Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Catch-Up Time

What are you up to? I’m working on my next contemporary (Nayna and Raj and some crazy family shenanigans). No release date yet as I want to make sure everything is set in stone before I announce it. Okay your turn! Tell me your news! 


Patri said...

Working, but next month I'm going to Dublin to visit my sister!

library addict said...

Reading a lot of older books from my TBR. Watching season 5 of Endeavor. Trying to avoid stressing all the time about the state of US politics (and sadly having to avoid some extended family members).

I've been following the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand story and so happy they were all rescued along with the coach.

Wondering how the #mprraccoon is doing.

Unknown said...

Omg I'm so excited about that book! I have been reading again the psi/challenging book's and thinking about what's going to be the next book 😍

Love from Spain and please keeping writing these amazing books!

Anonymous said...

Trying to stay cool. Reading and working. Keep on putting things away in my new place. :)

Patricia S

Maggie said...

Heading away for a 'family holiday' which translates to two nights at Hanmer Springs :) probably the last holiday we'll have before my oldest daughter moves out. She has her dream job, but will require her to be closer to her employment. Now stressing out about her moving away from home!!! The start of the empty nest syndrome I think :(
So happy about her job, she has worked so hard to get it - but not so happy about her leaving. I now realise how hard it must be for all mum's to have their kids move onwards and upwards.

Anonymous said...

I too am trying to stay cool. But I am trying to weed out some books from my overflowing bookshelves and TBR piles. Also lots of time spent volunteering with my local Friends of the Library sorting books for sales and our used book stores. Which exposes me to lots of books I then have to use will power to not buy!


Eva said...

Reading🤗😍,testing new cooking recipes🤔😋and working🤓😥