my mind as well, and I wondered whether we may get to witness Venom meeting Holly's parents and, perhaps, cooking a meal together with her mum ~ while being grilled like a cheese sandwich, of course ;-)
Then there's a follow up on Lijuan's niece - as she hopefully recovers from her injuries and long periods of sleep, ... and Elena's grandparents, and the young angel that was so grievously misused in Honor and Dimitri's story: I just hope he finds his way into the tower ...
So may people touched and lost from sight ...
But honestly, I'll gobble up any story we are gifted with :-)

cyn said...

Hannah & Elijah's story, more from Nimra & Noel, Keir's first meeting with Dmitri about Elena's transformation or Raphael's first sight of Elena with Wings! Keir's story, more Galen & Jessamy. More about Titus or Astaad. More car races, Angel baseball and pranks! Raphael and Elena sparing with the Seven and breakfast in the Greenhouse!I think I should stop now,before something else pops into my brain to be written.

lynneve said...

Mele’s trip to NY to visit Elena,

Jen Barnard said...

I'd love to see Faith and Brenna learning that Dorian can shift.
Also, maybe a slice of life for Max and Sophie, Dev and Katya, River or Teijan.

Anonymous said...

1. Short stories on what phenomenon happened in the world when the archangels ascended ( at least for the members of the current Cadre ) !
Given Caliane is two hundred and fifty thousand years old (give or take hundred thousand years ! ;) ) it would be interesting to know especially since she has THE VOICE !! :)

2. It would be good to know more about how Raphael met each and every one of his seven.

3. The story of the war in which Elijah was fighting when he ascended. This was mentioned by Keir and he did not want to shorten the story ! :)

4. Suyin (Lijuan's niece) and how she is faring now.

5. The dinner - Kaleb, Sahara, Silver and Valentin ! :)

6. Interaction between Elena's Grandfather - Jean-Baptiste and Dmitri regarding her. I mean Dmitri does not like Elena but Jean-Baptiste adores her .... will be interesting to read about.

Phew !! I hope like Faith we have given you enough triggers as creative sparks Nalini !! Looking forward to reading whichever short story you write.

- Vdy

Lidy said...

So many good suggestions! Nalini, thank you for taking the time to hear us out 😄

So, my suggestions are mostly GH-related:

- Naasir and Honor's first meeting
- Anything to do with Mahiya and Jason and Sara and Deacon
- Raphael's POV about anything (babysitting Zoe and/or Maggie, since he's great with kids)
- Alexander and Caliane sharing their impressions about Elena, or even Caliane calling Alex out on declaring war on Raphael
- A training session with Izzy and Galen
- Another movie session, with a comedy this time, with as many people as possible

I doubt this one will ever be the subject of a short story, but knowing how the Legion 'heard' Raphael in the end of Archangel's Legion would be very nice.

... I mean, anything would make me happy. LOL

As for Psy/Changeling, an update on Max and Sophia.

Anonymous said...

So many stories I would like to second by Lidy !!!

1. Raphael's POV about anything (babysitting Zoe and/or Maggie, since he's great with kids)

2. Alexander and Caliane sharing their impressions about Elena, or even Caliane calling Alex out on declaring war on Raphael

3. How the Legion 'heard' Raphael in the end of Archangel's Legion would be very nice.

Anonymous said...

And I really really would like to know what 'Aeclari' means. Although I am guessing that will be part of the main story line ! :)

Wrayth said...

Ooooooo choices, choices. :)

1 - I quite like the ideas others had of the healers/Raphael realizing that Elena is growing wings/turning into an Angel!

2 - Raphael and Maggie (or Zoe) for the first time, or when Beth came to pick up Maggie and found Raphael holding her XD

3 - Elena noticing/suspecting she has plant powers?

4 - GH heroines girls night out

5 - Raphael and Elena playing a prank on the Seven ;)

6 - Izzy & Xander

7 - Alexander and Caliane sharing their impressions about Elena, or even Caliane calling Alex out on declaring war on Raphael.


Anonymous said...

Oh... I second Raphael first realizing Elena was growing wings... And Keir's meeting with Dmitri regarding her transformation . Wow... That would be awesome.

Crys~ said...

A scene about Keir. Or a short story on Alexander and Caliane's first meeting since they woke up.

miggieb said...

All ideas are great!!
Everyone's reaction to Elena getting wings would be awesome.
Elena throwing a "house warming " party for the Legion's new home.
Bear party!
Schoolboy Choir (post marriages) concert in New Zealand / meet up with Charlie & T-rex and all the Bishops
Anything from you is always great! Thank you in advance for whatever you come up with.

