Saturday, October 03, 2015

Rock Redemption Excerpt 5/5: Natasha Is A Book Junkie

When it comes to friends-to-lovers stories, this is one of the most compelling ones I have ever read, flawlessly written as always, and utterly captivating cover to cover. 
~ Natasha Is A Book Junkie ☆☆☆☆review

The final pre-release excerpt is now up at Natasha Is A Book Junkie, along with an amazing review!

If you're avoiding all reviews at the moment, just scroll down past the stars at the end of the review to get to the excerpt.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

Oooo...Noah's groveling starts. It's going to be interesting how the rest of the book will go. Can't wait to read it next week.

Patricia S

Dianne R said...

I shouldn't have read the excerpts. Now I'm gonna go outta my head until the book is released.... You would've thought I'd learn my lesson by now