Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I had some duds this week along with a few solid reads.

The blurb didn't make the book sound very good, but I ended up enjoying Jennifer Greene's The Baby Bump (MacKinnon Family #2).

Currently reading Addison Fox's Silken Threats (Dangerous in Dallas #1).

SunnyQueen said...

I keep on finding absolutely crap. I don't know where to look anymore.
So I re read the Kate Daniels series last week and this week I am finishing the others by Anne Bishop series.

So far only ilona Andrews does it for me.
Any recs?

Cheers 😘!

Sherri L. said...

I'm reading an unexpected Viking by kris tualla.

Anonymous said...

Started reading Jana Deleon's Miss Fortune series. Waiting for book #5 to become available. I got the name from this blog. Worth plunging into. Books would be perfect for Hallmark mystery movies. While waiting, I started The Green Rider by Kristen Britain.


starry*eyed said...

Sunnyqueen I love Laura florand, Penny Reid and not sure if you've read stacia Lane downside ghosts series but it is pretty good.

katincat said...

I've been reading the Angelfall series by Susan Ee. I've devoured the first two books in two days. I a now trying to restrict myself a bit for the last one. They are excellent.