Mariah said...

Love the idea of Kaleb, Sahara, Silver and Valentin dinner and story about Teijan. I would love to read more about Nikita and Anthony but I suppose they deserve a bigger story and... call me weird but Amara and Samuel and their one-of-kind relationship (even if it is not romantic yet) is something I'd like to read about.

ChrisW said...

Thanks for asking for input, Nalini! I love all the suggestions so far, especially the Moscow power couples, Raphael's reaction to Elena's wings, and all things Keir. A few other suggestions are below:

For GH, maybe show us an angelic holiday? Might be super cool when viewed through the lens of a mortal, be it Elena or someone else.

For Psy-Changeling, I want to know what Kit's been up to. I loved seeing him in Ocean Light, but it would be fun to maybe get vignettes of the people he touches during his roaming days. Maybe postcards?

For the Hard Rock series, a day at the beach with kiddos and spouses. But not a perfect day. Maybe it gets really windy or starts to rain and it's all of them finding the laughter (and music) in the moment.

Finally, for the Hard series, I want more of The Bishop. Maybe playing with his nieces and letting them paint his nails or put make-up on him? Something silly, but family oriented.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read more about Max' brother River, how he learned that Max was searching for him.
And I'd love a scene, where Rafael is babysitting a human child - Maggie or Zoe. :-)

Patricia S said...

How about Alison (Gabriel's mom) meeting Joseph Esra? If they let you tell their story. It may be a future long story??????

Lesa said...

I love all the above suggestions, especially
-Kaleb, Sahara, Silver and Valentin dinner
-Keir's story
-more about the Legion and more Kit sighting. Anything you write will be good for me. 😀😀

mell61 said...

i love all the story ideas, above..
My wish list is a girls night in by Ivy Jane for the Arrow ladies, trying to develop those relationships, for some reason I can see a chocolate tasting party (blame faith and Sasha for the chocolate / Psy connection). Building their relationships, I can even picture Ivy Janes mum, as the surrogate mum for the younger Arrows - that quiet support they can handle.

Anonymous said...

I love all these ideas please can you do a short on the arrows I absolutely adore them... Settling in their new homes and roles I'm sure there would be some hilarious mishaps with a younger member requesting a birthday party

Anonymous said...

I Love all the suggestions
Mine would be:
- dinner with Raphael/Elena and sara/deacon/die
-a story around toby
-one with Judd and walker

But really, as long as stories are coming, I'm happy :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see Tazia and Stephan and how the crew on Alaris reacts when they find out they are married. I think that would be a really fun scene.

Anonymous said...

Anything having to do with Keir. :)

Anonymous said...

Riley, Mercy and the pubcubs

pip said...

Hard not to agree with most of the ideas above. Mine would be :

1. Galen and his "little creatures"
2. Anon's - 2, 3, 4, 6
3. Dev & Katya
4. Hannah & Eli's life
5. Why & how Walker became so nice
6. Mahiya's new life
7. cyn's ideas about - Nimra & Noel, Dmitri/Raphael's first thoughts on Elena's Wings.

Feather0312 said...

I'd love to see a short story about Naya's first word or how Dezi became a sentinel(it's mentioned in AoH and I'd love to read more about it)

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn a bit more about the lgbt couples :)

Autora said...

Aodhan and Ilium's childhood!!! Love to see babies Sparkle and Bluebell getting crazy

Nemo said...

Wow, all of this ideas for stories are really great!

But... I secretly hope to read a short story how Lucas and Clay accomplished this little prank for Halloween they talked about in Allegiance of Honour ^^

Cath in Australia said...

I really love Patricia S.’s suggestion about Alison and Joseph. First date (after he scrubs the toilet,,,)

Anonymous said...

All great suggestions, honestly I would love anything you write.
My favorite minor character is Talu, is she on her way to becoming a doctor? Does she still carry Sina the fairy in her pocket?
I am also wildly curious about the young arrows and Alice.

Burcu said...

How about Montgomery and Sivya story. I am too curious :D

Anonymous said...

I would't mind seeing Tamar (civilian Arrow) take on Axl again. In Shards of hope she called him an old battle ax and told him to take his vitamins lol!

Sharon said...

Lots of Guild Hunter stories!
Situations that Hunters have found themselves in.
Elena and Sarah as young trainees.
Princess Mahiya's horses and new life with Jason.
Beth's baby and first meeting with her grandparents.
Young Naasir's adventures and Dmitri's relationship with him.
Andromeda's interactions with Alexander.

Lots of short stories!!! I love everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini..

My suggestions/wishes for short stories...

I would like a short story or two with these twos (Bo and Kaleb,that is) tentative friendship.
That would be awesome.

A short story with Kaleb and the Mercants with Val and Silver...

A short story on Zaira and Mianes friendship.

A short story where Aden and Vasic becomes more friendlier with Kaleb...budding friendships...increasing acknowledgement that they are all not so very different..

An acknowledgement that Kaleb was a baby when that Santano got hold of him...and he had no hope /no one at all to turn to..(.What Sahara thinks of in HoO)..even Sascha and Ivy who are supposedly some empaths with great hearts and compassion does not once think of that obvious factor..that Kaleb was a child...he was tormented..he was all all alone.(.his situation really can't be compared to others..).Such big heart and so much compassion that they never even once considered that part of the things...this I really don't like either.

short story featuring Mercy Riley on their honeymoon..Riley enjoying the Carnival..and meeting the grandparents

The greats meeting the pupcubs..

Anonymous said...

a short story featuring Hawke and Sienna too ...miss them a lot...r

Anonymous said...

Stefan was mentioned as an important character (and intimacy expert) by different character several times in the series. Would like to see his contributions post-silence.

Zealith said...

I would love to see rapheal's 7 bonding, especially when Raphael was a new archangle.

I'd also love to see more of the young changlings- Naya, Ben,Jules, and Roman.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Lidy, would be awesome to see Honor's first meeting with Naasir.

I would also think it would be interesting to see Dimitri's first interaction with Andromeda now that she is mated to Naasir.
Agree it would be nice to check in with Mahiya - maybe seeing her building more friendships.

I also liked the suggestion of Venom meeting Holly's parents - maybe a seafood fried rice cook off?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the english's mistakes, I'm French !
I would like so much to have news of Holly and Venom - like the first meeting between Holly's parents and Venom ! Or a slice of their life ! It would be great. I also like very much to see Jason and Mahiya again, maybe Mahiya's announcement to become a spy to accompany Jason in his mission or one of their training !
There is also a long time I want to ask if we will have one day the story of Ransom and Nyree, their first meeting or the story of their marriage !
After I would be interesting to see the first hunt of Janvier by Ash and so their first meeting in the bayou, have news of Demarco, maybe an another short story of Ilium and Aodhan's childhood !
I also love all the other ideas I've seen in the comments (the reaction of Raphael to Elena's wings ...) so I think everything will be ok for me ! :)

AndreaH said...

Alice’s past, she obviously knew Zaid Adelaja. Maybe as a flashback that she does or doesn’t share, possibly with Judd...

AndreaH said...

But every idea written here would be great!

Anonymous said...

That is a hard request. I'm partial to GH.
Raphael reaction when he realizes Elena is getting wings and not turning into a vamp.
Caliane memory of Raphael as a kid
Alexander or caliane as kids and him getting her dirty.
Meles visit
Ellies grandparents POV on how they met.
I'd like a POV on Elijah and Hannah. Maybe see a bit of the humor from Eli that we've been teased about.
A baby Nasair adventure.
Venom meeting Hollys parents.
Primary POV on their updated home/ thoughts on Ellie & Raphael.
How Titus got his mark (if this isn't part of the story.)
Others have made some pretty good too.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have been DYING to learn more about Andre Tulane ever since I read Bonds of Justice in 2011! If you could do a short story about him and amberleigh or just andre that would be awesome!!!!!!
I also loved the idea of revisiting Axl and Tamar, or seeing how Tazia and Stephan manage married life on alaris :).

Sharon said...

I'd like a story set between Angel's Blood and Archangel's Kiss. With Keir and the Seven in it but based around Elena and Raphael, maybe immediately after they fell and the reactions or one about Raphael waking up after the fall.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Kit, receiving a small glimpse of the alpha he was becoming. Maybe a meet between him and some of the others that are roaming like Cory.

Míol Mór said...

If I may add to my previous post - and utterly late as it is. In the course of reliving the GH series I wondered anew about Laric's future and fate: will he go to the refuge and -perchance- make Naasir's acquaintance? As different as their characters are, my dream is that Laric and Naasir become friends. Or does Laric stay in the tower for a while and mayhaps makes Vivek's acquaintance?
Then, of course, as others have noted, there's so much about the Legion I'd love to know ...
But as pointed out previously: I'll be delighted with any and all short stories :-)

burningbright said...

Walker's courtship of Lara... please, oh please! Those Psy males are so delish!